How green is Clanfield? Have you completed the survey?

Published: 25th January 2022
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Most of us are concerned about climate change and want to do something about it. We hear what the experts say needs to be done on a national or international scale but how do we make it meaningful and measurable within our local community?

Clanfield Parish Council has taken up this challenge and all households within the village have been invited to take the first step by completing a short survey which will establish the starting point - the current carbon footprint of the village.

Have you completed the survey?

Parish Council Chairman, John Bannell, says:

“I urge all householders in Clanfield and Chalton to take part. I have completed the survey. It only takes a few minutes and, when we know the result in the Summer, we will be able to consult with residents to plan what we can do as a local community to make a real difference. 

“And, when the next survey takes place in 3 or 4 years time, we will be able to measure the impact we have made.”

There are three ways in which householders can access the survey:

1. Scan this QR code

2. Access the form online

3. Request a paper copy

Council Office
The Clanfield Centre
2 Endal Way, Clanfield PO8 0YF

02392 571077

The survey is open until 31st March

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