Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 14th February 2023
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:30
  • Location: Blue Room, Clanfield Memorial Hall

Meeting minutes:

Apologies were received from Cllrs Margaret White, Laurent Coffre and Stephen Williams. Apologies
were also noted from District Cllrs Ken Moon and Arthur Agate.

There were no declarations of interest.

The minutes of the Council meeting held on 10 January 2023 were considered. Subject to the correction
of the date of the next meeting, the minutes were agreed as correct and would be signed by the Chair
after the minutes were updated.

A resident asked what the Parish Council’s view was on water quality at Havant Thicket.

There are proposals for the development of a new reservoir at Havant Thicket. Portsmouth Water are
currently consulting on these proposals, with this consultation closing on Monday 8 June 2020.

In Summer 2022, Southern Water consulted on separate plans to top up Havant Thicket Reservoir with
highly treated, recycled water, under its Hampshire Water Transfer and Water Recycling Project. These
proposals are in the early stages and are subject to further consultation and planning approval.

Portsmouth Water are also carrying out a public consultation, until 22 March 2023, on a proposed new
route for the pipeline to transport water from Bedhampton Springs to Havant Thicket Reservoir, as well
as take water out for supply to customers, when needed. If approved, the recycled water would need to
be transported to the reservoir via a tunnelled pipeline.

Cllr Mocatta advised that District Cllrs had been invited by Southern Water to a tour of the Budds Farm
Wastewater Treatment works and encouraged Parish Councillors to visit.

The same resident asked whether utility companies are bound by any standards for reinstating a road
after street works and what enforcement action can be taken. Cllr Mocatta confirmed there were
standards and that any concerns should be reported to Hampshire Highways.


The Chair reported the following updates:
• Local Elections would be held on 4 th May. Elected Parish Councillors will take office on 8 th May.
• The Hampshire Association of Local Councils is holding an Extraordinary General Meeting 23
February and Cllr Brian Foster will be representing and voting on behalf of Clanfield Parish
• Clanfield Voluntary Support had enquired whether there are any parish council initiatives which it
might provide financial support.
• The funding round for Community Infrastructure levy (CIL) funding was now open until 23 March
2023. The District Council hold two funding rounds per year.

• The Parish Council had been formally notified as landlord of the Bowls & Sports Club that one
side of the retaining wall around the rink, was leaning. A site visits had taken place and the
Council would arrange for a contractor to investigate.
• A grant application had been submitted to Cllr Agate for a new projector that is compatible with
the Council’s IT.

District Cllrs Moon and Agate were received and noted.
County Cllr Mocatta reminded Members that voters will be required to prove their identity by showing a
form of photographic identification, before being given their ballot paper in a polling stations at local
elections on May 2023.
The Green Waste collections in Clanfield had been missed. EHDC are working with the contractor Norse
to resolve the delays.
A review of the criteria for 20 mph speed limits within Hampshire has progressed to the next stage
following last year’s consultation and the work of a County Council Task and Finish Group. A report has
been produced recommending a series of changes which will make it easier for communities who want
reduced speed limits to promote speed reduction schemes and seek the introduction of lower limits.
Enquiries had been made about the ownership and maintenance of the roundabout by the Co-op.
Hampshire Police have agreed speed watch volunteers can use number recognition cameras.
A planning application is expected for an Anerobic Digester at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in
Hampshire County Council are proposing a 5% increase in their share of the Council Tax. A final
decision on the County Council’s budget for 2023/24 will be made by the full County Council on 23
February 2023.

a. Members approved and signed the income and expenditure report as at 31 January 2023.
b. Members approved and signed the Bank Reconciliation and trial balance as at 31 January 2023.
The supporting bank statements were made available.
c. Members noted the list of payments made between 1 - 31 January 2023 totaling £11,949.44.
Two councillors had reviewed all invoices and signed to confirm they matched the payments.
d. A list of payments to be made totaling £4,070.66 were approved.
e. Members considered several proposed changes to the accounts held with Lloyds Bank including the
closure of two internet accounts with zero balance. Members RESOLVED to approve the changes to
the accounts with Lloyds Bank as set out in the report.
f. Members discussed a request from East Hants District Council for Parish Council’s to provide out of
hours emergency contact details. It was RESOLVED to forward the Chair and Vice Chair mobile
contact numbers.

Members received a draft public consultation document on Down Farm Barn. Members raised several
points including systems in place to manage raw data, what response rate would be considered
statistical valid and managing duplicate responses. Support was anticipated from East Hants District
Council, but this had not come to fruition. Costs had been obtained to send the consultation out using the
Royal Mail delivery service but would include a significant number of households outside the Parish.
Members discussed alternative delivery methods and data on households in the Parish. Cllr Mocatta
provided a contact at East Hants District Council.
Members RESOLVED to approve the community consultation document.

a. The draft minutes of the Property Management Committee meeting held on 18 January 2023
were noted. Cllr Hurst in his capacity as Chair of the South Lane Meadow Trustees, requested
that a Trustee (to be nominated on 28 th Feb) is invited to attend any meetings that investigates
the replacement of the play equipment in the Meadow.
b. Members received two quotations to empty the litter bins located on Parish Council land for
2023/24. Members RESOLVED to approve contractor B at £3,734.
c. Members received and considered a 3-year grounds maintenance contract from 1 April – 31
March 2026 with RP Gardening Services. The Clerk highlighted an option to extend the contract
at the end of year 3, had been built in and the stated annual increase was in line with RPI.
Members discussed the potential impact of these price changes in year 2 on the budget and

Members RESOLVED to approve the Grounds Maintenance Contract and 2023 – 2026, to use
April’s RPI rate to calculate the % increase in year 2 and to nominate the Chair to sign the
contract before 31 st March 2023.


1. Members received the draft minutes of the Community & Environment Committee held on 23
January 2023. Cllr Woodroof highlighted the salient points.
2. Members approved an additional meeting date of the Committee on 5 June 2023.
3. Members received an update on the Green Audit Report.
Following a review of the Residential Energy Survey, members of the Community and
Environment Committee (the CEC) made the following points:
• Residential CO2 emissions are mostly driven by home energy (e.g., heating) and
transport (e.g., car/petrol)
• The CEC will aim to make recommendations to CPC to act within the framework of its
competencies, with a view to reduce our villages’ emissions over time.
• These recommendations, if accepted, will be presented to residents over the next few
months to gain public support.
The CEC made the following 5 recommendations:
          1. Share the results of the survey with East Hampshire District Council and Hampshire
County Council to highlight this barrier to entry and request full disclosure of grants
available. Research and publish on the CPC website all grants opportunities (local and
national) that exist to support residential investment.
          2. Define a public engagement strategy dedicated to share information on energy efficient
improvement with a view to clearly explain what each type of improvement is and how it
performs, as well as given practical examples of costs and return on investment to
measure affordability. This should include simple measures such as draughtproofing as
well as the bigger measures, and also include domestic energy advice offerings.
           3. Invite Energy South Downs (ESD) to bring their expertise to advise councillors and
residents to advise on the set up of community energy projects whose financial benefits
can be ploughed back into the community (financial model), and Invite PECAN/ESD to
advise on business and domestic retrofitting including, but not limited to, retrofit survey,
thermal imaging, webinars, etc.
           4. As above, share the results of the survey with East Hampshire District Council and
Hampshire County Council in the context on Active Travel initiatives to validate what is
being done to reduce car usage, especially on short distances. Initiate a community
project that will seek to implement some form of collective shuttle direct service to main
destination points (e.g., Petersfield, Waterlooville town centres)
           5. Set up a working group to investigate the feasibility of a community energy project (e.g.,
wind turbine) with a view to provide clean and affordable energy to residents.

Members discussed the recommendations and considered that the Parish Council could
develop a plan for 1to 3, but that 4 and 5 were beyond the Parish Council.
4. Members discussed marking the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles on 6 May.
Members RESOLVED to plant a tree to mark the Coronation and mark it with a plaque. The
location and species would need to be confirmed, possible locations included the Clanfield
Centre, Peel Park or Hambledon Road (subject to approval).
Cllr Woodroof offered to research what other Parishes were doing.

Members RESOLVED to permit the Planning Committee to agree comments on planning applications in
lieu of a meeting, only in the event where a single planning application is received.

a. Members received the revised Agreement for Lease and Lease with Clanfield Cricket Club. The
Clerk and Cllr Paterson went through the principal changes and recommended the documents be
approved subject to minor amendments. Members RESOLVED to approve the Agreement for
Lease and Lease with Clanfield Cricket Club Ltd.
b. Members received an update on the Car Park project. Cllr Foster informed Members that
excavations to test the drainage had been completed and the results fed back to Cowans’, the
Council’s consultant. It was noted that there is a water main that crosses the car park.

a. It was RESOLVED to exclude the Public and Press due to the confidential nature of the business
about to be transacted in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions of Meetings) Act 1960.
b. Member received an update from the Staffing Sub- Committee on the recruitment of the Clerk &
RFO role and other council posts. The Staffing Sub-Committee would meet on 21 February to look
at contingency arrangements.

The next Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 14 March 2023 at 7.00 pm in the Blue Room,
Clanfield Memorial Hall.

The meeting was closed at 9.30pm

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