Property management committee minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 7th July 2021
  • Duration: 19:00 - 19:58
  • Location: Parish Office

Meeting minutes:


Apologies received from Cllr. Woodroof and Cllr. D’este Hoare


Cllr. Foster declared an interest with regards to being a member of the Bowls Club. All of the declared interests were non-pecuniary.


The minutes were agreed and signed accordingly.

Cllr. Bannell referred to minute reference 13/21 and confirmed an email was not sent to the Football Club as the terms of the licence have to be negotiated annually.

Cllr. Bannell also confirmed wildflower planting at Sunderton Meadow will now be deferred.


No members of the public were present.


Playgrounds and equipment

Cllr. Bannell will be taking on the role for open spaces which will include playgrounds and equipment for the current year.


Consider using a potential new service to assist with weed control

Councillors agreed that this will be done on a 3 month trial basis, starting with the flower beds bordering Billberry Avenue at St James Place. Cllr. Foster will make contact with the Project Planning Co-ordinator.

Rubbish Bin Collections

The contract renewal date was not available, this matter will be discussed at the next PMC meeting.

Update on ground maintenance contract

Cllr. Foster reported on the two site meetings with the Ground Maintenance Contractors (RP):

1) Clarification is required on their responsible areas at Down Farm Park.

2) New tree planting should be spaced to allow access for equipment. The planting being proposed by the Community Working Group (CWG) will have the grass removed and the ground protected with mulch; this will have no requirement for grass cutting.

3) There are safety issues regarding cutting the Green at Chalton. The contractor is to use a banksman. Plans to plant this area with wildflowers will reduce the cutting to twice a year.

4) Widening the access into Storrington Road green space was considered, but due to the complexity of adjacent land ownership this was dismissed. The damaged drop down post was discussed and it was decided that quotes would be obtained for both a replacement post and alternatively a 5 bar gate with pedestrian access.

5) CPC requested RP to quote for removing 46 dead trees and make good. This is in progress.

6) CPC raised the problem of suppressing weed growth in new hedgerows. Cllr. Foster volunteered to strim around trees where necessary.

7) RP proposed to test a weed pipe on a sample to test effectiveness. RP will be advised not to go ahead with any weed control.

8) Frequency of meetings with RP agreed as 6 monthly, except for urgent needs. Cllr. Bannell reported that volunteers have been pulling up ragwort at Down Farm Park and there is currently a large pile that will need to be disposed of. The only option for this is to burn the pile, but can only be done when it has dried out. The area will need to be made secure by protective fencing.

The shrub bed next to the play area at St James Place is heavily overgrown with weeds. Councillors agreed that any good plants in the bed will moved elsewhere on site; the shrub bed will be returned to grass and cut accordingly.

A letter has been sent to the resident who has planted conifers on Parish Land requiring their removal. Members discussed the broader implications and decided this cannot be allowed as it sets a precedent for others to do the same. Other instances of trespass will have to be responded to as a possession title can be claimed after 10 years if left unchallenged.

In accordance with their contract RP will be asked to provide insurance documents and DBS checks for their employees.


Cllr. Harris reported the following:

The new bylaws draft has been reviewed and has undergone some minor revisions and posted to the shared drive for review by Councillors.

The process to enact the bylaw is also updated into a proposal proposed timeline which should be agreed by full Council.

Dog control is now implemented through a PSPO (Public Space Protection Order). This is the responsibility of the District Council and the ability for a Parish Council to create or amend dog control orders has been withdrawn. The PSPO makes no provision for areas where dogs must be on leads or can run free. The final order will cover land owned by CPC. There is provision to ban dogs from fenced and gated recreation and play areas. However, there is currently no provision in the PSPO to enforce areas where dogs must be on a lead except cemeteries or where instructed by an ‘authorised officer’.

Cllr. Harris recommended that we lobby EHDC in alignment with other PSPOs using the Red/Amber/Green strategy.

Any policy will need to go to full Council, Cllr. Harris will provide an update at the next meeting.


To consider maintenance of the shared storage building and sheds on Site A

Cllr. Harris reported that the painting and maintenance is the council’s responsibility. The Allotment Association have agreed to do the painting if we supply materials. We have been quoted £25 for a 5 litre tin. It is difficult to estimate the amount of paint required but recommend a limit of liability of £500. All councillors were in agreement.

Annual review of allotment rents

Total income from allotments at 100% usage is £2,027.50. Expenditure over the last year has been £4,643.14. Rents varied dependent on plot size but are tending to be higher than charged for other allotment sites. Cllr. Harris recommended the rents should be frozen for this year and that we consider a 10% increased for 2022/2023. All councillors were in agreement.


To consider actions to be taken following the recent ROSPA report

The assistant clerk confirmed the report had been sent to all members with the main details from ROSPA. No major concerns excepting the MUGA which requires attention. The frame is damaged and showing signs of corrosion with more damage happening as the railings are designed for basketball use and is not robust enough to endure footballs and such being kicked with force. It was agreed that warning signs that the facility is ‘subject to being withdrawn if abused’ are to be put up.


Cllr. Woodroof reported that the mapping of trees has started will provide an update at the next meeting.


Update of appointment of surveyors to advise on various matters

Cllr. Bannell reported that the surveyors have declined to act for the PC. Cllr. Bannell will ask if they would quote for only the cracks in the floor; another surveyor would need to be contracted if Boulter Mossman are unable to resource this.

A quote for £650 + VAT has been received for work needed to lower the tarmac outside the fire door as gravel has been causing issues with the safe opening of the doors. All Councillors were in agreement to go ahead and do the work as long as it is the responsibility of this Committee.

There is a security issue with the building as there are currently no signs banning access to the rear and sides of the building, or gates to the side footpaths which would enhance building security. Quotes for this work will enable funding options to be explored.

Maintenance or replacement of the external lighting needs to be done before the winter, Cllr. Williams will be pursuing this along with the works currently underway with the heating system controls.


Matters related to car park – signage and security

The barrier has been observed open and closed a number of times and appears to be working well. Southern electric will need to be given a key.

The sign that is currently on the main gate needs to be put on a pole so is more visible for all users. Members agreed that this work needs to be contracted.

Protection works – children’s play area and sport pitches

There is some concern about some of the neighbourhood CIL funding being taken back. The sports pitch fencing needs to be done. The next meeting will consider the need to fund putting a hedge or fence around the play area, as this money could be better applied on other eligible projects.


Update on the licence negotiations with Clanfield Football Club

Licence has been signed and received.


Update on legal advice relating to covenants – Clanfield Cricket Club proposals

The owner of the adjoining land, Sword Close, is Yarlington Housing Group (which is a community benefit society).

In the original conveyance from 11 September 1995, Clanfield Parish Council covenanted with Wilson Homes not to use the Trust Property for any purpose other than as public open space and not to erect any building on it.

A variation to the deed dated 20th September 2000 relaxed it such that it is permitted to build structures which are ancillary to the use of the land as a public open space provided that prior written consent is obtained from both Wilson Homes, Yarlington Housing Group, and East Hampshire District Council. This deed added East Hampshire District Council as a beneficiary of the covenant.

Therefore, there is no requirement to vary the covenant and merely seek the written consent of the above parties.

The Cricket Club has provided the following update:

  • The project is uncertain at the moment with (England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), Sports England, and District Councillor Moon is getting involved.
  • ECB require the project to meet certain criteria which increases the anticipated costs. Cllr. Moon suggested the Cricket Club approach Sports England to get matched funding from to build a brick pavilion with on-site services.
  • Sports England is not currently running any capital projects, concentrating on Covid recovery projects. No date is currently set for restarting.

Cllr. Harris will be attending an on-site meeting with the Cricket Club, ECB and the Hampshire Cricket Board on Tuesday 13th July to discuss.

Further legal work has been suspended until the way forwards has been agreed.

Car park matters

Need to know the sum of money required for the works needed to the car park before going any further.

Protection works – dogs

Nothing to report.


Wildflower sowing will not be going ahead this year. (Reported in minute PMC38/21).


To consider a request by members of the public to erect a gate to enclose the field.

Previously discussed in minute PMC41/21, item (4).


The draft Bench Policy was considered and it is proposed that this will to go to the full Council for approval. It will be circulated along with the Agenda.

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