Community and Environment Committee Meeting 23rd January 2023

Meeting details

  • Date: 23rd January 2023
  • Duration: 18:30 - 19:35
  • Location: Parish Office

Meeting minutes:

Apologies were received from Cllr White.
There were no declarations of interest received.


The minutes were agreed as a correct record of the meeting.


One member of the public was present.

To receive an update on the website. Cllr Harris reported that after full approval from the Council a proposal is due to be sent out to three suppliers for the new website. Clanfield Online is due to close in February, a meeting will be taking place with them next week to discuss moving relevant pieces of their website to the Parish Council's website.
To receive an update on the Council's Facebook page.
Cllr Harris reported that the Facebook page needs to be progressed and a meeting will be
taking place to move this forward.

Community Engagement WG
Cllr Coffre reported the following:
Clanfield Parish Council (CPC) instructed The Carbon Trust Ltd to conduct a Residential Energy Survey for the villages of Clanfield and Chalton. This survey took place between January and May 2022.
The aim of this survey is to gain an understanding of the energy use and efficiency measures already in place across the residential buildings within the Clanfield Parish Council area. This information will enable the identification of any areas in which grant funding may assist residents to reduce their home energy consumption, as well as potential barriers to
investment like access to funding or lack of information. Following a review of the Residential Energy Survey, members of the Community and Environment Committee (the CEC) made the following points:

  • Residential CO2 emissions are mostly driven by home energy (e.g., heating) and transport
    (e.g., car/petrol)
  • The CEC will aim to make recommendations to CPC to act within the framework of its
    competencies, with a view to reduce our villages’ emissions over time.
  • These recommendations, if accepted, will be presented to residents over the next few
    months to gain public support. 
    Consequently, the CEC makes the following 5 recommendations:
    1. One of the main hurdles to investing in energy efficiency improvement (e.g., solar panels) is
    access to funds. The CEC proposes:

a. Share the results of the survey with East Hampshire District Council and Hampshire County
Council to highlight this barrier to entry and request full disclosure of grants available.
b. Research and publish on the CPC website all grants opportunities (local and national) that
exist to support residential investment.
c. Given the rise in cost of energy, the return on investment on energy efficient hardware has
improved dramatically over the past year: such financial calculations and benefits should be
clearly articulated and shared with the community (see next points).


2. Another barrier to entry is lack of pertinent information available to residents (e.g., costs vs. benefits, inaccurate information on heat pumps performance, etc). The CEC proposes:
a. Define a public engagement strategy dedicated to share information on energy efficient
improvement with a view to clearly explain what each type of improvement is and how it
performs, as well as given practical examples of costs and return on investment to measure
affordability. This should include simple measures such as draughtproofing as well as the
bigger measures, and also include domestic energy advice offerings;
b. The above will rely on CPC’s intent to develop its online presence (e.g., Facebook) and use
all tools available to distil facts and figures over the long term.


3. Similarly, information should be readily available, and understood, by all actors in the community. The CEC proposes:
a. Invite Energise South Downs (ESD) to bring their expertise to advise councillors and
residents to advise on the set up of community energy projects whose financial benefits can
be ploughed back into the community (financial model), and .
b. Invite PeCAN/ESD to advise on business and domestic retrofitting including, but not limited
to, retrofit survey, thermal imaging, webinars, etc. 
4. Another strand of energy challenge is the use of cars in a rural environment, inescapable without adequate public transportation. The CEC proposes:
a. As above, share the results of the survey with East Hampshire District Council and
Hampshire County Council in the context on Active Travel initiatives to validate what is being
done to reduce car usage, especially on short distances.
b. Initiate a community project that will seek to implement some form of collective shuttle direct
service to main destination points (e.g., Petersfield, Waterlooville town centres)


5. Finally, the CEC proposes to be bold and innovative by setting up a working group to investigate the feasibility of a community energy project (e.g., wind turbine) with a view to provide clean and affordable energy to residents.

All members of the Committee agreed for the proposal to go to full council.

Environmental WG
Cllr Woodroof reported the following from the working group meeting which took place on 19th January 2023.
1) Discussion and agreement about ongoing maintenance of Phase one and two Copse areas on Down Farm Park (DFP).
All agreed on the importance of ensuring the grass in the Copse areas is kept under control. This probably means more frequent grass cutting than last year (dependent on weather conditions).
All agreed Mulching is critical to keeping unwanted vegetation down around the saplings.
Action – Jane to liaise with Edwina about obtaining more free mulch
All agreed that grass cutting, and mulching should start in late March.
Date for grass cutting and mulching – Wednesday morning 22nd March 10am. This date is dependent on weather  conditions and height of the grass.
Action- Russell to check a week before and report back.

It was agreed that maintenance of phase one and two sites should be completed together, this will be reviewed as needs be.
All agreed that canes should be put beside the saplings originally planted at the phase one site as this would help identify where the saplings are (this was done at phase two)
Action – source canes (who? How many?)
Watering the saplings was not discussed at this meeting, will be done as and when required. For ease of quick contact, it was agreed to collate a list of the tree gang’s mobile phone numbers and circulate within the group.
Action – Jane to request mobile phone numbers, collate a list of these and circulate within the group.
All members of the Committee were in agreement with the actions above.
2) Collect and store for future use the stakes no longer needed to support the young
trees planted on DFP.
All agreed that the tree gang would meet at the Bowls Club car park on: Wednesday 15th February at 10am to make a start on collecting (then storing) the stakes. Various tools will be required for this task.
Action – Russell to advise on tools required.
Agreed that volunteers between them have sufficient number of large cars to transport the
stakes to Down Farm Barn.
All members of the Committee were in agreement with the actions above.
3) What next?
Graham suggested a location at DFP for a phase three planting. It is close to phase two. Graham outlined the advantages of this site:
a. Not really a new site as it is effectively an extension of Phase 2.
b. Not in direct line of sight from the estate any more than Phase two is.
c. Close to phase two and the allotment (for water access) therefore maintenance of
this new site could be combined with the phase two site
d. Would effectively join phase one and two, via the hedgerow bordering the footpath
along the A3(M), creating a wildlife corridor.
The tree gang decided to put this suggestion on temporary hold as it is felt that maintenance of the phase one and two copses may be time consuming and leave limited time/energy for planting. The suggestion can be returned to at a later date this year once the tree gang has a feel for the time required for maintenance of phases one and two. Full approval from the Committee will be required if and when phase 3 commences. At the Property Management Committee (PMC) meeting on Wednesday 18th January, it was proposed that the tree gang identify and take out dead trees on the DFP estate with a view to replacing them (to be done by the tree gang).
Action – seek clarification from PMC regarding like for like replacement of dead trees or other native variety.
It is understood that some residents of the estate have expressed a willingness to look after replacement trees that are close to where they live.

All agreed to take on this task which could take some time dependent on the number of dead trees on the DFP estate. Location etc of the dead trees will be collated prior to removal. Work on this task to be started in conjunction with removing the stakes no longer required (see item 2). The tree gang were informed that at the same PMC meeting it was agreed that three ash and one horse chestnut trees are to be felled in accordance with a report commissioned by
the PMC on the condition of these trees. These trees are very close to Chalton Lane. The tree gang is willing to identify suitable locations for replacement trees, Stephen and Russell volunteered to do this.
Action – Stephen and Russell to identify suitable locations for replacement trees and specify type of tree and size.
Action – Stephen stressed the utmost importance of informing Clanfield residents about the tree felling well before this happens, he will liaise with the Clerk about this. At the PMC meeting of 18th January the group were tasked with finding a suitable location at Sunderton Meadow for either a copper beech or oak that the Gardening Club would like to
plant. Next PMC meeting is in March.
Action – Stephen will suggest a location
4) The tree gang would like to propose that a tree with a suitable plaque, is planted to commemorate the Coronation of  King Charles in May 2023. The tree would require protective fencing. A large native tree, ideally an oak is the preferred choice of the tree gang given the King’s green credentials.
Suggested locations – near the entrance of the Clanfield Centre or in the space behind the Centre, or Peel Park, near to the site where the field maple was that had to be felled in February 2022. Location to be decided by the Parish Council.
This will need approval by the full Council. The member of the public (Deputy Headteacher Katie Pinhorn) suggested involvement from the children at the school to help in certain projects. Cllr Woodroof will liaise with the school about timings, locations, and the activities the children can assist with.


Tree Planting
Nothing further to report.
Wildflower meadow – communication with residents about herbicide application in Spring
Cllr Woodroof will liaise with the Clerk about how the residents will be informed of the
herbicide application.
Action – Cllr Woodroof

Green audit
Nothing further to report.


Cllr Clarke reported on a meeting that took place before Christmas with Kate Pinhorn, acting deputy head for Clanfield Junior school. It was discussed how the school can work more closely with the community and the Parish Council, through Eco projects and the School Council. After discussion between members and the deputy head it was decided a meeting will take place where a proposal/terms of reference will be put in place on how the Youth Council will work and be moved forward.

Action – Cllr Coffre

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 6th March 2023 at 6.30p.m. in the Parish Office.
Cllr Coffre asked for a CEC meeting to put in the calendar for May.
Action – Asst Clerk
The meeting closed at 7.35p.m.

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