Property management committee minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 20th April 2022
  • Duration: 18:30 - 21:40
  • Location: Parish Office

Meeting minutes:


Apologies were received from Cllr. Harris.


Cllr. Woodroof declared a non-pecuniary interest relating to item 11 (minute ref 33/22) as a resident of Chalton and Cllr. Bannell declared a pecuniary interest relating to item 13 (minute ref 35/22) as a resident of the Windmill View estate.


The minutes were agreed as a correct record of the meeting and signed accordingly.


There were no members of the public present.


Peel Park

Two quotes had been received to repair the damaged field gate and pedestrian gate (including the removal of the archway) near the play area.  It was agreed to approve quotation B.

Action: Assistant Clerk to notify contractor.

Peel Park Pavilion

The painting of the kitchen and de-scaling the

 shower heads has been completed.  The guttering has been cleared and reinstated.

South Lane Meadow

The fly tipping of 4 tyres had been removed.

Sunderton Meadow

Nothing new to report.


A bug hotel is planned.

Down Farm Barn

Cllr. Williams had obtained a quotation from a roofing contractor to repair the roof.  Council had approved the expenditure of £900 at the April meeting.

Chalton Green

Cllr. Foster had repaired the Council’s noticeboard.


Glass and rubbish were found in this area.

Storrington Field

Application received to improve boundary.

Down Farm Park

The pathway behind the Bowls Club Pavilion was still awaiting repair.  Cllr. Bannell had emailed Barratts.

A replacement dog bin was due to be delivered and installed near the play area.

The shrub beds at Bilbery Avenue requires ongoing maintenance.  Cllr. D’este Hoare to report.

Tennis Courts/Endal Way

Nothing new to report.  The transfer of the management of the Tennis Courts to Community First was in progress.


The annual risk assessment has been completed.  The wood preservative requested by plot holders last year is being stored in the Council’s locker.

The Clerk asked the Committee to consider whether plot holders, rather than the Council, should be required to maintain their sheds.  Cllr. Bannell advised plot holders were due to be notified of any changes to the allotment agreement in July.   The current agreement states the Parish Council will maintain the sheds.  Cllrs Foster and Woodroof offered to paint the sheds this year which was gratefully accepted.

Action: Assistant Clerk to notify plot holders of the change to the agreement whereby plot holders would be required to maintain their sheds by applying a wood preservative.



Nothing new to report.


Nothing new to report.


  1. Members had previously requested quotes for a drop down post at the end of the church path to prevent unauthorised vehicles parking on the Green.  However, after receiving representation from the Church regarding the practicalities it had been agreed not to pursue the proposal as it presented the Church with practical difficulties for future maintenance.

    The Clerk confirmed that after the location of the memorial bench was agreed, the applicant had now confirmed the style and material.  It would be identical to the bench located at Down Farm Park.  The Clerk proposed that a 50% contribution of the cost of the bench be obtained from the applicant prior to the order being made and that request could be agreed as an amendment to the Policy.  Members supported the proposal to obtain a deposit from the applicant and the Policy amendment would be put to Council.

    Action: Clerk to contact the applicant to request a deposit.

    Recommendation to Council: To amend the Bench Seat Policy to include provision that a 50% deposit be obtained from the applicant prior to a Bench being ordered by the Council. 


    Members of the Committee received an update on plans for a defibrillator in Chalton.  Cllr. Bannell advised that the Church’s Architect has questioned the viability of a defibrillator located near the Church but that the Parochial Church Council (PCC) had asked them to reconsider.

    Cllr. Williams had circulated examples of freestanding posts with a defibrillator attached to Members of the Committee which could provide an alternative option that would not interfere with the Lychgate or the Church providing the Church are willing to supply the electricity.

    Cllr. Woodroof advised the Church were looking at establishing a water supply to the Church and they would consider installing a cable as part of these works.  It was noted that Planning Permission may be required at Chalton Green is in the SDNP and was a conservation area.  The alternative siting for the defibrillator cabinet next to the Parish noticeboard was considered, with a buried electricity feed still being obtained from the Church.


Members of the Committee considered whether to split the allotment plots on site A when they become available to reduce the waiting list.  Members were supportive of the principle of splitting a small number of plots as a trial and considered that the plots with a locker, rather than a shed would be suitable.

Action: Assistant Clerk & Cllr. to identify and mark the appropriate plots to split when they become available.

Action: Assistant Clerk to inform Allotment Association.


Members considered a quotation from RJ playgrounds for the repair and maintenance of play equipment.

Members considered that some of the tasks could be undertaken in-house.  It was agreed to review the quotation to identify these tasks and ask RJto re-quote for the remaining tasks.

Action: Assistant Clerk and Cllr. Bannell to review the quotation.


Cllr. Woodroof had circulated an update prior to the meeting.

Export of tree data to create overlay tree maps onto maps of Parish Council owned land for publication on the CPC website.

On 11 April 2022 Cllr. Woodroof received an email apologising for the delay and advising that the technical work had been undertaken so that tree data on Treezilla can be provided to the Parish Council in CSV and GIS (shapefile) formats.  It can also be supplied in British National Grid (BNG) in case ArcMap is used.  Outstanding tree data not currently on Treezilla will be inputted (by another Tree Warden) next week.  This information can then be formatted as per the initial data.


Tree Warden training is ongoing; the next training date has not yet been set.

Tree Survey

The Tree Wardens will resume tree surveys on Parish Council owned land not yet surveyed (Down Farm Park) in the next few weeks once dates have been agreed.

Ash Die Back 

A Chalton resident expressed concern about the Ash Tree on the Green in Chalton.  She said the local famer had taken down ash trees in farmland because of ash dieback.  It was explained that the condition of the tree has been reported to the Parish Council.

Action: Cllr. D’este Hoare to enquire whether EHDC’s Arboricultural Officer would give a view on the condition of the Ash Tree.

Action: Subject to the outcome of Cllr. D’este Hoar’s investigations, the Clerk would arrange for Tree Surgeon to review the condition of the Ash Tree.


Members of the Committee considered a proposal to plant a tree on an area of land belonging to Clanfield Parish Council, in celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on the Green at Chalton. 

The proposal was to plant the tree is around Green close to The Old Post Office and South View houses.  The chosen tree was a Lime as this type of tree grows well on chalk downland.  Limes typically reach a height of between 10 and 30 metres and is slow growing.  The tree would be approx.  2 metres in size when purchased and would be bought in a container, typically 10 litre capacity.

Funding to purchase the tree would be from donations by residents within the village.  Other costs would be met by the village, such as:

  • Mulch
  • Tree guard – to prevent strimming damage
  • Stake(s) and straps

It was proposed that a plaque to commemorate the occasion would be purchased and placed next to the tree.

A local farmer would dig a suitable sized hole to plant the tree.  Residents would tend the tree in the first few years following its planting.  This would include:

  • Checking it is thriving and acting as required
  • Watering regularly as required
  • Keeping the area immediately around the tree weed free

If this proposal is approved, the planting date is anticipated to coincide with the Jubilee celebration weekend.  Given weather conditions at this time of year the focus on care for the tree will be high.

Cllr. Woodroof did not take part in the discussion and decision.

Members of the Committee approved the request to plant a Lime Tree to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, on the Green in the vicinity of The Old Post Office and South View houses.


The Committee considered whether to adopt a verge with landscaping and trees, adjacent to Whiteland Way, up by London Road that had been excluded from the transfer to Hampshire Highways.

The Committee agreed that it would not wish to take on this verge.

Action: Cllr. Bannell to inform Barratts of the Committee’s decision.


  1. Update on outside lighting
    Cllr. Williams advised that a quotation had been accepted to replace twelve of the nineteen lights are currently safety lights.

  2. Update on the control management system
    Cllr. Williams reported the repair work was part of the warranty claim through the Council’s surveyor.

  3. Repair of Community Centre Door
    Members considered a quotation to repair the Community Centre door.

  4. Update on warranty issues.
    Cllr. Bannell reported the warranty inspection had taken place.  The relevant parties had acknowledged the cracks in the sports hall floor, the roof and the outside levels.

  5. Future arrangements for FIT readings
    Members considered the future arrangement for the FIT readings at the Clanfield Centre. The next due date was 2nd July.  The account is currently in the name of Cllr. Bannell on behalf of Clanfield Parish Council.  Members questions whether Community First could become the account holder and therefore responsible for reading the meter.

    Action: Cllr. Bannell to investigate with SSE whether Community First could be the generator and recipient of the income.

  6. Feasibility of an extension at the Clanfield Centre 
    Members received a report outlining the options and plans that the Council’s Architect had considered during initial discussions.  The least intrusive options were preferred.  Cllr. Bannell would be sharing the options with Community First.


  1. Update on the repairs to the pathway that runs behind the Sports Pavilion.
    Cllr. Bannell confirmed that he was still waiting for an update from Barratt’s.

  2. Review of quotations for maintenance of the new sport pitches from September 2022
    Members considered two quotations from the current landowners existing contractor Kestrel, to maintain the pitches.  The first quotation followed the specification suggested by the Institute of Groundsman which was considered excessive and the second was their interpretation of what would be required.  Both quotations were significantly higher than anticipated and unfortunately covered different time periods.

    It was agreed that further discussions were required with the contractor for clarification.  It was also noted that the Council and/or football club might be able to obtain grants to help assist with the maintenance costs of the pitches.

    Action: Clerk to discuss the specification, quotation, and maintenance requirements with the contractor.

  3. Request for a path from the overflow car park to the sports pitches 

    Action: Assistant Clerk to obtain quotations for a path to be constructed.


  1. Football License agreement with Clanfield Football Club 
    The licence agreement will need to be updated reflect the increase in match fees and the possibility of retaining a changing room for the purpose of a Ranger store.

  2. To receive the Legionella risk assessment and water testing results
    Members received and noted the updated risk assessment and water testing results for the Pavilion.  Several errors were noted in the report including the date of the report.

    Action: Clerk to request SBCS to correct the report and forward an updated version for the Council records.

  3. To receive a request for a Memorial Bench
    The Clerk had circulated photos of the proposed location of the Memorial Bench at Peel Park.  She advised the applicant had viewed the bench at Down Farm Park and had requested the same bench at Peel Park.  The Clerk confirmed there were no benches closed to the proposed location, the closest being outside the Pavilion.  The Clerk invited Members to consider whether one of the existing benches in poor condition could be removed at the same time.

    Members agreed to the request for a Memorial Bench at the proposed location in Peel Park.  The Clerk would request a deposit from the applicant prior to the bench being ordered.

    Action: Clerk to obtain a quotation for a bench to replace the seat outside the Pavilion.


To receive an update on the lease with Clanfield Cricket Club.  

Cllr. Bannell reported that the second draft agreement for lease and lease had been received and reviewed.  Cllr. Bannell would be meeting with a representative of the Cricket Club on Friday.

Proposal to replant the hedgerow.

Cllr. D’este Hoare presented a proposal to plant a replacement native hedge in the Autumn 2022 along the north side of South Lane Meadow.  The hedgerow is in a poor condition, consisting of bramble and many dead or dying large shrubs and trees.

The proposed work would involve the hedgerow along the northern boundary of South Lane Meadow from a point close to the barn running east for approximately 80m.  The work is planned for later this year with completion by December 2022.

The initial work will consist of clearing the existing vegetation, doing remedial work where necessary in August then preparing the site for planting in Nov/Dec.  The Conservation Volunteers managed by Russell Cleaver carry out the works.

The Woodland Trust are supporting the planting scheme and have agreed to supply 240 plants (both trees and understorey plants) with appropriate guards and support canes in the Autumn.

District Councillor Grant would be applied for.

Members approved the scheme.


Nothing new to report.


Covered in the Assistant Clerks update.


Members considered a request from a resident for the Council to consider additional measures to ensure smaller dogs cannot escape from the field onto Green Lane.  The resident had also offered to secure the boundary themselves.

Members welcomed the offer of the resident to secure the boundary.

Action: Assistant Clerk to obtain details of the residents’ proposals.

Action: Clerk to review proposal and approve if appropriate.


Cllr. Bannell had circulated details of the issues which have been revealed during the excavation of the floors in the changing rooms and the kitchen for the current gully works.

Given the history of building defects with this property, there was concern about what problems might occur in the future.  Cllr. Bannell had been advised by the contractors on site today they had been instructed to reinstate the kitchen floor, thereby presumably covering up the deficiency in the damp proof membrane.  It was also understood that it was not yet clear who would be reinstating the floor covering in the changing rooms and the kitchen, when, or how it is to be done.

Cllr. Bannell’s main concern was to ensure that the Council, and the Council’s tenant – the Bowls Club, were protected against the cost of rectifying inherent building defects in the future - i.e., problems which are already known, or which arise elsewhere from the same causes.  Cllr. Bannell considered it might be prudent that the Council submit a precautionary notification to the NHBC given that the term of the NHBC guarantee is not indefinite and may be almost 50% expired.

Further, Barratts are aware of the repetitive footpath erosion problem on land behind the Sports Pavilion.  It seemed that it could relate to the adequacy of the French drains at the foot of the embankment to the new football pitches.  This was reported some time ago and, no feedback had been received to date.

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