Property management committee minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 15th September 2021
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:42
  • Location: Parish Office

Meeting minutes:


Apologies received from Cllr. Woodroof.


Cllr. Foster declared an interest with regards to being a member of the Bowls Club and Cllr. Bannell with regards to being a resident on Windmill View. All of the declared interests were non-pecuniary.


The minutes were agreed and signed accordingly.


Two members of the public were present.

The first item raised by a member of public was the lack of maintenance on the grass verges at the top of Whiteland Way and around the field behind the Clanfield Centre. Is it possible to have some organisation between all parties so the verges are maintained?

After a lengthy discussion, councillors confirmed the following:

None of the verges belong to Clanfield Parish Council (CPC). The hedge line surrounding the field is within Parish ownership but the concrete edging on the outside denotes the ownership boundary line.

It is understood that BDW Trading Limited (BDW) is still responsible for maintaining all grass verges.

Future ownership will be between HCC, The estate management company (Gateway), and BDW (still to be confirmed).

The PMC agreed to speak to HCC and BDW to find out their future plans.

A discussion was also had about the possibility of removing the hedge that surrounds the field. This would need to have planning implications and require both resident and Council approval.

Representation from Active Academy was made with regards to extending their licence for the tennis courts with CPC until the end of March 2022.

The current licence ends on 30th September, it was hoped this would then be renewed with Community First (CF). The current plan being negotiated is that CF will take over the tennis courts from 1st April 2022, therefore an interim licence with CPC is required to bridge the gap.

After lengthy discussions about the cost implications to CPC with regards to rates and maintenance, Active Academy were asked if they were prepared to pay more, they confirmed they would.

Councillors agreed in principal that a license would be granted with the possibility of a break clause for flexibility.


Peel Park

Peel Park is currently being used twice a week for personal training; they have been approached by the OSO (Open Spaces Officer) and have confirmed by email all their details.

Councillors agreed that the existing Lockdown Policy is to be adopted and used to manage those that want to use open spaces. This will then be agreed at full council.

There has been damage to the top of one of the skate ramps (possibly caused by fire), this required emergency repair which has now been completed and made safe.

Future maintenance will be required to the skate park; this is a heavily used area.


In the process of getting three quotes to replace the CCTV system, with a view that external funding will support this.

South Lane Meadow

The Trustees had a meeting on 17th August, the minutes have been circulated. A working party of Trustees have recently completed works around the newly planted trees to remove the weeds.

Down Farm Barn

The work has started on re-securing the fences that surround the Barn, this will be completed soon.

Currently waiting for quotes to make repairs to the roof.


Constant vandalism in the area of the MUGA, brick work has been repaired a number of times.

New signs have been installed on the framework of the MUGA. Photographs to be taken for insurance purposes.

Storrington Field

Two quotes have been received for a new gate and fence to replace the drop down post at the corner of the field. Quote A £920 + VAT, Quote B £830 + VAT. If we just replace the dropdown post Quote A £625 + VAT, Quote B £233 + VAT. Cllr Harris will speak to members of the public with regards to contributions towards the cost. A decision will be made at the next meeting.

Down Farm Park

Fence work completed at the top of Whiteland Way and dog fouling signs put up.


All renewals for both sites have been sent out.Pest control quote for both sites has been received from EHDC for £871.65 + VAT, this will cover monthly visits and treatment as and when it’s required. This will need to be built into the budget and reflected in rents for the allotments.


All signs that have the old Parish Council telephone number or email address will be replaced with a vinyl sticker with the new phone number. A quote has been received for 13 stickers at an approximated price of £60-70 + VAT.


Update on meeting of 18 August related to using a potential new service to assist with weed control

Waiting to hear about the availability of a community service user to help with weed control/litter picking.

To consider the current rubbish bin collection contract

The notice period required for our current bin contractor is 12 months, if we wish to retender the contract. Councillors agreed that this could be combined with the renewal of the ground maintenance contract and notice given in April 2022.

Update on ground maintenance contract

It was confirmed that members of the Council will meet with the ground's maintenance contractors once a year alongside the four meetings Emma and Katie will have with the contractors. If councillors wish to attend they may do so.


Nothing to report.


Update on maintenance of the shared storage building on Site A

Volunteers have agreed to paint the shared storage building on Site A, the materials have been provided.

Update on pest control contract

Covered under minute PMC40/21.

Pest control contract ongoing for Peel Park, regular reports received.

To agree date for meeting with Clanfield Allotment Association (CAA)

To be arranged with the Chair of CAA, date to be advised.


Report on the agreed works and costings (if available) following the RoSPA Report

A quote has been received to cover majority of the works required to the play equipment for £4,500 + VAT.

Cllr Bannell reported there are 3 main categories of work required.

  • Ground maintenance, such as tripping hazards, eroded grass etc.
  • General handyman jobs such as cable ties on top of swings.
  • Specialist contractor for work such as replace rotting timber posts and replace broken matting.

The quote received to replace the trail at South Lane Meadow is £14,300 + VAT. A great deal of the damage to wooden posts has been caused by strimming. Protective barriers can be placed on posts but RoSPA are unable to inspect if posts are covered up.

Playgrounds will be an annual cost to the budget.


It was reported that the training is becoming available virtually and a member of the working group is making excellent progress with the audit of our estate.


Update of appointment of surveyors to advise on various matters

Vail Williams has been appointed and an inspection will be made next Tuesday.

Update on plant control system

This was done in July and the contractor confirmed that a solution has been found and the problem fixed.

Report on outside lighting

Two of the luminaires are not working and the backup batteries are not available. The electrician will look at replacing the light fittings and when doing so will ensure we can get replacement bulbs. This work is in progress.

Update on works to lower tarmac clear of emergency exit doors

On 9th July a contractor was instructed to lower the tarmac to the back door, unfortunately this has not been done. They have now been asked to concentrate on the estimate for security fencing to block access to the rear of the building yet allowing emergency egress.

To consider security of the site and rear footpaths surrounding the Centre

This is in the hands of the contractor as stated above. Funding is to come from Community First.

Review of tenant adherence to lease conditions

Within the lease there is an onus on CF to look after the appearance of The Centre.

Representation needs to be made with Peter Hurst at the Finance meeting planned with CF in October.

To consider tennis court licence extension

Previously covered under minute PMC39/21.


Matters related to car park – signage and security

A new arrowed sign to be fixed to the side of the yellow barrier post on the upper eastern side facing down and above head height. The sign will read ‘Down Farm Park Visitors Car Park’. CPC logo to be added to the sign and the size required for the sign will be worked out.

Protection works – children’s play area and sport pitches

The decision was made at the full council meeting to not put a fence around the play area.

The football pitch has been seeded and the maintenance period will be 12 months. It is unlikely to be under CPC ownership until at least September next year. Our fencing will be put up around the pitch in November this year. Kestrel will reinstate the bund by the overflow car park after damaging it with their vehicles.

To consider drafting a weed control policy

Members were advised that herbicide will be needed on maintaining the football pitches and tennis courts. Weed killer will need to be applied once or twice a year to our footpaths, car parks etc. A total ban on herbicides is going to be impractical. A policy of minimal use will be needed so essential herbicide can be used. A suitable policy will be drafted and brought to the next meeting.

A volunteer working on St James Estate has asked to use weed killer. They will be advised that a policy will be in place soon on what can be used. A Working party of councillors will be formed to help in this area.


Consider disabled access to children’s’ play equipment

An estimate for wheelchair access to the play equipment will be sought and an application for CIL money to start the project.

To discuss renewal of bench

The bench close to the pavilion needs replacing. The clerk showed different examples of recycled (plastic) non-flammable benches. The prices range from £515 + VAT to £636 + VAT, and will be allocated in next year’s budget. Councillors preferred the look of the cheaper option and fixed to a concrete base.

CCTV System

Previously reported under minute PMC40/21.

Boiler upgrade

Cllr Williams reported the replacement of the boiler will be done in two stages and is awaiting quotes. The boiler will be moved into the proposed plant room. The price for the initial phase should fit within the available budget for works to the boiler. The second phase which involves replacement of the hot water supply to the changing rooms will need to be funded separately.

Pavilion Legionella controls

A discussion was held on whether we install manual gages or something more automated and easier to use. To be updated at the next meeting.

To agree date for meeting with Clanfield Football club

The Clerk will arrange a meeting with the football club in October.


Update on Clanfield Cricket Club

Nothing new to report, Legal's are in process, Cllr Harris to update at the next meeting.


Nothing new to report


To consider costings to erect a gate to enclose the field

Previously covered under minute PMC40/21.


The council must plan for future issues or facilities in the future will deteriorate.

There is a draft spreadsheet of budget and spend to date in the shared OneDrive for all councillors to access.

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