CWG Summer 2021 update

Published: 3rd August 2021
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The last few months have seen the CWG team working very hard to deliver two major objectives this year

The first phases of both the wildflower meadow and tree planting projects. We will focus on these two activities before turning to other projects so that we can use our resources most efficiently.


About 1.28 hectares (over 3 acres) of Down Farm Park has been earmarked to establish Clanfield’s first wildflower meadow; look out for signage which will show visitors and passers-by where the site will be. Volunteers have been hard at work on weed clearance within the project area and specialist contractors are scheduled to prepare the ground and undertake the seeding in the Autumn. The project is fully funded including grants from our District and County Councillors. As the project progresses, the signage will request walkers to keep to the paths and with dogs on leads in the vicinity of the project area.

The CWG is also proposing to plant more than 150 trees at the top of Whiteland Way which is another part of Down Farm Park. Funding has also been obtained for this project through District Councillor grants and we are confident we will be able to arrange a planting event in November during the “National Tree Week”. Consultation with local residents will take place to ensure all the benefits of tree planting are explained and welcome. There will be further information in due course.

Our “Green Audit” is in its development stage. It will very much focus on understanding the residential impact of Co2 emission by the village, so that we can all find ways to minimise our carbon footprint.


Look out for the announcement for the launch of the “Clanfield Community Award” on this website. Although this will be a pilot for 2021, we are very excited by this project which we hope can bring the whole village together in celebrating our local talented people and their hard work.

We remind everyone that the CWG meetings are open to the public and time is allocated for views and comments to be expressed. Volunteers are welcome to help us with the implementation of our projects: please go to “contact us” on this website to tell us of your interest in volunteering.

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