Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 11th July 2023
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:15
  • Location: Blue Room, Clanfield Memorial Hall

Meeting minutes:

Apologies were received from Cllrs Dave Harris, Brian Foster, and Jane Woodroof. Apologies were also noted from Chris Tonge.
There were no declarations of interest.
The minutes of the previous meeting held on 13 June were considered. Under item 64/23 of the meeting, Cllr Clarke had declared a non-pecuniary and pecuniary interest. The adjustment to the minutes was corrected and approved and were signed by the Chair of the meeting.

A resident highlighted that the drains at the end of Hambledon Road where it meets South Lane and Homefield Way were full of weeds. County Councillor Mocatta agreed to report this.

Russell Cleaver, Chair of the Hampshire Monday Group thanked Clanfield Parish Council and County Councillor Mocatta for the grant funding to purchase a trailer for the group. Enough funding has been raised to enable Russell to order the trailer. The Chair thanked Russell for his continued support coordinating the work of the Council’s volunteer tree group.

There were no items to report.


District Councillors
District Councillor John Smart circulated his report at the meeting.
District Cllrs supported the Clanfield Festival that was held on 1 July, with grant funding.
Cllr Smart is a member of the District Council’s Planning Committee.
The District Councillors would hold a monthly surgery on the first Monday of the month between 6.30 - 7.30pm which will be held in the Café at the Clanfield Centre. Parish Councillors were invited to attend the sessions.

The District Council’s “Shaping East Hampshire’s Future” project was working on the demerger with Havant Borough Council.

County Councillor
County Councillor Mocatta reported that from July residents are being asked to separate their waste ahead of a visit to a Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) to reuse and recycle more, and to reduce the amount of material that goes to costly disposal methods such as landfill. By taking a few moments more to sort our waste material, we could save up to £200,000 of taxpayers’ money every year.

Hampshire County Council has been appointed by our government to prepare a ‘Local Nature Recovery Strategy’ for Hampshire, including the areas of Portsmouth and Southampton. £388,000 will be provided to coordinate the development of the new strategy in collaboration with key partners. The Strategy will bring together organisations and residents to restore precious habitats, protect wildlife and combat climate change.

Hampshire County Council has welcomed the statement of intention from our government to progress a single County Deal for the area, designed to bring significant investment into Hampshire’s economy and devolve other funding and powers currently held in Whitehall Departments. The deal recognises the importance of the whole region to potentially secure an additional £1.14bn of investment for the County’s population of 2 million residents.

The Leaders of Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth, Southampton City Councils, and the Isle of Wight Council will be invited to participate in negotiations with the Government to move a potential Pan-Hampshire Deal forward.

The Pan-Hampshire area covers Hampshire County Council, and Southampton and Portsmouth City Councils, the 11 district and borough councils within the County Council administrative area and the Isle of Wight Council. Also, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council.

a. Subject to Jane Woodroof confirming her preferences, the Membership of the Council’s
Committees were agreed as follows:

b. The Chair of the Council’s Committees for the forthcoming year were elected as follows:

Committee meetings would reconvene in September. The Clerk would circulate the schedule of meeting dates. The Planning Committee meets when there are applications to consider.

85/23 Council nominated Trustees on the South Lane Meadow Trust for 2023/24

Cllrs Lesley Hope, Heather Watkin and Helen Glover were appointed as Parish Council Trustees on the
South Lane Meadow Trust.

Members had received the consultation document on the proposal to sell the Barn site for development. The consultation dates from 1 August to 12 September 2023 were approved. The method of consultation was discussed. Due to cost, the Consultation Document would not now be sent by post. The consultation would be promoted on the website, Facebook, notice boards and flyers around the Parish. Hardcopy forms would be available from the Parish Office. Cllr Hunter suggested the Council consider an advert in one of the local business directories that would be delivered to every household in the Parish. Other options to deliver information to every household were explored, including using the Blendworth Centre for delivery.


a. Members approved the income and expenditure report as at 30 June 2023.
b. Members approved the bank reconciliation, bank statements and trial balance as at 30 June 2023.
c. Members received for noting the list of payments made between 1 – 30 June 2023.
d. Members approved a list of payments totalling £5,593.88.
e. Members received a verbal report on the quarterly review meeting with Community First held on 28 June 2023. Members discussed the operating challenges and whether there was a business case for the provision of a gym at the Centre. The Council and Community First worked with a local architect on a proposed design and latterly the Council obtained estimated build costs. These were higher than anticipated and alternatives would now be explored. The Council were keen to find a workable solution for the Council and Community First. It was suggested that the Parish Council engage with East Hants District Council, who commissioned the building to help find a workable solution to the challenges presented by a building of its size, scale, and layout. A meeting would be held on 13 July with David Brightwell Architect, to discuss a possible gym at the centre.
f. Members approved changes to the bank mandate for Lloyds, NatWest & the Co-operative Bank.


a. Members discussed the recent illegal encampment at Peel Park. Councillors praised the quick response of the Police. A section of the knee rail fence around the car park had been removed using a chainsaw, the repair cost was £220. Councillors discussed whether additional security measures that were necessary. It was agreed that additional measures
would require maintenance and may not prevent an illegal encampment. The Council would continue to close its car parks and be prepared to serve notice.
b. Members considered a review of all Council land would be useful and Council referred the action to the Property Management Committee.


a. Members received and considered details of planned works by Hampshire County Council under the footpath and accessibility scheme. The planned works included:
      I. Dropped crossings, various locations. The proposed works were fully supported by Members.
      II. New gateways on Sunderton Lane & New Road.
      The purpose of the proposal was to reduce speeding on both Sunderton Lane and
      New Road and dissuade motorists using the residential roads as a cut through…. by
      introducing new gateways into New Road and Sunderton Lane on their junctions with
      Drift Road and Chalton Lane.
      Members raised several concerns about the proposed gateways, particularly at the
      Chalton Lane end of Sunderton Lane and New Road.

     Sunderton Lane
     Access into Sunderton Lane from Chalton Lane is a single track and on a brow of a
     hill, meaning drivers that meet another leaving Sunderton Lane would be required to
     wait on the brow of a hill on Chalton Lane. Further the site line leaving Sunderton
     Lane onto Chalton Lane, looking right towards Peel Park. Equally there is no refuge
     for vehicles required to reverse on Sunderton Lane.
     New Road
     New Road has similar issues to Sunderton Lane at its Drift Road end. The existing
     corner was narrow with vehicles frequently crossing over the white line at this point.
     A gateway at this point would make navigation of this end of New Road worse.
     III. Peel Park, construction of a new footpath from the car park to the play area.
     Members questioned whether the provision of a footpath on the northern side of
     Chalton Lane between Petersfield Road and Peel Park was required. Pedestrians
     already have the option to walk on the footpath on the southern side, using the
     crossing points at the entrance to Peel Park or walk through Peel Park.
     Hampshire County Councils solution was to provide an entrance away from the
     vehicle gates for use by pedestrians and cyclists and construct a new footpath within
     the grounds of Peel Park, linking the car park to the play area. It was noted there was
     no specification for the proposed footpath or its location within the park. Members did
     not support the provision of the new foothpath within Council land at Peel Park.
     Members did support access improvements to the Petersfield Road entrance to Peel
     Park which are steps.
     IV. Pathway from the play area by the Clanfield Centre (Leap) to Green Lane.
     From the map provided, it was evident the location of the proposed new path did not
     match the desire line established by users of the Centre, play area and open space.
     A site visit was recommended.

b. A discussion on the No Mow May was deferred to the Property Management Committee.
c. Members received an updated project plan for July. It was proposed and agreed to add a Tree Survey to the action list.


Members received an update on the Car Park project. Works commence on 17th July 2023. A pre- contract meeting was taking place on 12 July and the Cricket Club would be represented.

The next Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 12 September 2023 at 7.00 pm in the Blue Room, Clanfield Memorial Hall.

The meeting was closed at 9.15pm.

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