Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 10th May 2022
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:00
  • Location: Blue Room at Clanfield Memorial Hall

Meeting minutes:


Cllr Bannell proposed, with Cllr Foster seconding, Cllr Harris as Chair. There being no other nominations, it was RESOLVED that Cllr Harris be elected as Chair for 2022-2023. The Declaration of Acceptance of Office would be signed in the office in the presence of the Clerk.

Cllr Harris thanked Cllr Bannell for all his hard work and dedication as Chair during the past year.


Cllr White proposed, with Cllr Bannell seconding, by Cllr Foster as Vice Chair. There being no other nominations it was RESOLVED that Cllr Foster be elected as Vice Chair for 2022-2023. The Declaration of Acceptance of Office would be signed in the office in the presence of the Clerk.


Apologies were received from Cllr Coffre. Apologies were also noted from District Cllrs Moon and Agate.


There were no declarations of interest declared.


The minutes of the previous meeting held on 12 April were agreed and signed by the Chair.

It was noted that at the page 2 it should read ‘if sufficient funds were available’.

The minutes would be displayed in the noticeboard outside the Memorial Hall as soon as practicable and on the Council’s website.


a. Election of the Chairs of the Council’s Committees for the forthcoming year.

Members were elected as the Chairs of the Council’s Committees for the forthcoming year as follows:

I. Community & Environment Committee – Cllr Coffre
II. Finance & General Purposes Committee – Cllr Hurst
III. Planning Committee – Cllr White
IV. Property Management Committee – Cllr Williams

b. Membership of the Council’s Committees 2022/23

The membership of the Council’s Committee’s would remain the same as 2021/22.

Cllr Bannell would join the Property Management Committee and the Community & Environmental Committee.

Cllr Clarke wanted it noted that she was the only Councillor not on either the Property Management Committee or the Finance & General Purposes Committee.

70/22Council’s nominated South Lane Meadow Trustees for 2022/23.

Cllr Hurst (current Chair), Cllr Clarke, Cllr D’este Hoare and Cllr Coffre were nominated as the Council’s representatives on the South Lane Meadow Trust.

71/22Formation of an Environment Working Group reporting to the Community & Environment Committee.

The migration of the Community Working Group to a Committee had been previously formally approved.

As the focus of the Community Working Group had been environmental projects, the draft terms of reference, circulated prior to the meeting, set out its wider community brief. This would include communication and social media, the interface between community clubs and organisations, events and projects and youth development. Public engagement would still be an essential part of the brief and non-council members would still be able to participate through use of working groups reporting into this Committee. It was envisaged an Environment Working Group would be established, with a Community Engagement Working Group being set up later.

The Committee’s terms of reference still would need to be finalized. Members were asked to review them ahead of the next Council meeting where they would be formally considered for adoption.

The Chairman suggested that other Committee’s might consider forming working groups to reduce the time spent at meetings.


A resident asked if the District Councillor & County Councillor reports would be made available to members of the public. The Clerk confirmed it was possible. Copies of reports (when received) would be made available on the website, and/or paper copies could be provided at the Council Office.

A resident asked when the meetings of the Patient Participation Group would resume at the Clanfield Surgery. Cllr White confirmed that the meetings were still being held virtually and it was unlikely to change.

A resident asked a point of clarification about the new Community & Environmental Committee and the Working Groups that will be formed to support the Committee.


The Clerk had no updates to report.


County Councillor
County Cllr Mocatta’s asked Members if there had been reports of missed bin collections. Members commented that none had been brought to the attention of the Parish Council. He advised other areas in the district were experiencing difficulties.

The Clerk had enquired about the County Councils tree planting programme in Parish. Several residents had contacted the Parish Council about the trees including who would be watering them. Cllr Mocatta had made enquires with the County’s Arboriculture Team and the message back was to encourage residents that can, to water the trees, as the County Council’s watering programme would not be as frequent as required during the current dry spell.

Cllr Foster highlighted that the gullies and drains on Drift Road and New Road are still full of straw.

Cllr Williams reported the overgrown Swale outside the Clanfield Centre along with the traffic island opposite at the junction of Endal Way with Green Lane. He asked if it would be possible to for the areas to be cleared and maintained in time for the Jubilee weekend. The Clerk would forward a map to Cllr Mocatta of these locations.


  • Members considered a grant application from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau East Hants. Although a representative was not present, but it was determined that the information provided with the application was thorough and the application should be considered. Cllr Hurst proposed a grant of £300, with Cllr White seconding. There were no other proposals. It was therefore RESOLVED to award a grant of £300 to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau East Hants.
  • Members received and approved:
    • The Bank Reconciliation as at 29 April 2022.
    • A list of payments made between 5 – 29th April totaling £10,377.98 that were noted & a list of payments for approval totaling £6,318.43.


Cllr Williams introduced the draft minutes of the Property Management Committee held on 20 April.

Cllr Bannell clarified that the Control Management System (CMS) (minute ref PMC36/22) of the draft minutes would not be part of the warranty claim.

There were no further questions or points of clarification raised by Members.

The Chair moved to the recommendation.

Recommendation: To amend the Bench Seat Policy to include provision that a 50% deposit be obtained from the applicant for a Memorial Bench prior it being ordered.

It was RESOLVED to approve the recommendation and amend the Bench Seat Policy accordingly.


Members received an update on the action points that were agreed by the Council at its meeting on 12 April 2022 in particular relating to further exploratory discussions with a developer.

Cllr Williams had prepared and read out a statement to Members.

Since the Full Council meeting held on 12th April 2022, two exploratory meetings without commitment have been held with a local developer. These have been both productive and informative and I would like the opportunity to appraise my fellow Councillors at the earliest opportunity. I would also like to thank my fellow Councillors Bannell, Hurst, and White for their constructive support to these meetings.

To determine the next steps, we have now commenced legal enquiries to inform our stance and options. This will be funded by budgeted funds allotted to the Barn project.

We are optimistic that a way forward is possible that circumvents the uncertainty and lengthy delays associated with seeking funding through grants or public investment while not placing this Council at financial risk. Some grants will still be pursued where available to fund some of the fitting out of any new facility. We therefore will be putting grant activity on hold, along with the preparations for a public survey. Full public engagement will still be undertaken as the project moves forwards.

Due to the commercial sensitivities associated with the draft concepts considered during the exploratory meetings I request the Clerk to call an extraordinary meeting so that all Councillors can be presented with the full details as we understand them. Hopefully, we will have the initial legal advice to consider at the same time and will be able to determine our next steps for this ambitious project.

Cllrs Hurst and Williams confirmed that whilst legal advice was being sought, the grant applications had been paused on the basis the project could be fully funded. Members requested that the email setting out the points for legal advice be circulated.


Members received the draft minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on 5 May 2022. The next meeting will be on 31st May.


The draft minutes of the South Lane Meadow Trustees held on 3 May 2022 were not available.

Report from the Trustees on proposals for a future working relationship between the Parish Council and South Lane Meadow Trustees (SLMT).

Cllr Hurst reported that the Working Group had reported on its recommendations. Two members of the working group representing South Lane Meadow Trust were present. Cllr Hurst reported there had been mixed views, and a decision was made that the Working Group reconsider the options. The Chair as a member of the Working Group confirmed that the recommendation had been for Trustees to continue to have an input in the management of SLM as a Working Group. It would be easier to widen the remit and input of a Working Group, rather than a Charity and its Trustees. There was also an issue of transparency in that public funds were being used to fund the management of SLM.

The date of the next meeting of SLMT was 2 August 2022.


Members received a report on progress towards the agreement of draft transfer documentation.

Cllr Bannell reported that following the informal meeting of Council Members, the comments on the proposed transfer document had been formulated and submitted the Council’s legal representative. Unfortunately, there had been a delay communicating these BDW’s legal representative which had been followed up in the strongest terms.

In the meantime, the maintenance programme carried out by Kestrel is now underway.


Members received an update on the arrangements for the Jubilee celebrations in Clanfield. Clanfield Community Festival will be held on the open space behind The Clanfield Centre on Sunday 5 June 2022.

The income raised to date was £3,000. This would be used to fund the day and any residual budget used for the Public Art Project later in the year.

  • Community Avenue - 14 community organisations are providing a visible presence at the event –
  • Commercial Promenade - 20 commercial stalls charged at £12 per pitch.
  • Avenue de Saviour – a wide range of food and refreshments is organised.
  • Various activities including tug of war, and egg and spoon race etc.
  • A full entertainment programme with a DJ and singers
  • Clanfield Junior School are involved during the day
  • A Fire Engine will be parked in the main car park.
  • A risk assessment has been completed
  • It is anticipated Southwest Ambulance Paramedics will provide a First Aid cover
  • Banners were being put up around the Village
  • 5,000 leaflets had been printed and circulated with the local directory
  • The date of the next planning meeting was Thursday 12 May at 7.15pm.
  • Cllr Bannell put out a request to Members for volunteers during the day to help with various roles.

It was recommended that the Parish Council identify allocate a budget in support of the Community Festival. It was RESOLVED to allocate up to £500 from the former Community Working Group budget.

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