Planning Committee Minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 25th February 2020
  • Duration: 19:00 - 19:20
  • Location: Pavilion Hospitality Area

Meeting minutes:


Apologies were received from Cllr T. Collins


No interests were declared


The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record


58574 Conversion of Garage to Habitable Accommodation - 21 Columbine Way

Members viewed the proposals and received input from the applicant - after discussion it was agreed that the Council would Object to this application as there are concerns with the way the parking is arranged on the plan - the reduction of parking provision causing vehicles to park on the road and the parking standard document of 2018 states that there should be 3 spaces for 4 bedroom properties, it is also considered that this would set a precedent and be detrimental to the street scene

SDNP/20/ Variation of condition 2 of application number:
0286/CND SDNP/16/03623/FUL to allow substitution of plans floor and elevations WC87-103 and plans - elevations WC87-104a with: floor plan and elevations drawing no. Hudson, M Dec-19 Land West Of Woodcroft Crossing New Barn Lane Chalton

Members viewed the plans and, although the proposals were unclear, after discussion agreed that the Council would note the differences between the plans with regards to the roof height and position of the doors but raise No Objections.



25072/017 T1 group of 5 beech trees on the boundary with 22 Nickleby Road - crown lift to 7m and prune back the remaining laterals by no more than 3m to suitable growth points. (all on the northern sector of the canopy) - Elm Cottage, Pond Lane

58536 Conversion of roof space to provide additional consulting rooms and staff coffee room, two enclosed entrance porches and new roof light windows - Clanfield Surgery, 2 White Dirt Lane

SDNP/19/ In-ground swimming pool, remove existing platform and create a pair of narrow 05189/HOUS decorative doors and juliette balconies - Observatory House Hinton Manor Lane


There were no applications pending – members to be kept informed


The following applications have been commented on since lockdown and will be added to the next face to face meeting minutes:

58574 Conversion of garage to habitable accommodation - 21 Columbine Way

CPC object to this application as there are concerns with the way the parking is arranged in the plan- the reduction of parking provision causing vehicles to park on the road and the parking standard document of 2018 states that there should be 3 spaces for 4 bedroom properties, it is also considered that this would set a precedent and be detrimental to the street scene


58647 Ancillary Granny Annexed - 105a New Road

Clanfield Parish Council (under lockdown) have No Objections to this proposal, but would request that a condition be placed on the development stating that it cannot be rented out as a private residence, nor sold as a separate property. Also, should the annexe be utilised as business premises in the future there would be concerns raised regarding any significant traffic movements and other nuisance factors. The planning committee chairman wishes it to be noted that she objects to back garden development


53611/001 Single story rear extension and two story side extension - 88 Valley Park Drive

Clanfield Parish Council (under lockdown) have No Objections to this application provided there is no overlooking impact with regards to No 90


58700 Single Storey extension to side/rear - 72 Sunderton Lane

Clanfield Parish Council have no objections to this proposal, however consider that the roof would benefit from having a degree of pitch to be in-keeping with the property. The proposed extension will be in close proximity to the neighbouring property which could result in maintenance issues


SDNP/20/ Single storey extension, new front door and canopy
01662/HOUS (following demolition of existing additions); extension to roof and associated external alterations - White House Little Hyden Lane

No objections


58695 Off street parking and vehicular access - 6 Trafalgar Rise

Whilst not objecting to the proposal for off street parking CPC are concerned with regards to the close proximity to the entrance of Trafalgar Rise and would be guided by the decision made by Highways


57497/003 Beech Tree (on left hand side of front garden) Reduce height by 2 - 3 metres leaving crown height of 16 - 17 metres. Reduce width by approx 2-3 metres leaving crown width of 7 - 8 metres width. Sycamore (on left hand side of rear garden) dismantle to ground level as signs of decay - High Trees, 116 South Lane
CPC consider that the decision with regards to this application should be made following consultation with/and agreement by the EHDC Arboricilturist


SDNP/20/02762/TCA | T1 Beech - Reduction of lateral limbs on southern and eastern aspect to give 2 metre clearance from the house and retaining 4 metres on that aspect of the crown | The Old Post Office South Lane Chalton


Application details for the barn – CPC are not on the list of consultees as they are the applicants

58649 Alterations, extension and change of use to class D1 of (disused) agricultural barn to form Parish Council office and community resource - Site of Down Farm, Green Lane


58632 Installation of a metal storage container - Recreation Ground and Cricket Pitch, South Lane

Clanfield Parish Council have no objections to this application, but would request that it is painted olive or forest green to blend in with the surrounding environment.

No EHDC decision to date

58757 Single storey extension to side/rear, conversion of garage to habitable accommodation, alterations to front porch and extend the width of the driveway - 9 Storrington Road

No objections to the extension but are concerned about the ability to achieve the car parking standards. If sufficient off street parking is not available then indiscriminate parking will occur resulting in highway issues and inappropriate parking on pavement and grass verges. There are concerns as to whether three spaces in the front garden can be achieved in a realistic/practical/safe manner given the location on a bend.


20045/007 Retrospective application - replacement fencing - 132 North Lane

CPC have concerns with the fence and its proximity to the highway and consider it not in keeping with the surroundings of a Grade II listed building, by way of height and colour of the materials used

No EHDC decision to date

58751 Dark green metal shed on a concrete base to provide equipment store for the adjacent sports pavilion and bowling green. The shed would be located at the bottom of the existing disabled pathway - 7 Columbine Way

No Objections


58059 Timber 2 bay carport - 1 Driftstone Mews, London Road

CPC have no objections to this proposal but there are concerns with regards to the height of the proposed car port


58859 Two storey & single storey extensions to front - 8 Hazel Grove

No Objections


58861 Single storey extensions to front, conversion of roof space to provide accommodation at first floor level with dormers - 41 Hambledon Road

No objection in principle, however there are concerns regarding the dormers which appear to dominate the roof - they should not protrude significantly from roof profile thus having an intrusive effect on the roof of the existing dwelling.

No EHDC decision to date

58864 Single storey rear extension - 16 White Beam Rise

No Objections


29107/004 T1 Oak-Fell - 43 Green Lane

This protected oak must be retained and properly managed with the advice of the EHDC Arboricultural officer and fully qualified arboricultural consultant


SDNP/20/ Installation of 1no 30m lattice tower with 2no antennas, 2no 600mm
02961/FUL dishes, 2no equipment cabinets and associated ancillary works thereto - Land at Woodcroft Farm Woodcroft Farm Lane

OBJECT to this proposal due to the sensitivity and visual impact of the proposed 30m tower on the landscape

No EHDC/SDNP decision to date

58887 1 x Ash tree - crown lift to a maximum of 6 metres by removal of three limbs to the south side (100mm-150mm) - 88A New Road

CPC consider that the decision with regards to this application should be made following consultation with/and agreement by the EHDC Arboricilturist


SDNP/20/ Change of use of equestrian land for the siting of 4 number one
03105/FUL bedroom timber clad pods to be used as tourist accommodation with associated parking and packaged waste water treatment plant - 131 Downhouse Road

CPC have concerns with this application regarding the sensitivity and impact within the SDNP. Also we have to be aware of the SD Dark Skies policy. There are concerns with regards to a potential increase in vehicular activity to and from the site. The development could set a precedent for the next field along. The pods are new structures and will be permanent, not renovated existing buildings

No SDNP/EHDC decision to date

00017/0021. Removal of payphone kiosks at - The Green, Rowlands Castle, Hazelton Way, Horndean
Drift Road, Clanfield, South Lane, Clanfield,
High Street, Alton (8/9) There appears to be no documentation on the EHDC website
CPC having considered the proposal for the removal of the telephone kiosks appreciate that they are not particularly well used, but do consider that, in particular, the kiosk in South Lane should be retained as it is available in an area which does serve an older community i.e. Swallow Court

No EHDC Decision to date

58897 Detached dwelling - Land north of, 23 Sunderton Lane

CPC strongly object to this application The proposal would result in a cramped and continued development which would result in an unacceptable loss of privacy and amenity to the adjacent property The proposed plot is very narrow and inadequate in size to provide an acceptable level of amenity space, and would be overdevelopment of the site forming a cramped development out of keeping with the character of the surrounding area. The application is not in accordance with the Policy CP2 as this development does not make use of previously developed land, as the land is part of no 15 garden. CP29 POLICY States- Development has to contribute to local distinctiveness and sense of place, and is appropriate and sympathetic to its setting in terms of its scale, height, massing and density, and its relationship to adjoining building, spaces around buildings and landscape features. This application does not comply with this policy, the dwelling is not sympathetic in its relationship to the adjoining building at no 23. Concerns with the distance between no 23 and the proposed development boundary. Concerns also with regards to maneuvering of vehicles and access onto Sunderton Lane which is very narrow. If allowed what precedent will it set for smaller garden developments.

No EHDC Decision to date

20729/032 Six dwellings following demolition of existing car dealership - 33 South Lane


50894/001 Application for consent for Works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order T1-Oak-crown reduce by 2m leaving a crown height of 12m and a crown width of 8m. Crown lift to 3m. - 5 Hazel Grove
CPC consider that the decision with regards to this application should be made following consultation with/and agreement by the EHDC Arboriculturist

SDNP/20/ Lawful Development Certificate for Existing Development - Confirmation that the

03910/LDP grant of planning permission for SDNP/14/00929/FUL for a replacement dwelling remains valid and lawful development may continue in accordance with the grant - Windmill Hill Farm Windmill Lane Chalton

CPC have no concerns with regards to this application so long as the applicant complies with the agreed conditions as laid down when permission was granted in 2014

25475/003 Single storey side extension - 109 New Road

CPC have no objections to this proposal, there are concerns regarding its proximity to no 111 New Road and would like to see obscured glass to the proposed side window.

29605/003 - Detached dwelling to rear of existing - 57 Chalton Lane

CPC strongly object to this proposal an earlier application on this site was refused by the Inspector following an appeal in 2019. CPC are concerned regarding the effect this development will have on the character and appearance of the area; it would have an adverse impact on the setting of the existing neighbouring properties and so would not be acceptable; the removal of well established trees to the detriment of the environment; concerns over access onto Chalton Lane. This would be backland development; the potential to affect the privacy of adjacent properties in Maple Crescent.

27768/012 - Retrospective application for fence 1.9 metres high - 2 Sunderton Lane

Retrospective - CPC consider the hedge should have been retained and there are concerns that as the fence is facing the highway it should not exceed the 1 metre permissible height. CPC consider the enforcement officer should view the fence and consider if it is acceptable or not

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