Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 13th June 2023
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:35
  • Location: Blue Room, Clanfield Memorial Hall

Meeting minutes:

There were no apologies for absence, all Councillors were present. Apologies were noted from District Cllr John Smart and County Cllr Rob Mocatta.
Cllr Clarke declared a non-pecuniary Item 11 (a) and pecuniary interest item 11 (b) (minute reference 73/23) and consequently took no part in discussion or voting on those matters.
The minutes of the previous meeting held on 23 May were approved and signed by the Chair of the meeting.
Two applications had been received and considered to fill the remaining vacancy on the Parish Council. Arthur Agate was present at the meeting and was asked to leave the meeting when the applications were discussed.

Members considered the merits of each application in turn. After the discussion it was unanimously RESOLVED to co-opt Helen Glover as she would bring relevant skills and experience to the Council and was immersed in Clanfield life. Arthur Agate was invited to return to the meeting and was informed of the outcome. The Chair thanked him for his interest and advised him there were other opportunities to become involved with the Parish Council.

The Chair advised Helen Glover would be invited to attend the next Council meeting after she had signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office in the presence of the Clerk and completed a Register of Interest form.

A resident asked if Hampshire Highways installed signs indicating where the Defibrillators in the Parish were located. The Clerk advised she was not aware of these signs but would confirm. Another resident stated that residents in Clanfield did not know where the Parish defibrillators were located. Cllr Hunter advised that when residents call 999, they would be told where the nearest defibrillator that is in service is located.

A resident asked about the monthly support grant the Parish Council pays to Community First, the operator of the Clanfield Centre. As previously advised, the support grant agreed by the Council is subject to certain conditions and is time limited. Members of the public also offered their views about the running of the Clanfield Centre and considered the Council’s support grant provided no incentive for the operator to improve. They further commented about the office space occupied by the Parish Council. The Chair advised that comments about the running of the Centre should be directed to Community First. The Council Office was used as a meeting venue, storing Council records, providing daily public access to the Parish Council as well as an office base for staff.

The Chair welcomed the new Parish Councillors to their first meeting.

He asked Councillors to think about which Committee they would be interested in. It was anticipated that meetings would reconvene in September. The Clerk would circulate the committee terms of reference. He would ask existing Councillors to Chair the Committees this year with a view to the new Cllrs taking on the Vice Chair.

Planning Committee meetings will be reconvened. Cllr Clarke had agreed to be Chair and would be joined by Heather Watkin, Jane Woodroof, Lesley Hope and Christopher Paterson. Meeting dates are not scheduled, the Clerk would convene a meeting in consultation with the Chair when planning applications are received from the District Council.

The Parish Council had received notification of four minor projects coming out of the Clanfield Feasibility Study also referred to as the Accessibility Study. Havant Borough Council has been commissioned by Hampshire County Council to provide proposals on various improvements to the pedestrian links which would benefit the local community. The details will be considered at the July Council meeting.

The Clerk has prepared a project plan report that was updated for each meeting. It enabled Councillors to keep informed about the Council’s major projects.

District Councillor Chris Tonge reported it had been five weeks since the election and the coalition between the Conservatives and the Whitehill & Bordon Community Party is still settling in. There is a concern about the impact on the Southern Parishes. The District Councillors were planning to hold a monthly surgery on a Tuesday between 6-7pm at the Clanfield Centre.

a. Members received the Internal Auditor’s Report and considered the update on the interim recommendations. Members thanked the Clerk.
b. Members considered and approved the Annual Governance Statements 2022/23 and were signed by the Chair and the Clerk.
c. Members approved the explanation of variance for box 3 ‘Total other receipts’ and box 4 ‘Staff costs’.
d. Members approved the Accounting Statements 2022/23 and were signed by the Chair.
e. Members confirmed the dates for the Exercise of Public Rights to inspect accounting records as 20 June until 31 July. The Notice will be dated the 19 June.
f. Members received an Earmarked Reserves report as at 31 March 2023.
g. Members confirmed that there are no conflicts of interest with BDO LLP.

a. The income and expenditure report as of 31 May 2023 had not been circulated prior to the meeting and was therefore not considered.
b. Members received and approved the bank reconciliation and supporting bank statements and trial balance as of 31 May 2023.
c. Members received for noting the list of payments made between 1 – 31 May 2023.
d. Members approved and the Chair signed a list of payments totalling £6,103.14.
e. Members approved the funding report 2022/23 for the neighbourhood portion of the
Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The balance of funds was £11,882.05.


Members received an update on the Council’s principal projects. The Chair advised the report would be updated to include the name of a Councillor lead for each project. It would also be expanded to include two current projects to renew the website and a review of staffing requirements agreed by the previous Council.

Members agreed to convene the working group looking the consultation on the disposal of
Down Farm Barn.


a. Members reviewed the allotment agreement. Members approved minor changes in respect of the supervision of children and the dangers of using compost that may be contaminated with invasive plants.
b. Members reviewed the annual allotment charges, and it was RESOLVED to increase the charges as follows:

Plot Number                   Size (sq.m)                              Rent                            Deposit                Facilities
Site A
1 - 26                                 75                                             £57.00                        £30                       Shed or Locker

Site B
27                                      36                                             £31.35                         £30                       N/A
28 - 31                              32                                             £28.50                       £30                        N/A
32 - 51                              40                                             £34.20                       £30                        N/A

c. Members considered a quotation to replace the cladding around the viewing platform at Clanfield Pond. Members RESOLVED to approve the quotation.
d. Members considered a proposal from Clanfield pond volunteers to install an information board. Members were fully supportive of the information board developed by volunteers.


a. Members received an update on renewing the Council’s website. The next phase would be to select the supplier. Cllrs Harris, Clarke, Watkin, and Hunter would form a selection panel. The Clerk would circulate the quotes.
b. Members received an update on the Council’s Facebook page. The Assistant Clerk monitors activity but it was agreed it needed to be proactive and engaging to increase the followers. The Chair flagged options to recruit a media student that are required to have work experience as part of their studies.
c. Members received an update from Cllr Christopher Paterson on the work of the Tree Working Group that continues to meet monthly. The focus of their work is the removal of stakes from the trees and the management of the saplings on Down Farm Park.


Members received a list of planning applications in the Parish.


a. Members received an update on the Car Park project. The Council were waiting to receive confirmation of the start date from the contractor.
b. Members received an update on the construction of the Cricket Pavilion.

The next Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 11 July 2023 at 7.00 pm in the Blue Room, Clanfield Memorial Hall.

The meeting was closed at 9.25pm.

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