Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 13th December 2022
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:35
  • Location: Blue Room, Clanfield Memorial Hall

Meeting minutes:

Apologies were received from Cllrs Margaret White and Peter Hurst . Apologies were also noted from District Cllrs Moon and Agate.
Cllr Foster declared a non-pecuniary interest relating to agenda item 12, minute reference 165/22 as he
is a member of the Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club.
The minutes of the Council meeting held on 8 November 2022 were agreed as correct and signed by
the Chair.
There were no members of the public present.
Cllr Williams reported that he had recently been a victim of crime. A catalytic converter was stolen from
his vehicle parked on his drive. Whilst the theft was reported to the Police via 999 and then 101 as he
had been advised to do, Cllr Williams considered opportunities to apprehend the culprits had been
missed, made worse by time taken to report the incident via the 101 service.
The following updates were reported:
a. The Chair and Cllr Foster had recently met with the Chair and Clerk of Grayshott Parish
Council (GPC). The purpose of the visit was to learn from a Parish Council that had won
Council of the Year at the recent HALC AGM and were also runner up for the best website.
Their website provider is the same one that is being considered by Clanfield PC. GPC have
an active Facebook page and a facility on their website where residents can register their
email address to receive regular updates and news. GPC also regularly use a page in a
monthly business publication.
b. The Chair had met the editor of Clanfield Online to discuss merging the community
information on their website with the Parish Council’s.
c. The Ranger role will be re-advertised in the New Year. The job title will change to General
Maintenance Officer. The new Digital & Projects Officer will also be advertised.

District Cllrs Moon and Agate’s written report had been previously circulated. County Cllr Mocatta’ s
report had also been previously circulated. He reported that information was available on the County
Council website on the support available with the cost of living for families under Connect4communities.
Cllrs asked if there were any fliers or posters available to circulate. Cllr Mocatta would make enquires
and advised the County Council had recognised the challenge of communicating information to the right
people, across Hampshire.

He reported that Rob Humby, the leader of Hampshire County Council had called on the Government to
take urgent action to address the looming financial crisis facing upper tier local government over the next
few years.
Cllr Mocatta reported on a meeting that took place at the Council Office with the landowners of the land
to the East of Chalton Road. The idea of a permissive route was discussed and agreed, for walkers (and
cyclists), linking the paths North from Clanfield to the one south from the QECP. This area is fully within
the SDNP. The proposal had now been passed to County Council Officer to progress bids to fund the
project. However assuming the funding bid were successful, it would not be available for some time and
a temporary surface, led by the landowners could be feasible.
At the conclusion of the District & County Council reports, the Chair proposed, and Members
supported, to bring forward item 12 of the agenda.
Members considered a request and associated plans from Clanfield Bowls and Sports Club to
extend the eastern elevation of the building. Karen Eaton explained why the extension was required
and advised the Club were seeking approval from the Parish Council, as Landlord, to proceed with
the project. There had been no discussions had taken place with EHDC and funding would be
required to fund the build.
Members enquired:
• Whether the plant room would be moved. Karen Eaton confirmed there were no plans to
move the plant room.
• How far the extension would extend beyond the existing footprint. Karen Eaton confirmed it
would extend by 2 slabs beyond the existing footprint.
Members RESOLVED to support the proposal in principle subject to funding and planning
permission, subject to the following conditions:
a. That the Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club would meet the Parish Council’s legal costs incurred
to amend the Lease.
b. That the Parish Council was unlikely to provide any financial support for the build, on the
basis that the Bowls & Sports Club already benefit financially from the Parish Council.

160/22 BUDGET & PRECEPT 2023-24
Cllr Foster Vice Chairman the Finance & General Purposes Committee presented the proposed
budget for 2023/24 totalling £226,059.00. To keep the precept below inflation it was proposed that
the Council allocate £27,000 from its General Reserves in addition to other anticipated income. Cllr
Foster highlighted
I. Members RESOLVED to approve a budget of £226,059 for 2023/24
II. Members RESOLVED to approve a precept of £194,000 for 2023/24
III. Members RESOLVED to spend £27,000 from General Reserves in 2023/24 to keep the
precept below inflation.

a. Members received the draft minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee held on 22
November 2022 and it was RESOLVED to approve the following recommendations:
I. The new pay scales for 2022/23 that would be back dated to 1 April 2022 and
alterations to holiday allowance that would take effect from 1 April 2023.
II. Subject to a review of banking groups by the Finance & General Purposes Committee, and
the addition of a paragraph stating that any Council debts will be met before investments are
made, the Council’s Investment Strategy 2023 was approved.

b. Members considered and signed the income and expenditure report as at 30 November 2022.
c. Members approved and signed the Bank Reconciliation and trial balance as at 30 November
2022. The supporting bank statements were made available.
d. Members noted the list of payments made between 1 - 30 November 2022 totaling £19,293.52
e. A list of payments to be made totaling £4,176.35 were approved.

f. Members considered a grant application from Victim Support and RESOLVED to approve a grant
of £150 towards the cost of purchasing security equipment. Members requested that grant applicants
are asked to attend Council meetings.

It was RESOLVED to approve the meeting schedule for 2023.
The Chair summarised the actions agreed at the last meeting.
The public consultation had been progressed; an initial meeting took place on 9 December and a
framework on public consultation had been discussed. It was proposed it would be used to guide the
Barn consultation. It was also proposed that the consultation is used as an opportunity to ask additional
questions on Parish Council Services.
The Chair advised David Nesbit would be formally engaged in the New Year.
Cllr Clarke enquired whether the membership of the group could be expanded to include Cllr D’este
Hoare who had previously started work on a questionnaire. The membership of the group would be
reviewed at its next meeting on 20 January 2023.
Members received the draft minutes of the Property Management Committee held on 16 November
2022. Cllr Williams, Chair of the Property Management Committee reported there was a possible leak or
a faulty water meter for Allotment Site B. Castle Water had been contacted and Portsmouth Water would
be inspecting the meter to ascertain where the problem is. The Clerk advised she had not been advised
if Portsmouth Water had inspected the Water Meter but would follow up with Castle Water.
The following recommendations and updates were reported.
The Clanfield Centre - Additional Fees
I. Members received draft plans to extend the Clanfield Centre and RESOLVED to approve
additional fees of £600 to obtain estimated costings of the extension.
The Clanfield Centre - Guttering
II. Members receive a report from Vail Williams on the failure of the guttering at The Clanfield
Centre. The Clerk updated Members on the advice received from the Council’s insurance
brokers on the next steps. Vail Williams would be instructed to prepare a specification for the
replacement guttering for quotations. Vail Williams would project manage the whole process.
An inspection of the fixings of the remaining guttering would be treated as a latent defect.
It was noted the wording on P10 of the report “If this assumption is incorrect” should read “If
this assumption is correct” and should be corrected.
The Clanfield Centre - Foul Drainage
Cllr Woodroof highlighted the problems with the toilets blocking at the Clanfield Centre
especially considering the proposed extension does not include additional facilities.
It was agreed that following repeated reports from our Tenants of the Centre about blocked
foul drains, the Council would instruct Vail Williams to provide a report on whether there is an
inherent drainage defect (which plumbers acting for the Tenants have suggested) or whether
the problems which they are experiencing are user issues.
Transfer of Football Pitches
III. Members received a report updating Members on the current position of the transfer
document of the junior football pitches. It was RESOLVED that the Council would accept
Clause 16.1.1, (that also appears in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 transfers) and that the transfer
is now agreed and that copies be issued for signature at a later date, when all outstanding
works and inspections by the relevant parties are completed and the Breach of Condition
Notice lifted.

Defibrillator Project, Chalton
IV. Cllr Williams advised that the defibrillator project for Chalton would cost £2,560. Grants of
£2,000 had been agreed leaving a shortfall of £560. Cllr Williams proposed that the Parish
Council meet the funding shortfall. After a brief discussion it was RESOLVED that the
Council would meet the funding shortfall of £560 for the defibrillator project in Chalton.

Members received the draft minutes of the Committee meeting held on 28 November and
the following updates were considered.
Communications Strategy
Cllr Coffre, Chair of the Committee, advised that Cllr Harris had shared a draft
Communications Strategy with the Committee.
The Chair advised this document would continue to be refined and would be reported to
Council at the January or February meeting for approval.
Facebook page
As part of Communications Strategy, it has been determined by the Committee that the
provision of a Facebook site was a priority action to improve communication with the
residents of Clanfield and Chalton. However a framework on access arrangements still
needed to be confirmed.
Website Review
All Members of the committee agreed to move forward with the proposal
ask 3 suppliers to quote for implementation and hosting of a new website based on the
broad requirements set out in the Communications Strategy.
Green Audit Report
The Green Audit Report had been shared with Members. The response rate (8%) had been
disappointing but Cllr Coffre considered the report provided an important snapshot and that a
working group of the Committee would be meeting to consider the next steps.


a. Members noted the minutes of the Planning Committee held on 2 November 2022.
b. Member noted presentation slides from East Hants District Council’s briefing on the
Local Plan held on 15 November.

a. Members received a report on proposed changes to the Agreement for Lease and Lease
with Clanfield Cricket Club. The Council’s comments on the proposed changes had been
feedback to the Council’s Solicitor on 18 November. It was agreed that Cllr Patterson would
liaise with the Clerk on the legal issues raised.
b. Cllr Foster advised a letter instructing Cowans would need to be followed up.

The next Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 10 January 2023 at 7.00 pm in the Blue
Room, Clanfield Memorial Hall.

The meeting was closed at 9.35pm

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