Property management committee minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 26th May 2021
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:17
  • Location: Parish Office

Meeting minutes:


The terms of reference were agreed by all councillors with the following additions:

Under the section ‘The PMC shall also:

  • Consider and decide upon applications from tenants and licensees for consent under the terms of their leases or licences in respect of minor works and alterations to the properties concerned and respond on behalf of the Council in accordance with the terms of any relevant lease or licence.
  • Ensure that all matters related to property transactions are referred to the full Council for consideration and decision – e.g. a sale, purchase, lease, licence or any mortgage, charge or funding agreement.

Approval of the changes will be required at the next full Council meeting.


All Councillors were in attendance.


Cllr. Woodroof declared an interest with regards to being a tree warden; Cllr. Foster with regards to being a member of the Bowls Club. All of the declared interests were nonpecuniary.


The Chairman called for nominations for Vice Chairman. Cllr. D’este Hoare was proposed and seconded and it was duly RESOLVED that he be elected as Vice Chairman for the coming year.


Councillors volunteered to lead on the following responsibilities:

Ground maintenance - Cllr. Foster/Cllr. D’este Hoare
Byelaws - Cllr. Harris
Allotments - Cllr. Harris/Assistant Clerk
Tree warden - Cllr. Woodroof
Open spaces - Cllr. Bannell
Licensing/tenancies - Cllr. Williams/Cllr. Bannell
Sport clubs liaison - Cllr. Harris

6/21OPEN FORUM 7.12 p.m.

Amend future Agendas to read 10 minutes for public participation, in line with the full council meeting.

A member of the public asked two questions:

1) With regards to the maintenance of the open spaces who looks after the grass verges outside the wooden bollards along Columbine Way? Cllr. Bannell confirmed this is currently Barratt’s responsibility. When the roads are adopted HCC will become responsible.

2) Signage for the Bowls Club car park easy to miss when the gate is open. Can there be better signage instructing visitors to the open spaces to use the available car park. This will help reduce parking congestion in nearby roads. Highways could be contacted with regards to putting a suitable parking sign on a lamppost near the road junction, making it clearly visible.

Councillors agreed it would be appropriate to discuss the car park agenda item 12(a) now.

A discussion was held by councillors with regards to the car park being open at all times. However, this increases the risk of traveller encampment for which the Council has to incur significant costs. Could some restrictions be put in place while still meeting planning conditions for the car park? The member of the public suggested that residents who live nearby may be willing to assist in the locking/unlocking of the car park. New signage would be needed to reflect the open/close times. Cllr. Foster proposed time restrictions to be put on the car park with assistance from local residents. Suggested timings for the car park is opening at 8am and closing at dusk. The member of the public will confirm by email if there is support from local residents to assist with the open/close of the car park.

Cllr. Bannell advised there will be further reconstruction works by Barratt David Wilson on the football pitches; while underway contractor’s vehicles may impact on parking in nearby roads.


Matters arising

Excessive grass growth is occurring between cutting sessions making it difficult to cut with the available machinery. This has been due to the recent wet weather combined with the reduction in the number of cuts governed by the allocated budget. The number of cuts will need to be increased to keep the grass in a manageable condition. All Councillors were in agreement that the current 12 cuts to amenity grass will be increased to 16 from immediate effect (note this does not include meadow areas). The Assistant Clerk will advise the grass contractors. The extra funds will come from the property maintenance budget, and should this be depleted and there is need for essential works this will have to be referred back to the council to be funded out of reserves.

Frequency of weeding and hedge maintenance needs to be reviewed. The current schedule allows for 4 visits throughout the season. It was concluded that a meeting is needed ASAP with the grass contractor to discuss all matters. Assistant clerk will arrange.

2021/22 Schedule

The ground maintenance schedules will need to be monitored for future budgetary decisions.


Cllr. Harris confirmed this had previously been suspended since 2019 for various reasons. The first set of byelaws were drafted using the current government template. Dog control orders have since been superseded with PSPO’s (Public Space Protection Orders) which are written by the District Council and were agreed in January 2021. The PSPO’s provide clear rules around the control of dogs in open spaces and removal of dog waste. Cllr. Harris will be reviewing/updating the byelaws, publishing a timeline, and reviewing EHDC PSPO’s and how this will apply to Clanfield Parish Council. If agreed, the full byelaws could be summarised into bullet points to be used for signage. Signage will be needed for PSPOs.

Cllr. Harris to update at the next meeting.


Cllr. Harris reported that tenants have received an updated version of the ‘Allotment Rules and Regulations’ along with the new chicken policy that is now in place. A rent review will be taking place; tenants will be notified if there are any changes before the end of July. Vermin continues to be a problem in the allotments; tenants need to ensure all is being done to reduce the problem as much as possible. Clanfield Allotment Association is having their AGM on 7th June.


Cllr. Woodroof reported that she and two others volunteered to be tree wardens last year. They are awaiting the training that is required and will update members with this information as soon as it is received. As a council we have a public responsibility to ensure our trees are safe. Tree wardens can provide early warning of potential problems which can then be followed up with an arboriculturist. Cllr. Williams will circulate a link detailing a map which
highlights TPO’s.


Cllr. Bannell reported that the lease to Community First commenced last Tuesday 18th May. The property and the car park are now in possession by Community First. There are a number of outstanding issues which remain to be resolved by the council.

  • Cracks to the sports hall floor have reappeared, which will be pursued as a warranty
  • The plant control system for the heating continues to operate in an unsatisfactory
    way resulting in the unacceptable increase in energy costs;
  • The outside lights need replacement batteries but the units are obsolete, new units
    will be required which will cost up to £2,000. Community First have been advised
    that this will be deferred until later in the year.

Legionella testing has been completed and all okay. The outstanding roofing repairs have been completed.

Improvements need to be done to the screen between the storage and plant room, Community First will be doing this but the Council need to fund materials.

The Clanfield Centre will open sometime the beginning of June. The Parish office will open at the same time. It is proposed that the Parish Office will be open to the public 2 hours a day 5 days a week, subject to further agreement.


Matters related to car park

Majority of this item has been previously covered in 6/21.

The upper barrier to the Bowls Club car park has been modified and can now be secured at ground level. Keys are with Cllrs. Williams and Bannell with a third key to be provided to the Bowls Club. Members agreed the Bowls Club do not need a key to the bottom barrier should this be always open when the Bowls Club is in use.

Protection works – children’s play area and sports pitches

Cllr. Williams has received a request from the Football club asking the council to consider adjusting plans to the fence around the pitches at Down Farm Park, with an opportunity to
provide some grant funding towards the enhancements. After some discussion there were a number of issues highlighted. A fence more than 2 metres high will require planning; the one proposed by the council is lower and does not require planning. It has been established that the grant money available to the Parish Council is available for use now and does not have a time limit. The football club are unable to apply for any grant until the Parish Council own the land, which could be at least 12 months away. If we wait for football club funding before the fencing goes up, the land will be open to all, and risk damage to the pitches

The Football Club want to incorporate storage for goal posts, the East end of the pitches was proposed as a possible practical solution.

The current Heras fencing supplied by Barratt’s will only stay until handover, our fencing needs to be up and ready and in sync with when the Heras fencing comes down.

One metre high post and rail fence with wire mesh from the middle rail downwards is currently what the Parish Council has costed and approved. What we put up could be incorporated with what the Football Club want to do as a later enhancement.

The Football Club will be invited to have a meeting with the council.

The children’s play area fencing project is planned to go ahead later in the year when it is suitable for hedge planting. Any issues with dogs near the play area will be monitored.


To consider the licence renewal for Canfield Football Club

The Football Club licence expires at the end of May with the store room licence expiring at the end of June. It was agreed with the Football club last year that the new licence would commence from 1 July. The Football club will need to be notified ASAP. It was agreed that due to the Pandemic the club has not had the expected use of the facilities. Therefore, there would be no increase in fee for the coming year. An email will be sent to the Football Club, stating their lease will be renewed under existing terms and adjustment based on RPI will be considered in future years. Any conditions over the last year which have not been met will also be addressed.

Cllr. Bannell reminded members that we have promised the Bowls Club we will restrict the pitches at Down Farm Park to junior football only. Any licence granted for the pitches at Down Farm Park will need to include this restriction.


Clanfield Cricket Club – Arrangement relating to their proposed construction of a pavilion

Cllr. Harris confirmed this is ongoing with solicitors and an update will be provided in the July meeting.

Car park matters

Cllr. Bannell will be getting a figure back to civil engineers for funding that will be available for the car park. This is dependent on other projects.

Protection works – dogs

There has been a notification from the public about dogs escaping from South Lane Meadow/Sunderton Meadow. The public need to take responsibility for their own dogs but the situation will be monitored.


Cllr. Bannell reported the Wildflower planting will be going ahead, there will be public participation for weeding during the summer. Once funds are in place there will be a press release about the project.


Cllr. Bannell confirmed that the siting of any benches will be co-ordinated by the Property Management Committee. A discussion was held about what would need to be included in the bench policy. The following will need to be taken into account; the type of bench, who is responsible for maintaining/renewing, will a deposit be required and who will install the bench. Cllr. Bannell will write a draft policy for the next meeting.

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