Property management committee minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 16th February 2022
  • Duration: 18:30 - 21:21
  • Location: Parish Office

Meeting minutes:


There were no apologies for absence received.


There were no declarations of interest declared.


The minutes were agreed and signed accordingly.


There were no members of the public present.


Peel Park
Two quotes have been received to clear the moss in Peel Park and South Lane Meadow. A) £600 + VAT, b) £650 + VAT. All members were in agreement to accept quote A.

Damaged knee-rail and posts have been repaired.

Car park gate repaired and both sides are now able to be secured when open.

Waiting for quotes to repair the damaged field gate and the gate/archway to the pedestrian entrance at the play area.

Action Asst Clerk

Peel Park Pavilion
The Boiler has now been replaced.
The Kitchen will be painted, the shower heads de-scaled and the guttering will be cleared and repaired.

South Lane Meadow
The notice board has been replaced at the cost to the Cricket Club.
The Potholes in the car park have been repaired.
There has been fly tipping of 4 tyres; these will be removed in due course.

Sunderton Meadow
Nothing new to report.

The fence that surrounds the pond has been painted by the pond volunteers.

Down Farm Barn
Contractors are being chased for quotations to repair the roof to the barn.

Chalton Green
The Parish notice board is difficult to use, a replacement is planned for the next financial year. Cllr. Foster to see if a temporary repair is possible.
The footpath to the church is slippery when wet. Work to scour the chipping will reduce this risk.
There has been damage to parish land from a contractor’s vehicle which is currently doing electrical works in the Church. An option to secure the footpath from vehicle use is being considered; the installation of removable posts will allow continued access to the churchyard.

Action Cllr. Foster – Notice board
Action Cllrs. Bannell and Woodroof – To meet with Church Warden.

There has been further damage to the brick wall leading to the MUGA.

Storrington Field
Storrington gate has now been installed and completed.

Down Farm Park
Four dragon’s teeth have been installed to protect the land to the north side of the Bowls Club. An extra one has been fitted near the football pitch pathway.

The pathway behind the Bowls Club Pavilion is still awaiting repair.

A number of enquiries have been received with regards to the use of the new football pitches: will they be available for all or just the football club?
Nothing has been decided as the land is still owned by the developers and cannot be used until September. Conditions on the draft of transfer will be checked and a decision will be made accordingly. This land will be kept to a high standard and will need to remain that way.

Tennis Courts/Endal Way
Nothing new to report

A Risk assessment needs to be done on both allotment sites.
Water meter has been installed for Site-B.

Action Asst Clerk/Clerk

Nothing new to report


Update on grounds maintenance pricing.
All members were in agreement to accept the new pricing.
After some discussion it was decided by members to give notice on the current bin emptying contract and invite the present contractor to retender.


Cllr. Harris reported that dog control in Clanfield is the responsibility of EHDC. The old Dog Control Policies have been replaced by a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), which was finally approved and adopted by EHDC in November 2021.
The Parish Council has no power to create a PSPO and there is no provision to make dog control orders part of the new model bylaws.
The main provisions in the EHDC order are under the following headings:
Fouling of land by dogs and the removal of dog faeces
Dogs on lead by direction
Exclusion of dogs from fenced and gated play areas
Dogs on leads in council owned cemeteries.

Thus, it is an offence to not remove dog faeces from any public location. It is also a parish-wide regulation that dogs must be put onto a lead if requested by an authorised officer (clarification on who can be “authorised” is needed).
The EHDC PSPO is effective across all Clanfield parish-owned and other public land
EHDC is responsible for controlling and prosecuting offenders.
Dogs are banned from “gated play areas”; this can be applied to Peel Park in its entirety and the new football pitches at Down Farm Park. These will be added to the relevant schedule. The play areas at South Lane and next to The Clanfield Centre are already explicitly included.

The assumptions are to be confirmed with EHDC, Cllr. Harris will be following up.
As difficult as it is to enforce byelaws, they are a requirement and should be published on our website.

To review security of parish land from the notice board up to the church entrance.
As previously reported under minute PMC 5/22, there has been some damage to parish land from a vehicle which is carrying out work in the church. Cllrs Bannell and Woodroof will speak to the Church Warden to see if it is possible for the contractor to park elsewhere.
Quotes will be obtained for drop down posts to secure the land.

Action Cllrs Bannell, Woodroof & Asst Clerk

Look to replace the parish notice board
There should be adequate funds to replace the notice board in the next financial year. Cllr. Foster will do a temporary repair until it’s replaced.

Update on the memorial bench
A new location for the memorial bench near to the wall of the church has been agreed. The applicant has asked for a wooden bench. However, it was decided that the Councils Bench Policy will be adhered to.

Action Clerk

Review safety of the pathway up to the church
The Church raised concern over the safety of the path, which when wet and cold it becomes very slippery. Path may need raking over, Cllr. Bannell to check and Cllr. Foster to rake the path over if necessary.

Action Cllrs. Bannell & Foster

Update on possible defibrillator
There is a meeting with the church warden on 28th February. The defibrillator cannot be attached to the wall or gate of a listed building without successful planning consent. There is the possibility of attaching it to a free standing pole or support, but will need an electrical supply and approval from planning. An alternative is to attach the defibrillator close to a lamppost on the small green and explore the use the SSE community fund to provide an electrical supply.
The request for a £2000 grant will need to commence. Cllr. Woodroof will update accordingly.


Provision of a water meter on allotment site B.
Cllr. Bannell confirmed that there is now a water meter in the middle of the estate where the supply is taken off for allotment site B. If we wanted the meter within our boundary Portsmouth Water would have to dig up Bee Orchid Close and put in a new pipe. We have asked Portsmouth Water if we can have a slave meter on our land so we can read it. This is ongoing and a further update will be reported.


Update on repairs
Peel Park Play Area – The assistant Clerk reported the following repairs have been carried out:
The missing handle to the rocker platform has been replaced;
The seized chain to the middle junior swing;
The underside cover board on the carousel platform
The basket swing chain covers have been removed and the chains inspected.

South Lane Meadow Play Area – The chain lengths on the trim trail have been adjusted as have the radius platforms.

Down Farm Park Play Area – The finger entrapment risk on the slide has been addressed, so has the protective covering.

MUGA – Corrosion was investigated on one goal end, reported to be okay.


Cllr. Woodroof gave an update on the potential export of tree data to create overlay tree maps onto maps of Parish Council owned land for publication on the CPC website. To date there has been no response from Treezilla (the organisation used by the Tree Wardens to map trees) and no response to emails sent to the Tree Warden coordinator at EHDC.
As previously reported to PMC, Havant Tree Wardens record notable, veteran and ancient trees in the Borough. The Havant Tree Wardens provide a grid reference and a link to the Woodland Trust website on their website to explore. This maybe something to consider by using a link to Treezilla. The tree maps could also be stand-alone maps on the CPC website as the Tree Wardens mapped trees on hard copy maps of Parish Council owned land.
There are currently18 trees logged on Treezilla. It was agreed by the committee that Cllr. Woodroof will collate the following information on the trees:
Location, by latitude and longitude
Variety of tree
Age (Young, Mid or Old)
Last time inspection/works were done

Tree warden training is ongoing; the next session is towards the end of February and covers trees and the law.

Cllr. Woodroof has emailed the local school but has had no response. Research on the Tree Council website shows they are not part of a Tree Council schools scheme. The Clerk will email the head teacher asking if this is something they would like to find out more about.

The tree wardens will resume tree surveys on Parish Council land in Spring when identification will be easier.

Cllr. Woodroof asked the committee to consider a tree nursery on Parish Council land. This was considered something that could increase engagement by our Schools.


To receive an update with regards to the next phase of tree planting and fencing.
Cllr. Woodroof reported that the Tree Group propose putting protective fencing around the Whiteland Copse.
It is proposed that the final shape of the Copse and the fencing encompassing it will be a rectangle style shape with one side longer than the others. The fencing will encompass a slightly larger area than is currently planted to allow for the next phase of tree planting in autumn 2022.
Funding for this project has been secured from Cllr. Agate, EHDC.
After some discussion members were all in agreement for the fence works to go ahead, any tools funded by CPC will need returning on completion.
Clarification was given that the name ‘Down Farm Park’ will apply to the continuous open space, thus incorporating Whiteland Way.


To consider a request to grow wild flowers on the bunds.
After some discussion it was considered that wild flowers will not be compatible with our grounds maintenance. There is a possibility that this could be done in a different area such as amongst the hedge that goes around the field by Endal Way or near the swales on Down Farm Park.

To receive an update on repairs to the dragons tooth at the entrance to the Centre car park.
The dragons tooth had rotted due to being fitted into porous tarmac. The new post has been surrounded by concrete, which should now last longer.


Update on outside lighting
Cllr. Williams reported that one unit has been repaired by installing a replacement electronic panel. A discussion was held to consider a repair/replacement policy for the lighting. The cost to replace the internal electronics per unit is approximately £50 plus labour. As this was a declared pre-lease defect it will need sorting by CPC. Twelve of the nineteen lights are currently safety lights. It was considered eight safety lights sould be sufficient, and a quote will be obtained on this basis.

Update on the control management system
Cllr. Williams reported that the repair work was done but has not solved the problem. This has now moved to warranty claims through our surveyor, and we are currently awaiting an update on the timescales.
A temporary time schedule for the heating has been worked out by Community First staff which seems to be working.

Update on warranty issues.
Cllr. Bannell reported that warranty issues are ongoing. There are now two other problems.
1) The sealant which has been put in the cracks of the sports hall floor has been scuffed/picked out creating sharp edges.
2) A panelling board and lintel level over the main sliding doors in the main hall has sprung off one of its fixings, likely from the impact of a football. The fillet that holds the board in is not fixed to anything which is why this has happened. Both of these issues will be put back to Vail Williams as part of our warranty claims.


Bilberry Avenue – additional bollards to restrict vehicular access to land.
Previously reported under minute PMC5/22.

Cllr. D’este Hoare raised concern over the terrible condition of the two planting areas by the entrance to Bilberry Avenue, and recommended that immediate action is required. After some discussion it was decided that a contractor will quote to do the initial works, and a note will be put together requesting volunteers to help with the future upkeep of this area. The request will be sent to Clanfield Online and circulated via Social Media. Cllr. Bannell will also contact the Clanfield Gardening Club, to see if they are still actively running and if they would be interested in helping.
Action Cllrs D’este Hoare & Bannell, Asst Clerk

To consider the replacement of a litter bin with a larger covered unit in the play area.
All members approved replacing the litter bin in the play area nearest to the pathway. This will be funded by the street cleaning budget.

Action Assistant Clerk & Clerk

To consider a request from the litter picker group for a contribution towards equipment costs.
All members approved the purchase of 8 litter hoops at a total cost of £56, to be paid out of the street cleaning budget.

Action Clerk

To receive an update on the temporary repairs to the barn roof.
Nothing new to report.

To receive an update on the repairs to the pathway that runs behind the Sports Pavilion.
Cllr. Bannell confirmed that he is waiting for an update from Barratt’s.


To receive an update on the meeting with Clanfield Football Club held on 21/01/22.
There was a general discussion at the meeting around pitches, ground maintenance and storage. The FC were informed that they may need to lose one of the changing rooms at the pavilion as this will be needed as a Ranger’s Store room for CPC.
The FC will be looking to put secondary fencing around the new pitches at Down Farm Park. The posts will be 5 metres tall with netting. This is considered necessary for safety but will need planning approval, which must be done by the end of February. This is to be progressed with the FC.
The FC would like to use open goals which are on wheels for both Peel Park and the new pitches. FC need to confirm how they will be secured.
FC need to let CPC know their storage requirements and to provide an update on progressing with a lease for the pavilion.
A draft set ‘Heads of Terms’ for the license document has been prepared and will need approval by the PMC committee at their next meeting.
All members to review the football pitch fee chart and provide recommendations for discussion at the next meeting.

To review the signage on the pavilion.
The clerk reported that there are a number of signs on the building which would benefit from consolidating with the removal of any that are superfluous
There is need for more visible dog signage within the vicinity of the car park. The Football Club need to remind visiting teams that no dogs are allowed in Peel Park.
All members gave their approval.

Action Clerk/Asst Clerk


To receive an update on the lease with Clanfield Cricket Club.
Cllr. Bannell reported that the first draft for lease has been received, turned around, spoken to the lawyers and is now moving forward with a second draft for lease. The final plan for the Pavilion is needed from the Cricket Club. All 3 parties (Dazewood, EHDC and Abri) that are the beneficiaries of the covenant and variation have been approached. Two are happy in principal but both require documentation and plans of the pavilion. Awaiting a response from the third and final one.
The cricket club do not like the proposed ten-year break clause as they think it may affect funding.
The ground rent is still to be determined.

Update on car park improvement and CIL application.
Cllr. Foster reported details on the revised shape (plan D) of the car park which softens the shape. The South Lane Meadow Trustees agreed to go with plan D at their recent Trustee meeting.
Cllr. Foster will go to three companies to make sure specification, plans etc. from the consultants are adequate and get final costings. This will then be put to full Council for final approval in March. The CIL application will be ready for submitting in mid March.
All members recommended going ahead with car park plan D, subject to full Council ratification.

To review the SLM hiring regulations/booking form.
The new form has been produced as it needed to be updated, some areas were incorrect and information was missing.
All members approved the new regulations and booking form.


Nothing new to report


The Clerk reported that the volunteers would like to place a bug hotel to be at the pond. The pond volunteers will be finishing painting the fence that surrounds the pond and will also be sanding down/painting the benches. Residual funds will be used.

All members were in approval.


To review the gate that has been put in on the southern boundary fence that backs onto the properties in Storrington Road.
It was decided that a letter will be sent to all residents in the vicinity notifying that they don’t have right of access through the any gate leading onto the field.

A resident has asked if we would consider planting near to the new gate at Storrington Field. CPC will need to bear any future costs; therefore this would not be acceptable.

Action Clerk/Asst Clerk


Nothing new to report apart from the Bowls club continues to chase Barratt’s.


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