Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 8th March 2022
  • Duration: 19:00 - 20:50
  • Location: Blue Room at Clanfield Memorial Hall

Meeting minutes:


Apologies were received from Cllr Stephen D’Este Hoare. Apologies were also noted from District Cllr Ken Moon.


There were no declarations of interest declared.


The minutes of the previous meeting held on 8 February were considered. Cllr Hurst raised a point of clarification in relation to page 4 of the minutes. The final sentence of the first paragraph under the heading ‘Position of the Pavilion’, did not make sense. It was agreed to delete the sentence and subject to this amendment, the minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

The minutes would be published on the Council’s website.


A resident reported that a green cabinet close to the junction of Green Lane with Chalton Lane had been covered in a yellow plastic sheet for a number of years. The Chairman advised that it was possible that the developer had covered the box when the access road to St James Place was constructed. The Council office would make enquiries to find out the appropriate contact.


  • The Clerk reported that the Ranger position was currently being advertised and there had been some initial interest. The closing date for applications is 18 March.
  • The Clerk advised that the Council had almost completed its negotiations with Community First to include the Tennis Courts within the Lease, and to secure a new two year Licence for the Council Office in order to reduce future legal fees. Members agreed that the new Lease and Licence documents could be signed when fully agreed in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders. It was noted that it would be necessary for one of the Council’s authorised signatories to make a Statutory Declaration to exclude the provisions of Sections 24 to 28 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 from the Licence. This would be required to prevent the Licence from inadvertently becoming a Lease with consequential security of tenure.


County Councillor

County Cllr Mocatta reported that a meeting had taken place with the Highways Inspector and a resident and the Manager of Swallow Court regarding a number of Highway matters in the vicinity and a number of actions had been agreed.

The County Council’s band D council tax for the year beginning 1 April2022 will be £1,390.86, an increase of 2.99%, of which 1% is specifically for adults’ social care.

His report included a summary of the grants awarded that had supported 10 local projects. HCC Councillors have a grant budget of £8,000. The 2022/23 grant fund opens in May this year, and all applications would be welcome.

Following the impact of the Storm Eunice, it is worth noting that HCC focuses its engineering team on the most pressing issues in such circumstances, and the council’s staff had been very busy clearing felled trees etc. HCC will deal with other enquiries as soon as practical. All Highway problems can be reported online via the County’s website

Cllr Williams asked for clarification about the obligations of the new contractor for the Hampshire Solar Together Scheme.

District Councillors

District Cllr Moon’s report had been circulated to Members prior to the meeting. Cllr Agate gave a verbal report. East Hants District Council (EHDC) approved a 2% increase in the council tax.

The Government’s proposed support for energy bills via a council tax rebate had been discussed and accepted by EHDC and a cross party review of the Council Tax Support Scheme will ensure that lower paid residents receive the benefit from the rebate.

EHDC Councillors had received a report on the rationale for the separation of the partnership arrangements with Havant Borough Council. The meeting was recorded and can be viewed on the District Council’s website.

Cllr Agate gave an overview of the grants awarded during the year. The District Councillor Community Grant Scheme for 2022/23 commences on 1 April.


Members received an update on action taken since the last meeting. The Chairman advised that the Council’s Internal Auditor’s report had been received just prior to the meeting and it would be circulated to Members by email.

Cllr Williams reported that Members were continuing to pursue and check alternative options for the Barn. Cllr Hurst advised that they intended to conduct a straw poll of residents to gauge their views. The Chairman said that they should wait to see the recommendations in the Internal Auditor’s report before bringing forward any proposal in that regard.

Cllr Foster read out a statement that he had prepared regarding the difficulty of securing loans for the Barn and the use of any loan which might be sought from the Public Works Loan Board. The Chairman advised that the Council would be discussing the future of the Barn at the April meeting of Council.


a. Members received and approved:

Income and Expenditure Report

Members received and approved the Income and Expenditure report as at 28 February 2022.

Bank Reconciliation Report

Members received and approved the Bank Reconciliation report for all accounts as at 28 February 2022.

Orders for Payment

Members received and approved the Orders for Payment. The new format for payments issued since the last meeting was introduced by Cllr Hurst. Payments totalling £10,901.06 that included payments authorised at the last meeting were noted and payments totalling £2,164.99 were approved.


Members approved a revised Grant Policy and application form for implementation from 1 April 2022.


a. Members received the minutes of the Property Management Committee held on 16 February 2022.

Cllr Williams, Chairman of the Committee, reported that:

  • Investigations are underway to establish whether a defibrillator could be provided in Chalton.
  • The protective fencing around the new trees at Whiteland Way had been completed and Cllr Williams thanked all the volunteers who had assisted.
  • The committee had agreed that the allotments and open space at Whiteland Way will now be referred to as Down Farm Park to avoid confusion with the rest of Down Farm Park as there is no physical boundary separating one part from another.
  • The warranty issues at the Clanfield Centre are being pursued by Vail Williams on behalf of the Parish Council.
  • The electronics have been replaced in one of the outside lighting units at the Clanfield Centre. The method used and a reduction in the number of units which require a battery back-up will reduce the cost of this work, both now and in the future, significantly.
  • A bug hotel and the purchase of a wood preservative to paint the remainder of the fence and a number of benches at the pond were supported. The funding will come out of a grant the pond volunteers obtained and the Council holds on their behalf.

Cllr White referred to the proposed transfer of the sports pitches at Down Farm Park into the Council’s ownership later in the year and she proposed that an informal meeting should be held to discuss the terms of the draft transfer documentation. Members supported the proposal and the Clerk was asked to arrange a date.

b. Members received a verbal reported on the damage to Council property caused by Storm Eunice and the action taken or proposed in relation to:

i. Peel Park Pavilion – The Clerk advised the cost of removing the tree and repairing the pavilion roof had been forwarded to the Council’s insurer. The Clerk will check to see if the guttering has been reinstated.

ii. Down Farm Barn – More of the roof sheeting had peeled back. It had been a challenge to obtain quotes to repair the roof. Cllr Williams had made a number of enquires following the storm. The gable end of the brick outbuilding had collapsed. Cllr Williams would be meeting with the surveyor who advised the Council on the planning application phase of the project to consider the options to make the building and the site safe.

iii. The Communal Storage Shed at Allotment Site A – A quotation of £240 had been received to replace the felt on the shed roof. It was RESOLVED to proceed with this as soon as possible to prevent water ingress. The Clerk confirmed the Council’s insurers were aware of the damage and the cost would be included in the Council’s insurance claim if all the damage caused by Storm Eunice could be aggregated into a single claim - otherwise, the cost would not equate to the excess on the policy.


The Minutes of the Planning Committee held on 1 March 2022 were noted. The date of the next Planning Committee is 29 March.


  1. Members received the minutes of the meeting of the South Lane Meadow Trustees held on 15 February 2022.
  2. Members received and considered a report on the inter-related matters of Clanfield Cricket Club’s development proposals at South Lane Meadow, the proposed Lease with Clanfield Cricket Club, the Parish Council’s plans for the improvement and extension of the car park and the submission of a related CIL funding application.

Cricket Club Lease

The latest plan from the cricket club shows the proposed cricket pavilion close to the original position on the northern boundary.

In respect of the rent negotiations, there had been an initial misunderstanding between the Cricket Club and the Parish Council which had been resolved at a meeting which had been chaired by EHDC’s Sports Development Officer.

The Chairman explained that there are three elements to the rent negotiations:

  • The footprint of the Pavilion
  • The Cricket Square and and an adjacent proposed artificial wicket;
  • The need for the extension of the car park to be larger than would otherwise be required and the consequential increased future maintenance costs.

The Chairman advised that the rent for the footprint of the Pavilion had been provisionally agreed by the Cricket Club. The rent for the Cricket Square including the land on which the proposed artifial wicket would be constructed is still the subject of negotiation.

The Chairman proposed to the meeting that the third element, relating to future car park maintenance costs, be removed from the negotiations and that was supported by Members.

Cllr Harris would now lead for the Council on the discussions with Clanfield Cricket Club regarding the rent for the Cricket Square and the adjacent land for the artificial wicket.

Proposed Car Park Extension and Improvement Works

Further drawings had been prepared. It had been established that a revised version of Option A, which had been requested at the February meeting, would provide an insufficient number of additional car spaces owing to the need to preserve the landscaping belt on the southern side of the meadow. Two further Options - C and D - had been prepared. Option D was preferred by the South Lane Meadow Trustees and that was also the preference of Members. It was agreed that Option D would now be used for the Parish Council’s CIL application, a draft of which had been also circulated to Members. The Option D plan showed the car park extension at a 45 degree angle to the existing. It would provide an additional 22 car parking spaces including 2 disabled and 2 parent/toddler spaces and a motorcycle bay, all currently not provided for, and it would be partially screened by a grassed bund. The car park surfacing would be replaced with permeable EcoGrid.

Members RESOLVED that the Council submit a CIL application for funding of the car park extension and improvement works and associated consultant civil engineer’s fees.

Planning Application for the Car Park

The Cricket Club’s planning application included provision for additional car parking (approximately 10 spaces) but in a different location from that which the Council and the South Lane Meadow Trustees preferred. Consultees to the Cricket Club’s application had questioned whether an additional 10 spaces would be sufficient. Furthermore, and subject to funding, the Parish Council would wish to implement the car park extension and improvement plan even if, for whatever reason, the Cricket Club should not implement its other development plans. In that scenario, the Chairman had identified there would be potential difficulties for the Parish Council when implementing part of a permission which the Cricket Club may hold. It was therefore proposed that the Parish Council should prepare and submit its own planning application for the car park extension in the next few days.

Members RESOLVED that the Parish Council submit a planning application for the car park extension and improvement works, linked to, but not dependent upon, the Cricket Club’s development plans.


The Chairman reported that an initial planning meeting for the proposed village celebration would take place with representatives of community organisations on 23 March at 7pm.


  • Cllr White reported she had attended a zoom meeting of the the South Eastern Hampshire Locality Group on 3 March. Representatives from the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the Locality Director of Medicine Management, The Associate Director of Community Involvement and the Communications Manager were on the call.
    There had been significant winter pressures on the NHS with very heavy demand for urgent care services. The CCG had worked hard to promote other options such as Urgent Treatment Centres and Community Pharmacies. A £500,000 grant had been secured by Havant Borough Council from the Health Foundation to support 16 to 24-year olds in Leigh Park.
    A new Health and Wellbeing Partnership had been set up for East Hampshire jointly chaired by the CCG and Community First. It had looked at local priorities and bringing people together to mirror a similar group in Havant.
    The CCG's Local Transformation Team had secured funding from NHS digital to purchase Surgery Pods that from April 2022 would enable patients to go into their local Surgery and take their own blood pressure etc to help clinicians undertake diagnostic monitoring to follow up any concerns.
  • Cllr Foster reported that progress on obtaining a Community Governance Review that would enable the Parish Council to increase the number of councilors had been challenging and bureaucratic. As a result, very few Parish Councils had completed the process. Cllr Foster had recently represented HALC on a meeting of NALC’s Policy Review Committee that had confirmed that they would continue to lobby Central Government to simplify the process.
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