Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 8th February 2022
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:45
  • Location: Blue Room at Clanfield Memorial Hall

Meeting minutes:


There were no apologies for absence received. All Councillors were present.


There were no declarations of interest declared.


The minutes of the previous meeting held on 11 January were considered. Two amendments were agreed:

  • Minute ref 07/22 Down Farm Barn (p3) – Cllr Williams had reported the update on behalf of Cllr Hurst, who was not present at the meeting.
  • Minute ref 10/22 South Lane Meadow Car Park (p4) – Should read ‘All the quotations were exclusive of VAT’.

Subject to these changes, Members approved the minutes of the previous meeting as an accurate record and they would be signed by the Chairman.

The minutes would be published on the Council’s website.


A resident reported that the ditch on South Lane on the boundary of the land owned by HCC had not been cleared. He further reported that the drains on Hambledon Road had not been cleared.

County Cllr Mocatta advised he would investigate the situation concerning the drains on Hambledon Road as he had received confirmation all drains had been cleared. County Cllr Mocatta highlighted the importance of reporting all Highway matters via HCC’s website.

Cllr White reported that, following representation from a resident regarding the queuing outside the pharmacy, she had contacted them. She had been advised it was possible for more than one person to be in the shop at a time, providing they remain socially distanced.

Cllr Hurst raised the feedback from Sally Thomas regarding the amount of litter and dog pooh bags left discarded at South Lane Meadow and Down Farm Park in the vicinity of the Bowls & Sports Pavilion. The Clerk advised that the feedback and other related matters including litter bins would be reported to the South Lane Meadow Trustees and the forthcoming meeting of the Property Management Committee.


The Clerk requested that reports for the Council should be circulated via the Clerk and at least three days prior to the meeting, to ensure Members have an opportunity to read the information.


County Councillor

County Cllr Mocatta reported that the County’s Arboriculture Team had planted a number of trees in the Parish. A resident living in Windmill Close had requested that an alternative location be considered for a tree there.

County Cllr Mocatta was aware of the online comments regarding the pending closure of Rooks Way and had made contact with the Countryside Team as a result. County Cllr Mocatta was unsure if an alternative solution could be delivered without the support of the landowners.

Cllr White declared a pecuniary interest at this point of the meeting, as her brother-in–law is the landowner of Manor Farm.

County Cllr Mocatta and the local Highways Officer were due to meet the Manager and a resident of Swallow Court about a number of issues affecting residents in that location.

District Councillors

District Cllr Moon’s report had been circulated to Members prior to the meeting.

Cllr Harris asked what would be the cost implications of East Hampshire District Council splitting from Havant Borough Council. Cllr Moon advised costs would be offset by savings. He advised the principle of partnership would continue and some areas could still be shared. Gill Kneller, Chief Executive, would remain with East Hants District Council.

The Hampshire Dementia Festival is taking place on 8 April at Petersfield Festival Hall.

East Hants District Council will be moving premises from Penns Place to a property which the Council owns on the Petersfield business park.

District Cllr Agate gave updates on the Urgent Treatment Centre at Petersfield Hospital, Mental Health Services and staffing and wait times at QA’s pharmacy.


Members received an update on action taken since the last meeting. The Clerk advised the Council’s Internal Auditor was due to report back to Council at the end of February. Cllr Hurst reported he was in contact with the SLCC’s Local Council Consultancy and they had recommended the Council consider developing a Neighbourhood Development Plan. Cllr Hurst and Cllr Williams will be attending the Funders Fair at East Hants District Council on 31 March but recognised this would be too late for the April Council meeting.


a. Members received the minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee held on 19 March 2022. Cllr Hurst reported that the Members of the Committee had considered Architect fees in respect of a possible extension at the Clanfield Centre. The Committee’s recommendation was to appoint Firm B who had quoted fees of up to £4,700 for the initial feasibility work and for design work up to outline planning stage.

It was RESOLVED to appoint Firm B.

Cllr Hurst advised all other items discussed at the meeting were separate agenda items.

b. Members considered the Council’s Policy for Home Working by Staff. The Chairman advised that, if approved at this meeting for staff consultation, the consultation period would run for 4 weeks. Any staff representations would be considered by the Staffing and Remuneration Sub-Committee of the Council’s Finance and General Purposes Committee before being brought to Council for consideration. If there were no staff representations, implementation of the Policy would be from 1 April 2022.

It was RESOLVED to approve the Council’s Policy for Home Working by Staff for staff consultation.

c. Members received and considered:

Income and Expenditure Report

Members received and approved the Income and Expenditure report as at 30 January 2022.

Bank Reconciliation Report

Members received and approved the Bank Reconciliation report for all accounts as at 30 January 2022.

Orders for Payment

Members received and approved the Orders for Payment. Payments issued since the last meeting that totalled £15,003.73 were noted and payments totalling £2,643.1, were approved.

d. Members approved changes to the bank mandate for the Council’s account with Lloyds Bank ending 2260 as follows:

To remove the following signatories:
Mrs Diane Duffy (Retired Clerk)
Mr Brian Ahern (Former Cllr Deceased)
Mrs Karen Crookshank (Former Cllr)

To add as signatories
Katie Knowles (Clerk)
Cllr John Bannell
Cllr Dave Harris
Cllr Peter Hurst

Cllr Margaret White will remain a signatory.


Members considered a report prepared by Cllr Harris on proposals to upgrade the Council’s IT. The report had been considered by the Finance & General Purposes Committee on 19 January. Three potential suppliers had quoted. The cost of MS365 hosting is standard across all suppliers and the recommendation of a preferred supplier was based on:

  • Microsoft Partner accreditation
  • Implementation experience and approach
  • Expertise in Local Government
  • Size
  • References

On these criteria, CloudyIT were recommended as the preferred supplier. The total monthly cost would be £174.60. This would result in an increase in the Council costs of £109 per month compared with the current set up. The total project implementation would cost £1,750 and included the transfer of the Council’s accounts software to a Cloud platform. A phased implementation was proposed. It was advised that the Council enter into an agreement with Cloudy IT before the end of February in order to secure the price as MS would increase their licence charges in March.

It was RESOLVED that the Council would enter into a contract with Cloudy IT before March, to deliver the implementation of a whole Council move to a MS365 hosted Cloud solution and transfer of the Council’s accounts to a Cloud platform, as per the quotation.


Members received and considered a report on the inter-related matters of Clanfield Cricket Club’s pavilion project at South Lane Meadow and the Parish Council’s plans for the improvement and extension of the car park, and the role of the South Lane Meadow Trust in relation to the proposed Lease with Clanfield Cricket Club and the Trust’s relationship with the Council generally.

a. Cricket Club Lease

It was proposed that there will be an Agreement for Lease in the first instance to enable the Cricket Club to carry out their development before a 25 year Lease term commences.

However, the draft Lease has to be fully agreed now as a copy of the agreed document has to be included in a Schedule to the Agreement for Lease.

This is urgent as the Cricket Club will probably need to say what actual (or prospective but nevertheless agreed in principle) interest they have (or will have) in the land which will be the subject of the Lease when they complete their CIL application for funding and this year’s “window” for CIL applications closes on 18 March 2022.

The draft Heads of Terms for an Agreement for Lease and a Lease had been previously circulated. It was an updated version following a response from the Cricket Club on an earlier version.

t does not yet include the rent that will be payable or the formula for calculating the rent both initially and at rent reviews. This is yet to be negotiated.

In order to comply with a restriction on the Council’s legal Title to the Meadow, the Council is required to instruct a qualified surveyor to report that the terms of the proposed Lease, including the rent, that are being agreed are the best that can reasonably be obtained (Section 119 (1) of the Charities Act 2011). There will also be a requirement for advertising and for the Council, itself, to certify that, taking into account the Surveyor’s report and any representations received as a result of the advertising, the Council is satisfied that the terms are the best that can reasonably be obtained (see Section 121 of the Charities Act, 2011).

The Solicitors have advised that the Trust will not be a party to the Lease. The draft Lease had been received from the Solicitors just prior to the meeting and would now be reviewed.

Position of the Pavilion

The Cricket Club sought the views of the Council and the Trust on possible revisions to their proposals including a revised location for the pavilion. Among the considerations was that the cost of delivering the services to a Pavilion on the Northern boundary was prohibitive. A revised location detailed in a plan circulated at the meeting would half the costs. A financial answer to mains electrical service would be an off-grid solution.

Members considered the prospect of the pavilion being sited on the southern side, north of the play area. Whilst Members understood the reasoning for the revised location, it was RESOLVED to object to this location, as the rear of the building would be visible from the approach to the Meadow. Member’s preference was that the Pavilion should be located on the original northern boundary, providing the alleged imfringement on the Right of Way is resolved and that, if the location had to be on the southern boundary, for access and financial reasons, it should be located close to the boundary hedge, further into the site. Members had no objection to an off-grid solution for the electric.

Car Park

Cllr Foster had previously circulated his report setting out two options for the improvement and extension of the car park, prepared by the Council’s Civil Engineer.

Option A: would provide a further 10 parking spaces, with drainage and complete resurfacing, as illustrated in the plan circulated costed at £70,467.

Option B: would provide a further 21 parking spaces, with drainage and complete resurfacing, as illustrated in the plan circulated costed at £97,814.

Both options included marked parking bays and provision for disabled and parent and toddler parking. Cllr Foster’s recommendation was to approve option B for submission to EHDC as a CIL application that would support the Cricket Club’s planning application following the comments by Traffic Management regarding the provision of adequate parking.

Members considered the options. It was considered that Option B (L- shaped) impinged on the open space and Members queried whether the same number of spaces could be accommodated if the car park was extended towards the play area in a straight line. Members also considered that the proposed surfacing would urbanise the Meadow and questioned whether an alternative surface could be considered together with landscaping to soften the impact.

Cllr D'Este Hoare suggested an alternative to the car park extension option by turning the extension by approx 45 degrees towards the play park.

After a detailed discussion regarding the alternative options, Members approved a revised version of Option A with additional parking spaces (exact number to be determined by the Council’s Civil Engineeer) as proposed by Cllr D’Este Hoare and subject to the approval of the South Lane Meadow Trustees.

b. South Lane Meadow Trust

Members considered a report on legal opinion clarifying the role of South Lane Meadow Trust in relation to the proposed Lease with Clanfield Cricket Club and the Trust’s relationship with the Council generally. The Trust would not be a party to the Lease with Clanfield Cricket Club. It had also been established that the 2004 constitution document had not been formally approved by the Council or lodged with the Charity Commission. Consequently, the Trust’s relationship with the Council needed to be clarified as it was evident that a hybrid of the 1995 Trust Deed had developed over the years in practice. It was proposed that a working group be established with two representatives each from the Council and the Trust to develop a proposal on a future structure. The Council’s representatives would be the Clerk and Cllr Harris.


a. It was RESOLVED to approve legal fees of £500 for the proposed inclusion of the tennis courts at Endal Way in the Lease of The Clanfield Centre to Communities First Wessex.

b. It was RESOLVED to approve the appointment of an Architect at a cost of £4,700 to undertake feasibility and initial design work on a possible future extension to The Clanfield Centre.

c. It was RESOLVED to approve legal fees of £750 to change the Council’s address on all its Title Deeds.

d. It was RESOLVED to appoint a qualified Surveyor at a cost of £750 to report on the rent to be paid by Clanfield Cricket Club at South Lane Meadow as required in provisions in the Title to the land and the Charities Act 2011.

e. It was RESOLVED to approve legal fees of £750 for the proposed Licence with Clanfield Football Club for the future use of the Sports Pitches at Down Farm Park (St James Place - Phase 3).


Following a review of the Council’s Risk Assessment at a meeting of the Finance & General Purposes Committee on 19 January, it was RESOLVED to approve the revisions which had been highlighted in red text and adopt Clanfield Parish Council’s Risk Assessment 2022.


The Chairman proposed that a community picnic should be planned to take place on Sunday 5 June on the green space behind the Clanfield Centre in Endal Way and that the activities would blend with those planned at the Centre. The idea of commissioning a piece of public art was also proposed as a permanent celebration of the Jubilee 2022 subject to the availability of funding.

The Chairman offered to lead the planning of the event. In principle, Members approved the planned event on 5 June and public art proposal.


The Minutes of the Planning Committee held on 12 January were noted. The next meeting of the Planning Committee will be held on 22 February.


Members received a verbal update from Cllr Coffre, Chairman of the Community Working Group.

a) Green Audit

The response rate had been lower than expected. The Working Group was considering a leaflet drop together with further press releases.

b) Whiteland Copse and additional tree planting

The planting of additional trees would be deferred until the Autumn. A proposal for permanent fencing around the planted area will be presented to the next meeting of the Property Management Committee.


  • The Chairman and Vice Chairman will be attending the Twinning Association AGM on 25 February.
  • Cllr Foster attended NALC’s Community Governance Meeting to highlight the bureaucratic process for Councils to increase their number of Councillors. Cllr Foster has been liaising with Officers at EHDC about the process but had experienced difficulties getting a response.
  • Cllr Foster attended a meeting of the Passenger Transport Forum.
  • Cllr Foster had seen HALC’s demonstration of their new website with Member and Clerk login areas.
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