Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 14th March 2023
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:15
  • Location: Blue Room, Clanfield Memorial Hall

Meeting minutes:

Apologies were received from Cllrs Margaret White, Laurent Coffre and Jane Woodroof.
Apologies were also noted from District Cllr Arthur Agate.

There were no declarations of interest.

The minutes of the Council meeting held on 14 February 2023 were agreed as correct and were signed
by the Chair.

Two residents expressed their concern about the driver’s speed on New Road. They considered that drivers use New Road to avoid the traffic calming and changes of priority on Green Lane. They had contacted Ian Janes, of HCC’s Traffic Team to discuss options for traffic calming. Another resident highlighted similar issues of the speed of vehicles on Chalton Lane, South Lane, Sunderton Lane and Drift Road.

He proposed a traffic count survey is arranged to monitor the volume and speed of traffic on these roads to provide an evidence base for agencies including the Police to act. He mentioned that each traffic count unit would cost £250 and offered to contribute to the cost.

District Cllr Moon mentioned that drivers speeding was a problem throughout East Hants District (EHDC) EHDC was purchasing 10 speed cameras for Villages on a first come, first serve basis and proposed that Clanfield Parish Council register an interest.

Cllr Hurst highlighted the issues experienced by the parking on East Meon Road on the surrounding area. He considered a wholistic approach to traffic speed was required rather than looking a specific roads in isolation. It was proposed that a meeting take place with representatives from Hampshire County Council, Clanfield Parish Council and East Hants District Council to look at what is possible. The Parish Council would facilitate the meeting.


The Chair reported the following updates:
• The Parish Council would purchase a tree and plaque to mark the Coronation that would be planted at the Clanfield Centre. Cllr D’este Hoare would be lead on the project including identifying funding sources.
• The Annual Parish Meeting will now take place in April.
• Thanks to a grant from Cllr Agate, a new projector has been purchased for the Council Office.
• It had been reported that Clanfield Football Club were looking for land for additional pitches. At the last Property Management Committee meeting the club requested a third pitch at Peek Park, that Councillors considered could not accommodate. It had been mentioned in passing that the club could explore alternative land in the Parish.

District Cllr Moon’s report had been previously circulated. Cllr Moon reported that East Hants District Council’s (EHDC) Spring Clean Campaign was launched on 1st March with crews and more vehicles working across the district. This activity will increase over the coming weeks as EHDC invests more resources into the operation. Later in the month the campaign will dove-tail with the annual Keep Britain Tidy event, which focuses on community litter picks.

EHDC will support a community litter picks by providing litter-picking tools, bags, hi-vis clothing and the collection of black bags at the end of the event. The support would be available from 17 March to 2 April, to coincide with the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

District Councillors approved the 2023/2024 budget, setting out the council’s finances for the next 12 months. The EHDC’s portion of Council tax would increase by 2%. EHDC Leader Cllr Richard Millard announced twelve new projects that would provide vital support for local residents in the difficult financial climate. The new schemes range from advice on dealing with the rising cost of living to community buses to help people get about, from swimming lessons for children to support groups for older people, and from bike hire in Whitehill & Bordon to speed cameras at traffic hot

County Cllr Mocatta reported that Hampshire County Council’s £2.6bn spending plans for 2023/24 have been approved. Its council tax precept for the financial year beginning 1 April 2023, will increase by a total of 4.99%, of which 2% will go specifically towards adults’ social care, in line with Government policy. This equates to an annual charge of £1,460.25 for Band D property – an increase of £69.45 per year or approximately £1.34 a week.

Capital budget projects totaling £645.3m over the next three years include:
 • £175m investment in new and extended school buildings to provide school places for children in
Hampshire, giving a total of 18,874 new school places by September 2025.
 • £142m for structural maintenance and improvement of roads and bridges.
 • £103m of Integrated Transport Plan schemes including £58m of schemes focused on walking
and cycling improvements.
 • £0.3m funding towards the County Council’s Flood Risk and Coastal Defence Programme as
part of our response to the challenge of climate change.

More than 97 per cent of parents in Hampshire have been offered a place for their child at one of their three preferences for a secondary school in September 2023, with 90 per cent offered a place at their first preference school. The County Council received 15,400 on-time applications this year – an increase of 418 applications compared to the number received for places in September 2022 (14,982).

Parents and carers who have not secured a place at one of their preferred secondary schools this year are urged to visit HCC’s website for advice and guidance on their options. The Admissions Team is busy processing primary school applications with school place offers due to go out to parents on 17 April 2023.

He noted that at the time of the implementation of the Special Education Needs Reforms in 2014, Hampshire County Council was supporting around 5,000 children with special educational needs. Since the reforms, this figure has risen to over 15,000 children. Such increases do place significant pressure on local authorities’ ability to provide support.

a. Members received the draft minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee held on 21 February 2021.
b. Members received an update on the implementation of actions recommended by the internal Auditor.
c. Members approved the Council’s Annual Risk Assessment.
d. Members approved the Council’s Asset Value for 2022/23 as £ 1,376,724.00.
e. Members approved the Council’s Safeguarding Policy 2023.
f. Members approved and signed the income and expenditure report as at 28 February 2023.
g. Members approved and signed the Bank Reconciliation as at the 9 March and trial balance as at 28 February 2023. The supporting bank statements were made available for the trail balance.
h. Members noted the list of payments made between 1 – 28 February 2023 totaling £11,441.93 Two councillors had reviewed all invoices and signed to confirm they matched the payments previously made.
i. A list of payments to be made totaling £3,474.85 were approved.

Councillors received an update on the consultation regarding Down Farm Barn and discussed the distribution of the questionnaire.

Members had previously considered and selected a contractor to empty the litter bins located on Parish Council land for 2023/24. Unfortunately, the contractor had since advised the Council it could no longer deliver the contract. The Clerk advised she was waiting for an additional quotation and in view of the limited timescale it was RESOLVED to delegate the decision on the appointment of a contractor to the Property Management Committee.


The Chair updated Members on the meeting of the Community & Environment Committee held on 6 March 2023. He informed Members that two virtual meetings had taken place with the contractors that had submitted proposals to update the Council’s website. The Committee also received an update on the Council’ Facebook page.

Members RESOLVED to delegate the decision to appoint a contractor to update the Council’s website to a ‘selection group’ comprised Cllrs Rosemary Clarke, Christopher Paterson, and Peter Hurst together with the Chair and Clerk.

Members RESOLVED to approve the Council’s Facebook implementation plan.

a. Members received the draft minutes of the meeting of the South Lane Meadow Trust held on 28 February 2023.
b. Members received an update on the Agreement for Lease and Lease with the Cricket Club for the Cricket Pavilion.
c. Members received an update on the Car Park project. Cllr Foster circulated a plan of the car park layout of the topographical survey recently completed. Reference was drawn to the southern line of parking bays, where the kerbs clashed with existing trees. Cowans, the council’s consultant, had asked that it consider whether a small number of trees could be removed. Two of the SLMT Trustees had assessed the trees and considered that they were not good examples, some had self-seeded the Trustees agreed the trees should be removed. It was proposed that the trees are replaced to enhance the area by the picnic tables (after the car park has been constructed) with appropriate species. It was RESOLVED the trees identified along the south, west and north east perimeters could be removed if necessary and that replacement planting would be considered after the car park was constructed.

a. It was RESOLVED to exclude the Public and Press due to the confidential nature of the business
about to be transacted in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions of Meetings) Act 1960.
b. Members considered a recommendation from the Staffing Sub- Committee on the Clerk & RFO role.

The next Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 11 April 2023 at 7.00 pm in the Blue Room,
Clanfield Memorial Hall.

The meeting was closed at 9.15pm

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