Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 11th January 2022
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:12
  • Location: Blue Room at Clanfiedl Memorial Hall

Meeting minutes:


Apologies were received from Cllr Peter Hurst. Apologies from District Cllr Ken Moon were also noted.


There were no declarations of interest declared.


The minutes of the previous meeting held on 7 December were considered. Cllr Clarke proposed that the words ‘In order to assist matters’ were inserted before the final sentence under minute reference 158/21 Down Farm Barn, which was approved. Subject to this amendment it was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 7 December 2021 were an accurate record of the meeting and would be signed by the Chairman, once updated.

The minutes would be published on the Council’s website. The noticeboard at the Memorial Hall is currently out of use. Paper copies of the minutes can be requested from the Clerk. The replacement of the Memorial Hall noticeboard is underway.


A resident highlighted that crossing points near the roundabout at the Drift Road / Green Lane / White Dirt Lane junction do not have tactile paving. In particular, the crossing point between Budgens and the Co-op car park was highlighted. He further mentioned that the path leading into the car park, in the vicinity of the doctors’ surgery, is often blocked by parked vehicles. He enquired whether anything could be done.

In respect of the tactile paving at crossing points, several Members questioned whether this might have been included in the Accessibility Scheme for Clanfield which was approved in 2017/8. £930,000 had been allocated to the project from developer’s contributions and it was understood that East Hampshire District Council had transferred the money to Hampshire County Council some time ago to enable the scheme to be delivered but the work is still outstanding. The Clerk was asked to investigate and confirm whether tactile paving will be provided at this junction through the Accessibility Scheme, advising the resident of the outcome.

In respect of the car park that serves the doctors surgery and Co-op, Cllr White advised that the car park is managed by the Co-op. Cllr White offered to contact the Manager and raise the issue of the path. The Clerk would feedback directly to the resident on this as well.


  • The Clerk reported that the period between Christmas and the New Year had been quiet and had passed without incident.
  • A craft group had enquired about hiring the hospitality area at Peel Park Pavilion once a month from February 2022. They would require use of the tables and chairs and two of the tables are currently in use at the Council Office. The Clerk has liaised with the Clanfield Centre about borrowing additional tables for the Council Office. The current hire rate for the hospitality area at Peel Park Pavilion is £10 per hour.
  • Work had commenced to replace and relocate the boiler at Peel Park Pavilion. It is anticipated to take two days.
  • The Council’s internal auditor would be visiting the office on 19 January to review the accounts from August to December.
  • The Village Pond volunteers have plans to purchase a new duck house for the pond utlilsing grant money they received from Waitrose that is being held by the Parish Council on their behalf. The new duck house was supported by Members.


County Councillor

County Councillor Mocatta’s report had been circulated to Members prior to the meeting. Cllr Mocatta highlighted that he still had some grant funding available. An application had been submitted by the Parish Clerk to part fund the replacement noticeboard at the Memorial Hall and had been approved.

Cllr Mocatta reported gritters had been out in force following the recent cold weather. Many of our roads and lanes are not on the priority routes but residents could use the blue grit bins provided by HCC across the area. These are filled with salt for community use throughout winter. They're particularly useful for smaller roads or on the pavements. A small amount of salt from these can make a big impact on frozen and icy surfaces. If residents spot that grit bins are empty or running low, they can contact Hampshire County Council for replenishing. This can be done either online at or by emailing

Cllr Williams asked whether the ‘Hampshire Solar Together’ programme had stalled. Home surveys had been completed but there had been no follow up. Cllr Mocatta offered to liaise directly with Cllr Williams and report back.

District Councillors

Cllr Moon’s report had been circulated to Members prior to the meeting.

Cllr Agate reported that his District Cllr grant allocation had been spent. Petersfield Urgent Treatment Centre had managed to remain fully staffed. Cllr Agate asked whether there had been any improvement in the incidence of anti-social behaviour in Clanfield following the presentation by the Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner, Luke Stubbs, at November Council meeting but no statistics were available to the meeting on this.

After a 12-year partnership, East Hampshire District Council and Havant Borough Council had decided to establish their own management teams so they can focus on their different strategic priorities. The split would be the focus for the Overview & Scrutiny Panel that Cllr Agate sits on.

Cllr Agate asked the Parish Council to consider requesting Speed Limit Reminder (SLR) signs in the Parish. Cllr Mocatta explained the process and his experience with Stroud and Petersfield. The SLR equipment at these locations had been funded by County and District Councillor grants. The deployment locations had been approved by Hampshire Highways. Residents had been involved in the development of the scheme and volunteers deployed the SLR’s at each of the approved locations. Members discussed the merits of different SLR message displays and their likely impact on driver speed.

It was noted that a working group with involvement from residents would be a good starting point and the Parish Council would want to be involved. The membership and delivery of a project, as described by Cllr Mocatta, needed to be discussed further and Members asked if the remit of the Community Working Group could be expanded in the future to incorporate wider community issues such as this.


Members received an update on action taken since the last meeting. The Clerk confirmed that the report presented to Council in December had been forwarded to the Council’s Internal Auditor for his review and comment. He would be visiting the office on 19 January. Cllr Williams reported that enquires had been made with the SLCC’s Local Council Consultancy and a specification of the assistance that they could provide and its cost was expected.


a. Members received and considered the Council’s proposed Press & Social Media Policy. The version circulated had not included the additional text that Cllr Williams had prepared on email use and security. This was read out to Members and agreed. Subject to its inclusion it was RESOLVED to approve the Press & Social Media Policy.

b. Members received:

Income and Expenditure Report

Members received and approved the Income and Expenditure report of 5th January 2022.

Bank Reconciliation Report

Members received and approved the Bank Reconciliation report for all accounts as at 5th January 2022.

Orders for Payment

Members received and approved the Orders for Payment. Payments issued since the last meeting that totalled £10,596.60. There were no payments for approval.


Members considered a report on a proposal that the Parish Council would lead on the organisation and promotion of this year’s Remembrance Sunday arrangements and going forward. St James Church, Clanfield would continue to conduct the service and the Memorial Hall Trustees would provide the venue but, as it is a Civic event, all parties felt that the organisation and promotion should lie with the local Civic Authority - i.e. the Parish Council. It was proposed the event would be organised by the Parish Office. It was also proposed that support should be offered to Chalton, although it was recognised the Church there, St Michael and All Angels, had organised their own Remembrance arrangements for a number of years.

It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council would lead on the organisation and promotion of the Remembrance Sunday commemoration in Clanfield this year and going forward and offer its support to Chalton.


a) Members received the minutes of the Property Management Committee held on 15 December 2021. An updated version of the minutes with a number of corrections had been circulated prior to the meeting. Cllr Williams explained the changes. South Lane Meadow Cricket Pavilion Project

b) Members received and considered a report on the Clanfield Cricket Club’s pavilion project at South Lane Meadow and the Parish Council’s plans for the improvement and extension of the car park. Members of the South Lane Meadow Trust were present at the meeting, including the Chairman David Charleton.

Draft Heads of Terms for the proposed Lease had been circulated prior to the meeting as there was a need to try and have an Agreement for Lease in place by about the end of February as it is thought that the Cricket Club will be required to confirm that it has an interest in the land when it makes a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) application to EHDC for funds. The CIL applications “window” will open on Monday 7th February and close on Friday 18th March.

It was thought that the Lease to the Cricket Club would need to be in relation to the footprint of the Cricket Club’s proposed pavilion and the cricket square as they were proposing to form an artificial wicket alongside the existing grass wickets. It will also need to include an easement for the provision of services to the pavilion from South Lane, their use of the car park and any other use conditions or restrictions that may be considered to be appropriate.

An aerial plan of South Lane Meadow with these items shown was circulated at the meeting and made available to the Trustees.

It was agreed any amendments that the Trustees may wish to suggest to the draft Heads of Terms would be reported back to Members. David Charelton confirmed the Trustees would report their comments back to the Parish Council.

South Lane Meadow Car Park

A report and a subsequent update had been previously circulated to Members. It was envisaged that the proposed improvements would include drainage and marked out spaces and the need for the enlargement of the car park had arisen from the Cricket Club’s discussions with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

At the request of the Trustees, it would be proposed to prohibit parking on the Meadow by the Cricket Club and other users, other than in exceptional circumstances such as to accommodate heavy deliveries, when the car park extension has been completed.

The Chairman had obtained three professional fee quotations which he had reported as follows:

* Plus topographical survey and structural and mechanical design consultancy costs.

All the quotations were exclusive of VAT and, at this stage, they excluded fees relating to the construction phase of the project.

Firm A were recommended on the basis that they were civil engineers and had previously worked with the Council on a similar project. They had also indicated they could work to the short timescale.

Cllr Foster had agreed to assist with the CIL application for the car park project on behalf of the Property Management Committee.

After a discussion regarding the costs it was RESOLVED to appoint Firm A, with a commitment up to the submission of a CIL application only and setting an upper fee limit of £1,500 to cater for any additional issues that might arise.


Members received the minutes of the Planning Committee held on 1 December 2021.


The Chairman mentioned that the Council’s solicitors had been contacted by the developer’s solicitors but the draft Transfer documentation had not yet been received.


Members received a verbal update from Cllr Coffre Chairman of the Community Working Group following a project update meeting held on Zoom on 6 January 2022.

a) Green Audit

The Green Audit survey would be open for residents to complete between 1 January – 31 March 2022. Members were asked to approve a flier/poster that would promote the Green Audit.

b) Whiteland Copse and additional tree planting

The ‘Tree Group’ of the Community Working Group had outlined plans for extending Whiteland Copse and, also, for undertaking phase two of the tree planting programme which would be at Down Farm Park to the north of Allotment Site B. It was anticipated that the trees can be sourced from The Woodland Trust, free of charge, as part of the Trust’s drive to have more trees planted.

The proposed protective fencing round Whiteland Copse was also discussed.

The Clerk confirmed that the plans for additional tree planting and for the fencing would need to be presented to the Property Management Committee for approval prior to any works being undertaken.

Cllr Coffre advised there was a credit balance of £1,011 on the Working Group’s 2021 / 2022 budget, primarily because the planned Youth Council launch would not take place this financial year. He advised that the budget for 2022/23 will include a dedicated item for the Youth Council.

Members RESOLVED to:
i) Approve the Green Audit poster and;

ii) Approve the use of the Community Working Group’s budget allocated in 2021/22 to the Youth Council, for additional tree planting on the basis that the budget for 2022/23 will
include a ring-fenced allocation for the Youth Council launch and;

iii) That the plans for additional tree planting and any fencing would be presented to the Property Management Committee for approval prior to the commencement of any works.

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