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Our website includes information about the Parish Council. It includes a history of the village, information on its facilities and explains how the Parish Council works - its responsibilities, meeting minutes and agenda.  Please use the links which will navigate to the other pages on the website.

There are also links to other websites which provide further information on reporting issues and contacting other authorities.

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First Transfer To Parish Council At St James Place Completed

People playing bowls

Published: 16th November 2018
Categories: News, Local projects, Outdoor & Leisure

Clanfield Parish Council now owns the Bowls Green, the Sports Pavilion and the Car Park at St James Place. The transfer from the developers, BDW Trading Limited, which was completed…

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Clanfield Sports and Community Centre News

Clanfield Community centre

Published: 25th October 2018
Categories: Local projects, Clanfield, Health & Wellbeing, Interests & Pursuits, Outdoor & Leisure, Sport & Fitness

The opening times for the soft launch until our Grand opening on the 17th November

Tuesday 30th October 10am -2pm Wednesday 31st October 2pm -6pm Thursday 1st November 9am - 1pm Friday 2nd November Closed Saturday 3rd November 10am -2pm Sunday 4th November closed Monday…

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Events in the area

Grand opening of Clanfield Sports & Community Centre

Clanfield Community Centre

Date: 17th November 2018
Location: Clanfield Sports & Community Centre

Clanfield Parish Council in partnership with Clanfield Sports & Community Foundation Ltd: would like to invite you, your family and friends to the ‘Grand Opening’ of our new Sports & Community Centre here in Clanfield

The opening ceremony will begin at 10-00am on Saturday 17/11/18. The Centre will be opened by a local sporting hero, Lieutenant Commander Emma McCormick, a Gold Medal winner from the…

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Neighbourhood policing team: Come and meet us


Date: 25th October 2018
Location: The Blue Room

If you have an issue or problem with anti-social behaviour, youth nuisance or any other matters.

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A Brief History

Clanfield Parish Area Map

Clanfield started out life as a small farming community in 1305 and has continued with a very rural existence for most of its life. In 1929 the population was recorded as only 129. The post war years have seen much change however with new developments and growth across the area.


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Latest Parish Council Meetings

  • Meeting minutes 02Oct

    Chairman Cllr T. Collins, Cllr B. Foster, Cllr S. Thomas, Cllr M. White, Cllr S. D’este Hoare, Cllr S. Williams, Cllr R. Clarke, Cllr D. Harris, Cllr P. Hurst

  • Meeting minutes 04Sep

    Cllr B. Foster (Vice Chairman of the Parish Council and Chairman of this meeting), Cllr J. Bannell, Cllr S. Thomas, Cllr M. White, Cllr S. D’este Hoare, and, following Minute 126/18, Cllr D. Harris and Cllr P. Hurst

  • Planning committee minutes 31Jul

    Cllr M. White - Chair, Cllr D’este Hoare, Cllr S. Williams

  • Meeting minutes 17Jul

    Cllr T. Collins Chairman, Cllr B. Foster, Cllr J. Bannell, Cllr S. Williams, Cllr R. Clarke, Cllr M. White, Cllr S. D’este Hoare