Property management committee minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 22nd June 2022
  • Duration: 18:30 - 21:06
  • Location: Parish Office

Meeting minutes:


No apologies were received.


Cllr. Bannell declared a non-pecuniary interest relating to item 11 (minute ref 55/22) and Cllr. Foster declared a non-pecuniary interest relating to item 23 (minute ref 67/22) as a member of the Bowls Club.


The minutes were agreed as a correct record of the meeting and signed accordingly.


There were no members of the public present.


Cllr. Foster proposed Cllr. D’este Hoare for Vice Chairman. There were no other nominations, and it was resolved that Cllr. D’este Hoare be Vice Chair for 2022-2023.


Lead councillor on playgrounds (for PMC).
Cllr. Bannell will complete most of item 1 with Cllr. Foster supporting in DIY matters. Cllr. Woodroof will take the playgrounds forward in the future.

ACTION – Cllr. Bannell & Cllr. Foster

The Clanfield Centre – Warranty Issues
Cllr. Bannell is still working on warranty issues; they will need to be reallocated over the next few weeks.

The Clanfield Centre - Contact with Architect drawing up plans for possible gym extension
Cllr. Foster agreed to take this item forward and will be available to attend the next meeting with the architect.

Confidential - The Clanfield Centre - Liaison with Community First on possible gym extension and its financing
Cllr. Foster to consult with Cllr. Hurst with regards to the next meeting with Community First.

ACTION – Cllr. Foster

The Clanfield Centre - Rating challenge on the tennis courts - outstanding (not yet commenced).
The Committee agreed that this is not worth pursuing, Community first will be informed, and they can pursue it if they wish to.

Bowls Club - Building defect issues - changing rooms, kitchen and WC’s; liaising with the Club and Barratts.
This item should be completed by the end of July.

Down Farm Park - Phase 2 - Land drainage and footpath erosion issues – site investigation work, liaising with Barratts and EHDC.
The investigation work will be taking place in the next couple of weeks and the findings will need to be reported back to Barratt’s.

Down Farm Park - Phase 3 - Legal transfer documentation.
This item should be sorted out in the next 2-3 weeks

Down Farm Park - Phase 3 - Sports Pitches - Liaison with Kestrel (Barratts’ contractors), EHDC and EHDC’s advisers on pre-transfer “growing in” works and chasing Kestrel and Barratts about gravel heap in overflow car park.
This item will be partly completed, reallocation will be needed as handover will be required in August.

Down Farm Park - Phase 3 - Assisting Dave Harris in prospective Licence negotiations with Clanfield Football Club, synchronising with terms of legal Transfer.
This item will be done, and the Clerk will complete.

Down Farm Park - Phase 3 - Possible preparation and submission of planning application for Football Club requirements - additional protective fencing and a storage unit.
Cllr. Bannell unable to proceed with the application until the Football Club have said where they require the storage unit to go. This will then need to be followed up by the Clerk.

Down Farm Park - Phase 3 - Specification and quotations for post-transfer maintenance of the pitches.
This item may not arise if the football club adopt the pitches under a lease agreement.

Down Farm Park - Phase 2 - Wildflower Meadow Project - Lead Councillor (for Community Working Group - now the Community and Environment Committee). Arrangements with contractors; liaison with funders, obtaining further quotes and ensuring all within grant funded budget.
Cllr. Woodroof to take over this item with support where necessary.

South Lane Meadow - Lease / Licence arrangements with Cricket Club including legal documentation (Agreement for Lease, Lease and Licence) and liaison with solicitors.
This item is almost at the point of the lease being agreed. This will then need to be agreed by The Council and the Trust.

After receiving legal advice, Cllr. Bannell confirmed that as far as the lease is concerned the council is the only party that can grant it, but it must be granted on the instructions of the Trust. The Trust is the body that is responsible for getting the independent surveyors report, for advertising, public consultation and for reporting back to the council. The Trust can ask the council to do this, which is possible in relation to the lease. The licence is separate, which is for the cricket square and the artificial pitch. Due to a restrictive covenant this cannot let this on a lease as it is open space for the public. It can be let to the Cricket Club on a licence, requiring the Trust to negotiate the terms with the Cricket Club and ensure the best terms are met for the charity before entering into a licence.

The Trust will need to decide if it will totally manage the land, or hand the Trust to the Council with the approval of the Charity commission.

South Lane Meadow - Liaison with appointed Surveyor in relation to Charities Act requirements on disposition (Lease to the Cricket Club).
This follows on from the previous point.

South Lane Meadow - Car Park planning application. Monitoring and responding as and when required.
So far, no objections have been received. Cllr. Foster will take this forward.

Down Farm Barn - Background property and planning involvement.
This item is being dealt with.

The Clanfield Centre - Quarterly FIT Readings.
To be discussed further in the meeting.


Grounds Maintenance – Cllr. Foster & Cllr. D’este Hoare.
Byelaws – Cllr. Harris to review and confirm if this will be moving forward. Cllr. Foster to ask HALC if byelaws are in place in other areas.
Allotments – Cllr. Woodroof & Asst. Clerk.
Tree warden – Cllr. Woodroof.
Open spaces – potentially something the Ranger will take on and more delegation to the officers.
Licensing/tenancies – Cllr. Williams & Cllr. Foster.
Sports club liaison – Cllr. Harris & Clerk.
Playgrounds – Cllr. Woodroof & Asst. Clerk.




Obtain contractors quotation for the implementation of ragwort control work.
After a lengthy discussion it was decided a contractor will be asked to provide the best options for clearance and a quotation. The Conservation group will be asked if they can support in anyway. Ideally this should be completed by the end of July, in readiness for wild flower sowing in September.

ACTION – Asst. Clerk/Clerk

Annual hedge cutting programme to be agreed and costed for.
The committee agreed to inspect the hedges at Down Farm Park and report back to the next meeting. All other hedges are programmed to be cut as normal in September/October time.
Bramble was highlighted as a problem at Down Farm Park. This will be brought to the attention of the ground’s maintenance contractor.

ACTION – All Councillors

To agree to use outside support to scope the tender of the grounds-maintenance contract.
All members in agreement to use outside support. A meeting will be arranged with a consultant to discuss terms of reference with the Clerk and Cllr. D’este Hoare.

Removal of dead trees.
There are approximately ten dead trees on our land. If we decide to replace with new trees, we will need to ask residents if they are prepared to water or else the same will happen again.

ACTION – Cllr. Bannell


Previously covered.


Update on defibrillator.
After some discussion it was decided to estimate on the length of underground cabling needed and then get a quote for installation, free standing post, defibrillator, and cabinet. Grants can then be applied for.

ACTION – Cllr. Williams

Update on the ash tree.
The ash tree was removed Saturday 18/6. East Hants District Council have a requirement that a new tree is planted where one is removed. A lime tree will be planted in the autumn, close to where the ash tree was.


To review the allotment rents, terms, rules, regulations, and policies.
After discussion the committee agreed to recommend to council that the rents increase in line with inflation (10%).
The rules/regulations will be updated from 1 October 2022 to clarify that tenants are responsible for painting their own sheds and any sheds that fall into a state of disrepair will not be replaced. Arrangements will be made for the communal shed to be painted.

ACTION – Asst. Clerk

Allotment risk assessment to be received by the committee.
The allotment risk assessment was received by the committee.


The trim trail at South Lane Meadow needs 4 wooden struts replacing. The committee agreed for an updated quote and then the work to go ahead.

The broken piece of play equipment at Peel Park will also need to be replaced.

The grounds maintenance work required at the play areas will be looked at again after we receive the imminent RoSPA reports.

ACTION – Asst Clerk


Cllr. Woodroof confirmed that a start had been made on Down Farm Park working up towards the bowling club and car park area.

Cllr. Woodroof asked the committee, ‘now that the ash tree at Chalton Green and the maple tree at Peel Park have been taken down, do the committee wish to record it?’ Cllr. Woodroof will look to see if this information can be updated on Treezilla, if not the records will reflect the trees we have and are responsible for.

ACTION – Cllr. Woodroof


Update on the control management system.
A quote has been received for stripping the unit out and replacing with a conventional thermostat in the main hall, unsure if this is the best way forward. After discussion it was decided that the problem will not go away and to find out the cost for replacing the control panel.

Update on the repair to the Community Centre door.
Nothing new to report.

Update on warranty issues.
Nothing new to report.

Update on future arrangements for the FIT reading.
Cllr. Bannell to update the account so the Clerk can submit future readings.
Currently the generation meter is inside an enclosed box, Cllr. Williams suggested providing the box with a transparent lid to make reading the meter easier. Cllr. Williams to follow up with contractor.

ACTION – Cllr. Bannell & Cllr. Williams


Update on the roof repairs
Roof repair is due to take place 23/6/2022.

Update on the demolition of the ‘old dairy’ to make the site safe
Two contractors will be quoting for the demolition of the dairy. A Section 80 demolition notice may be required if greater than fifty cubic metres in volume.


To receive an update on the repairs to the pathway that runs behind the Sports Pavilion and the new pathway from the overflow car park to the pitches.
A quote has been received for repairs to the pathway behind the Sports Pavilion. Depending on the outcome of the investigation on the French drains will determine if this work goes ahead. The findings will be reported back to Barratts, and necessary works will need to be done before the transfer of the pitches.

The quotation received for a new path from the overflow car park to the football pitches is very expensive, further quotes will be required. The committee cannot justify the expense and the quote will be shared with the Football Club. If they want to go ahead with this, it may need to be built into the lease.

Update on the French Drains and future maintenance.
The investigation into the French drains will take place over the next couple of weeks. The French drains will need to be included with future ground maintenance, to ensure the area does not become overgrown.

To receive an update on the football pitches.
Cllr. Bannell confirmed that the amendments have been agreed and a draft head of terms for the lease will now be prepared and taken to full council. The Football Club would like a store for their ground’s maintenance equipment. They are in discussions with the Cricket Club about sharing equipment. Cllr. Bannell has spoken to the EHDC community team about the prospect of planning, there should be a compelling case to get this through on the grounds that how would you maintain an area if you have nowhere to put the equipment.

The lease will need a maintenance schedule included for a minimum standard. The number of hours permitted on the new football pitches over the first two years will need to be agreed. The football club will not be paying rent as they are taking on the maintenance, but we need to have an audit trail. Cllr. Bannell will produce a paper to reflect this.
There is a water supply issue at the new pitches which is going to create ongoing maintenance problems. This had not been previously specified by Barratts so is unenforceable. Barratts will be asked to quote to install a water supply.

Action – Cllr. Bannell

Update on the wildflower project.
Previously covered.


Update on Clanfield Football licence agreement
The Clerk confirmed this is now in its final stages and will hopefully be signed next week.


To receive an update on the lease with Clanfield Cricket Club.
Nothing further to report.

Update on car park improvements.
Planning is in which is likely to be approved. Waiting on the CIL application outcome.


The committee approved the quote to replace the stile.


Cllr. Williams reported a problem with the decking at the pond, Cllr. Foster agreed to look at the area.

ACTION – Cllr. Foster


The fence has been vandalised on the western boundary. A contractor will quote for repair.

ACTION – Asst Clerk


To receive an update on the flooring repairs.
Nothing further to report.

To review future responsibility for the open/close of the car park barrier.
After some discussion Cllr. Foster agreed to liaise with the Bowls Club.

After discussion, the committee agreed to get a specification together for the maintenance of the landscaping in the car park next to the Bowls Club, the flower beds near to the entrance of Bilberry Avenue and the flower beds near the play area at Down Farm Park. Cllr. Bannell will liaise with Cllr. Foster and Cllr. D’este Hoare to produce a specification before getting quotations.

ACTION – Cllr. Foster, Cllr. Bannell and Cllr. D’este Hoare

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