CWG Spring 2021 Update

Published: 6th May 2021
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Since its formal inception in September 2020, the Community Working Group (CWG) has focused on objectives that could be delivered within 2021.

Over the past few months some progress has been made and exciting new developments have been proposed:


The CWG has identified suitable areas of council owned land where wildflower meadows can be established to promote the local biodiversity and support our pollinators. We plan to consolidate the findings in the coming weeks after which we will engage with the general public to give more details on the scheme and invite our residents to participate in this project. All things being equal, we plan to prepare the land in the summer and seed it in late September /early October so we can hope for great results in the following spring.

The CWG is also engaged in identifying areas that could host the planting of trees. This must happen within constraints that will give the best chance for the trees to survive and be established. Further information will be communicated when a full feasibility review has been completed.

We have received the go-ahead from the Council to conduct a “Green Audit” of the village. Having declared a Climate Emergency in June 2020, the Council is keen to take steps that will give it a baseline against which our environmental initiatives can be measured. We hope the audit will also give the residents of Clanfield and Chalton an understanding of what we can all do to minimise our collective carbon footprint.


The Council has approved the recommendation of the CWG to launch a “Clanfield Community Award” towards the end of the year. This will be a pilot for 2021 so we can assess the popularity of this project with the local community. Further work needs to be done to define how the project can come to fruition and we will update our residents in the summer.

Although delayed by the Covid crisis, the CWG is still working hard to make our plans for a Youth Council a reality. While restrictions are in place, we will engage with local schools and colleges and seek feedback on the initiative before proposing a roadmap in the autumn. The Council is keenly aware of the impact the crisis has had on our younger residents. We want to propose a positive and constructive way forward by engaging young people in our local democracy and being more attuned to their needs.

We remind our residents that the CWG meetings are open to the public who will be allocated time to share their views and comments. All the initiatives will welcome volunteers to help us with the implementation of our projects: to get in touch with us, please go to “Contact Us” on this website.

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