Our 2021 Projects

Published: 4th October 2021
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Clanfield Parish Council's Community Working Group 2021 projects.

We are planning to plant more than 150 trees near Whiteland Way in Down Farm Park.

We aim to establish our first wildflower meadow in 2021, with another following in 2022.

Green Audit

The Parish Council will be conducting a Green Audit to evaluate the village carbon footprint.

The survey will assess our use of residential energy and seek to set a benchmark against which we can measure our progress towards a net zero future.

The survey will be entirely voluntary, anonymous and managed by our partner Carbon Footprint.

Check out the Parish Council’s website and Council’s information displays for more details.

The 2021 Clanfield Awards

The Parish Council seeks to recognise talent, dedication and hard work in 2021.

Send us your nominees in 3 categories

  • Exceptional service to the community
  • Young person of the year
  • Charity of the year

Hurry! Nomination close 31st October 2021

We will hold our first Awards Evening in December 2021 when the winners will be presented with a trophy and certificate; this will be an opportunity to celebrate all that is good in our community.

Get your nomination form from the Parish Council’s website or email:


You can also visit the Parish Council office (The Clanfield Centre, 2 Endal Way, Clanfield, PO8 0YF).

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