Finance and General Purposes Committee minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 12th May 2021
  • Duration: 19:00 - 20:05
  • Location: Parish Office

Meeting minutes:

FGP1/21To receive Apologies for Absence.

Apologies were received from Cllr B. Foster

FGP2/21To receive Declarations of Interest

No interests were declared

FGP3/21To elect a Committee Vice Chairman

It was RESOLVED that Cllr Coffre be appointed as Vice Chairman for the coming year

FGP4/21To consider the Financial Statement Year End 2020/21

The financial statement had been circulated at the full Council meeting in April and was duly accepted, since then the clerk had made a slight adjustment to the internal figures – this had no effect on the totals. It was considered that the Peel Park unspent funds should be accrued. The £25,000 precept for The Clanfield Centre support would be paid monthly in advance

FGP5/21To review the Precept 2021 – 2022

VAT – the VAT for 2020/21 had been received and was included in the total figures.

When considering budgets it was considered that the VAT should be considered as a spend against the precept – the clerk was in the process of clarifying this with the internal auditor. Some of the Council budgets needed to be more itemized i.e. bin emptying – this should be shown as a separated amount. With regards to the bin emptying contract enquiries would be made to EHDC as to who is currently contracted to empty the EHDC bins and how many bins are actually CPC’s responsibility

Centre Additional Costs The Parish office was licensed for one year after which discussions would need to be had with Community First as to whether it could be retained or other options considered. It was suggested that the Council engage with Community First around the end of this year

FGP6/21To consider the revised EHDC Code of Conduct (This needs to be agreed at this meeting for submission to the June full Council meeting)

A revised Code of Conduct had been submitted by EHDC which was duly considered by the committee who would recommend that the full Council adopt the EHDC Code of Conduct, the seven principles of public life, at their June meeting. The South Lane Meadow Trustees did not have anything on their agenda regarding the Code of Conduct and it was considered that the Trustees should also subscribe, although it was stated that the Trustees do declare an interest in an item they are involved with

FGP7/21To review the Clanfield Parish Council Standing Orders (October 2019)

(Review Sections 1 – 3 at this meeting)

The members reviewed the Standing Orders and suggested changes were duly made – covering sections 1 – 3. Further sections would be reviewed at the next meeting in the meantime the Chairman would make draft changes as discussed. The clerk would circulate a protocol document which refers to recording the meetings etc.

FGP8/21To review the Community Infrastructure Levy (Cil) – any progress on spend

It was considered that monies already received were not time restricted with regards to expenditure; however the funds did have to comply with EHDC guidelines for spending. With regards to future monies there was a new EHDC protocol which referred to future developments. It was stated that s106 funds are time limited and must be spent. Earmarked projects to date included fencing of the sports pitches; wildflower planting, bee hives and the possibility of resurfacing the South lane Meadow car park. It was considered that Cllr Foster should be tasked with reviewing the CIL commitments including the car park proposals within the proposed budget and report back to the July committee meetings. A question arose regarding whether the play area at Down Farm Park needs to be fenced as there was a question as to whether dogs could be kept out

FGP9/21Risk Assessment – Final (Review Date March 2021)

To be reviewed at the July Meeting. Members were asked to look through the Risk Assessments and suggest any changes before the Committee discuss and review at the July meeting
Initial thoughts were: additional risk at The Centre for next 12 months with an indemnity for anything going wrong with the kitchen equipment; a new regime at the Centre; risk assessment of the occupation of the parish office area. The above should include firm rules regarding dealing with the public in particular younger people.

FGP10/21Any Other Business

Down Farm Park pitches and fences to be discussed

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