Down Farm Park Allotments

Clanfield Parish Council is responsible for two allotment sites in Clanfield. Site A, Whiteland Way, Clanfield, PO8 0ZF and Site B Bee Orchid Close, Clanfield, PO8 0WL.

Site A has 26 plots measuring 5 metres x 15 metres (75sqm) with a large communal storage shed. Site B has 25 smaller plots measuring between 32 and 40 sqm. Both allotments sites have car parking. 

Site A land was transferred to Clanfield Parish Council in May 2018 and Site B was transferred in June 2020.


The provision of allotments by local authorities is an important part of offering recreational facilities to parishioners. Allotments can provide many things to different people, including an opportunity for flat dwellers to have a garden or people with gardens to extend their growing possibilities. They can also offer a way to experience good physical exercise outdoors, the growing of healthy fresh vegetables for the family to consume, social interaction, plant and knowledge sharing, as well as a peaceful oasis away from the hum drum of everyday life.

There is currently a waiting list for Clanfield Allotments. For more information or to be added to the waiting list please contact the Assistant Clerk Emma Barritt or enquire at the Council Office on 02392 571077. Please note that you must live within the boundaries of Clanfield Parish Council to qualify for an allotment. 

Clanfield Parish Council works very closely with Clanfield Allotment Association and can be contacted by email at