Property management committee minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 15th December 2021
  • Duration: 18:30 - 20:58
  • Location: Parish Office

Meeting minutes:


Apologies received from Cllr. Harris.


Cllr. Foster declared an interest with regards to being a member of the Bowls Club. All declared interests were non-pecuniary.


The minutes were agreed and signed accordingly.


There were no members of the public present.


Peel Park

It was reported that the inside of a damaged bin was replaced by EHDC at no cost.

A quote has been received for £110 + VAT to replace a damaged post and rail to the knee high fence that surrounds the car park. It is possible that one other post needs replacing, this will be confirmed.

A quote for £599.46 + VAT has been received to remove the moss from the play area at Peel Park and South Lane Meadow. Waiting for a comparison quote.

The main gate to the car park has been damaged and awaiting for a quote to repair. Councillors discussed the option to open both the gates to prevent further damage in the future. All were in agreement. The gate will be looked at to check it can be left open securely.

Post meeting note: The noticeboard was inspected and found to be beyond repair. As there is no requirement of the Council to maintain a noticeboard at this location it has been removed from site and disposed of.

Peel Park Pavilion

The fire alarm maintenance has been carried out and reported all okay.

South Lane Meadow

The Cricket Club are replacing the notice board at South Lane Meadow.


The fence surrounding the pond has been repaired and replaced where necessary.

Down Farm Barn

Contractors are being chased for quotations to repair the roof to the barn.

Chalton Green

The bollards that had been knocked over have now been re-instated.


Nothing new to report.

Storrington Field

Work on the new gate has started.

Down Farm Park

A quotation for £365 + VAT has been received for 4 dragon‟s teeth required to the northern side of the Bowls Club to protect that area of open space. Awaiting other quotations for comparison.

Tennis Courts/Endal Way

The maintenance work required on the tennis courts has been completed.


All money has been received for the renewals on the allotments with two new tenants taking over vacant plots. Pest control is now attending weekly under the new contract, which appears to be keeping vermin under control. The water supply to both sites has now been turned off. Cllr. Bannell informed the committee that there is no meter on site B and this is being chased through Portsmouth Water.


Three "no dog‟ signs have been put up on the fence/gates which surround the new football pitches. The new sign to the entrance of the car park next to Bowls Club has also been put up.


Update on grounds maintenance contract review

Mr Paliotta from RP had been invited to the meeting and was in attendance.

A new Grounds Maintenance Schedule has been circulated and the revisions were highlighted to Mr Paliotta. After lengthy discussion some areas needed to be updated and a new schedule will be sent out accordingly.

Cllr. Bannell provided a plan for Mr Paliotta to work from for grounds maintenance at Down Farm Park.

Mr Paliotta asked if allowances are going to be made if extra cuts are needed. The committee assured Mr Paliotta that support will be given where necessary.

To review a calendar of important dates and tasks for the Property Management Committee to consider during the forthcoming year.

The Committee reviewed the dates and tasks coming up and agreed to adopt its part.


Nothing to report.


Application for a Memorial bench

After some discussion the committee agreed to the bench in principle but the location will need to be checked. There was some concern that the bench maybe too close to the road and was there the possibility to move the bench further north. The area will also need to be checked to ensure our grass cutters are not impacted.


Update on meeting with Allotment Association

Notes from the meeting with the Allotment Association had been circulated. It was discussed that a risk assessment for the allotment sites would need to be done.

Cllr. D‟este Hoare reported that the surplus mulch left at the top of Whiteland Way near the new tree area still needs to be moved. The grounds maintenance contractor will be asked if it can be moved to a more secure area.

Update on pest control

Reported in minute PMC76/21.


Cllr. Bannell reported that the likely yearly costs for playgrounds will be approximately £3,500 and this needs to be precepted for.

A quote has been received for £1,250 + VAT to replace four wooden struts on the trim trail at South Lane Meadow. After some discussion it was decided that a second quote would be required.


Cllr. Woodroof reported that she is currently in conversation with Treezilla and Pear Technology about the potential for exporting data about trees onto maps of Parish Council owned land. Pear Technology have equipment to hire out to map trees but this would mean duplicating work already done by the Tree Wardens and would incur additional costs.

Havant Tree Wardens record notable, veteran and ancient trees in the Borough, this provides a grid reference and a link to the Woodland Trust website for those interested, to explore. This may be something to consider by using a link to Treezilla.

Cllr. Bannell has forwarded all maps etc., associated with Down Farm Park to the Tree Wardens. It is anticipated that the Tree Wardens will start surveying/mapping the Down Farm Park area in spring 2022 when trees are easier to identify.

Tree Warden training is ongoing.

Cllr. Woodroof attended a Tree Council online training session “Tree Wardens and Schools: Working together to be a Force for Nature”. Whilst not yet ready to go into the local schools or to have identified if any of the local schools are already working with the Tree Council this is an aspect of Tree Warden work worth considering for the future, with approval from the PMC/CPC and the schools themselves.

The Clerk recommended that a link needs to be established between the Community Working Group and Property Management so that all projects are budgeted and planned for. Cllr. Coffre will attend a future meeting as and when required to provide this information.


Update on outside lighting

Cllr. Williams reported that the contractor is due to try the first light replacement. This is in hand and findings will be fed back to the committee.

Update on the control management system

The system is not completely working and it has been reported that the main hall is cold in the morning. The contractor is contacting the designer of the system for more work to be done. Cllr. Bannell reported that the surveyors have been instructed today to take up the warranty with Barrett‟s.


To consider the establishment of a pathway from the overflow car park to the new sports pitches.

It was agreed that a Hampshire „level 4‟ footpath would need to run from the overflow car park to the new pitches. The path will need to run close to the roadside to avoid the steep bank. The office will obtain quotes.

To note a request from Clanfield Football Club for a storage facility and additional fencing (subject to Council approval and Planning Permission) on the new sports pitches

The committee noted the above.

Bilberry Avenue – additional bollards to restrict vehicular access to land

A quotation has been received for £365 + VAT to install 4 dragons‟ teeth on the east side of Bilberry Avenue to protect the open space. All councillors were in favour of the work going ahead.


To receive the notes of a meeting with Clanfield Football club held on 15 October and consider the issues raised therein

i. To consider the option to lease the Pavilion to Clanfield Football Club.
After some discussion the committee decided that more negotiations would be needed and full terms detailed. The Committee agreed to enter into discussions but there would be no commitment at this time.

ii. To note a request from Clanfield Football Club to consider additional storage at Peel Park (subject to Council approval and Planning Permission).
The Committee agreed to look at the proposal but recommend it to be closer to the pavilion.

To receive an update on heating system works and possible grant funding.

Phase 1 of the heating system replacement is under contract and works are scheduled for 12 January 2022. Part of the storage shelves in the new plant room will need removal to clear space for the new boiler. Cllr. Williams will attend site during the works to make any necessary changes. Phase 2, which involves replacing the existing calorifiers (integrated hot water storage with independent heating) that provide hot water to the changing rooms is being reviewed in the light of national initiatives to reducing carbon emissions. Objective specification will be to support the replacement calorifiers with a solar water heating system. This will provide hot water whenever conditions are suitable, and the calorifiers fall back to direct heating (gas or electric based on cost) to maintain supply.

Phase 2 should also be fitted for, but not with, waste water heat recovery system. The majority of the heat used to produce hot water is lost with the waste water, and new technology is now available to recover some of that lost heat. It is likely that this additional work would be carried out when other building modifications are underway, and the necessary excavation and plant equipment is already on-site.

Discussions were held regarding the merit of both ground-source and air-source heating. Ground-source was not considered viable as it is best suited for new-build construction. Air-source maybe viable, to reduce the demand on gas fired heating, but the through-life costs of statutory inspections, maintenance, and repair/replacement must not be overlooked. In both cases the heat output is not sufficient on its own unless the building has been constructed with high efficiency insulation.


To consider draft terms for the lease with Clanfield Cricket Club

After discussion it was decided that more information will be needed to move the lease forward. It was proposed that Cllr. Harris draft the Heads of Terms for the lease with assistance from Cllr. Bannell and the Clerk.

Update on proposal for car park improvements

Cllr. Bannell reported that a quote for fees has been received from Cowan Consultancy for £2,800. The window for CIL applications was expected to open in January and close in February; Cllr. Bannell will be moving this forward and will report back to the committee with updates.


Nothing new to report


Update on installation of the gate

Reported in minute PMC76/21.


To receive a report on flooring repairs being undertaken by the developer within two of the changing rooms at the Sports Pavilion at Down Farm Park (Bowls Club).

Cllr. Bannell reported that the floor in both changing rooms had to be dug up due to dampness. The floor covering had been laid incorrectly; the damp proof membrane is insufficient and was leaking. An investigation by Barrett‟s is being carried out to find out where the water is coming from.

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