Finance and General Purposes Committee Minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 23rd March 2022
  • Duration: 18:30 - 20:30
  • Location: The Council Office, The Clanfield Centre

Meeting minutes:

FGP12/22 To receive Apologies for Absence 

Apologies were received from Cllr L. Coffre. 

FGP13/22 Declarations of Interest 

No interests were declared. 

FGP14/22 Minutes of the previous meeting 

The minutes of the meeting held on 19 January 2022 were reviewed. Subject to the amendment of spelling mistakes on page 2 & 3 the minutes were approved as a correct record and were signed by the Chairman. 

FGP15/22 Review of Income & Expenditure 

(a) Members reviewed an income against expenditure report dated 16 March 2022. 

The net income over expenditure that included the expenditure from Earmarked Reserves (totalling £11,952) was £37,699. However, this did not take account the movement of budgets from the current year into the new EMR’s (refer to item b). 

(b) Members of the Committee approved Earmarked Reserve movements as follows: 

New EMR code and name 

Transfer/movement  to EMR 

Balance on 1 April 

322 Down Farm Barn 

3105 - £9,070 


323 Playground Replacement 

3106 - £5,000 


324 Tennis Court Resurfacing 


325 Election Costs 

1132- £1,000 


326 Peel Park Pavilion  



327 Peel Park Pavilion Phase 2 

3112 - £2,248 


328 Sports Pitch/Access  

(BDW contribution towards the cost  of the fencing at DFP)



(c) The Clerk reported that she had updated the Council’s Asset Register to include play equipment, benches, noticeboards, bus shelters etc. These items had been previously omitted. Where the purchase costs had been identified from the Council’s records these had been listed. However, where financial records could not be located the asset had been listed as a zero cost item. The net result of the review was that the Council’s Asset Value had increased by £255,383.49 from £1,113.00.00 to £1,368,383.49. This included the Council’s current in year asset purchases total of £9,953.49.


Asset Value 





Street Furniture 


Play Equipment 


Sports Surfaces 


Other surfaces 





Gates & Fences 








In year  Purchases 9,953.49 

The Clerk had sought advice from the Council’s internal auditor regarding re-stating the previous year’s asset value. He had advised that the asset value for year ending 31 March 2021 should be re-stated when the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) is completed. 

Members of the Committee agreed that the Asset Value for the year ending 31 March 2021 should be re-stated as £1,358,430. 

(d) Members of the Committee discussed other areas of likely expenditure from the present year’s budget. Professional fees totalling £7,450 had been approved at the February Council meeting and other fees were anticipated during the next financial year. Although some professional/legal work had not yet commenced, where work had begun it would be an accrual. 

Legal fees of £500 for the inclusion of the tennis courts in the existing Lease with CF

Architect fees of £4,700 to undertake feasibility and initial design work on a possible future extension to The Clanfield Centre. 

Legal fees of £750 to change the Council’s address on all its Title Deeds

Appointment of a qualified Surveyor at a cost of £750 to report on the rent to be paid by Clanfield Cricket Club at South Lane Meadow as required in provisions in the Title to the land and the Charities Act 2011.

Legal fees of £750 for the proposed Licence with Clanfield Football Club for the future use of the Sports Pitches at Down Farm Park (St James Place - Phase 3).

FGP16/22 IT Upgrade 

Members of the Committee had received the cost of purchasing two new laptops and set up from Cloudy IT. They had advised that the specification of the Council’s existing laptops and the PC did not meet the recommended specification to run office 365 efficiently. Further the year end shut down of the accounts via Teams cannot be facilitated on the PC as it does not have speakers or a camera. Member of the Committee approved the purchase of two new laptops for the office for £1,392. 

FGP17/22 Sports Pitches at Down Farm Park 

(a) The Clerk had prepared a schedule of annual works from the information that the Grounds Management Association had provided for the pitches for post handover care. There was a feeling that this may be an over-specification. There was also a discussion regarding the future use of the pitches in relation to the specification, whether pitches Clanfield Football Club would have sole use and if and the club would be willing to pay for the quality of the pitches provided or carry out some maintenance to a higher specification.  

It was agreed to get some figures for the 6-7 month period from September 2022 to 31 March 202 to the attached schedule and, to invite them to suggest an alternative schedule. 

FGP18/22 Fees & Charges 

The Clerk had listed the Council’s current fees & charges. The content also included activities where charges might be implemented but had not yet been determined. 

The Clerk had prepared a comparison of charges that other Parish Council’s charge for the use of their football pitches and associated changing rooms. It was evident that the current charges for the use of pitches at Peel Park are low and should be increased. It was recognised that the club carry out pitch enhancement works at Peel Park facilitated by a grant from the Hampshire FA and the proposed increase in fees reflected this. 

It was agreed to recommend to Council that: 

• The charges for football matches at Peel Park are increased and reflected in the new Licence; 

• That the Council adopt an annual charging structure for the use of its football pitches. 



Proposed Charge







It was also noted that the charges for the Funfair to use South Lane Meadow are low and it was agreed to recommend to the Trustees that they are reviewed at their next meeting. 

FGP19/22 N JC Pay Award 2021/22 

The Clerk left the meeting room. 

The National Association of Local Councils has been informed that the National Joint Council (NJC) for Local Government Services had agreed the new rates of pay applicable from 1 April 2021. 

Members of the Committee were asked to consider whether to implement the new rates and if applicable the Clerk be instructed to arrange for payment of back pay before the end of the financial year. 

Members of the Committee agreed to implement the new rates from 1 April 2021and the payment of back pay due to the Clerk and Assistant Clerk. 

It was noted that provision had also made for staff to request the payment of back pay from previous Local Council employees where applicable. To this effect Members agreed to arrange the payment of back pay due to the previous Clerk, Diane Duffy. 

The Clerk returned to the meeting room. 

FGP20/22 Staff Work Location Policy 

The Chairman of the Committee advised that the staff consultation period had concluded and there had been no representations received. Therefore, the Policy would take effect from the 1 April 2022. 

FGP11/22 Date of the next meeting 

The date of next meeting will be held on Wednesday 24 May 2022 at 6.30pm. 

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