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Published: 13th January 2022
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Clanfield Parish Council, in partnership with Carbon Trust, is looking to establish the baseline of our common residential carbon footprint.

How green is Clanfield?

Clanfield Parish Council, in partnership with Carbon Trust, is looking to establish the baseline of our common residential carbon footprint. The results of the survey will propose ways in which we can all reduce our collective impact and we intend to conduct a follow up audit in 3 to 4 years to measure progress.

The survey will aggregate the footprint we all generate in the Parish.

It will look at our collective energy consumption, the way we travel and other types of housing related questions. Once we know what drives our residential footprint, Clanfield Parish Council can consult with residents on the results with a view to determining how we can make the greatest impact both collectively and individually.

Hurry! The survey runs to 31st March 2022 only!

What is a Green Audit?

A Green Audit provides an informed estimate of the carbon footprint of a locality and establishes a baseline against which the impact of future reduction initiatives can be measured.

Why is Clanfield Parish Council conducting a Green Audit?

Clanfield Parish Council declared a Climate Emergency in June 2020. By doing so, the Council added its voice to the growing weight of national and international opinion that not enough has been done so far to combat the adverse effects of climate change (or global warming).

But making a declaration is not enough; follow-up action is required. We all have a role to play. How best can we, in Clanfield, play our part as a community and how will we know that what we do, individually and collectively, is having a real and effective impact?

From the result of this survey, we will know our starting point - the size of the Parish’s current carbon footprint and its principal causes. From that, the Council will be able to consult with residents on what can be done, and future Audits will be able to measure the improvement that we, as a community, are able to make.

How will the Green Audit be conducted?

Clanfield Parish Council is working with Carbon Footprint, a recognised partner in measuring greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon Footprint has devised a questionnaire which is accessible online either by scanning a QR code or accessing the survey on the web directly: please see details below.

The survey can also be obtained as a paper copy by contacting the Parish Council Office.

Completion of the survey is entirely voluntary and the result will be strictly anonymous.

What matters is that we obtain an aggregate view of our current carbon footprint.

How to fill in the survey? 3 options...

1. Scan this QR code

2. Access the form online


3. Request a paper copy

Council Office
The Clanfield Centre
2 Endal Way, Clanfield PO8 0YF

02392 571077


When will the Green Audit be conducted?

The survey will run between 1st January and 31st March 2022. It should only take a few minutes of your time to complete.

How will the Green Audit benefit the residents of Clanfield?

Once a robust sample of answers have been received, Carbon Footprint will be able to let Clanfield Parish Council know what are the activities that contribute most to the emission of greenhouse gases within the Parish.

This will enable the Parish Council to consider, with residents:

  • the changes we could all make individually - particularly in relation to our homes and how we travel;
  • the steps that the Parish Councll could take itself, both directly and in liaison with other authorities - such as how it manages its land and property, whether electric vehicle charging points could be installed on Parish Council land and, alongside the District and County Authorities, supporting initiatives for active travel (walking, cycling, etc) and lobbying for the improvement of public transport.

What are the next steps?

The Parish Council will be receiving the result of the survey from Carbon Footprint during the Summer and will report back to residents as quickly as possible thereafter.

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