Meeting Minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 12th September 2023
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:00
  • Location: Blue Room, Clanfield Memorial Hall

Meeting minutes:

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllrs Peter Carver and Helen Glover. Apologies were also noted from District Councillor John Smart.
Cllr Foster declared a non-pecuniary interest as a member of the Bowls Club.
The minutes of the previous meeting held on 11 July were approved as a correct record and were signed by the Chair.
A resident asked if the Council could establish if Hampshire County Council still hold S106 funds to deliver the ‘Accessibility Scheme’. Councillors had previously considered a report on the scheme at the July council meeting. Hampshire County Council proposed to deliver four of the nine projects set out in the original report of 2017. These were:

1. Access Improvements to Peel Park, works on Chalton Lane footway. The works around Peel Park also involve improved access to the play area from the community centre and area and replacement of steps with a ramp for inclusive access.

2. Pinch points at New Road and Sunderton Lane.

3. Also included is the balance of dropped kerb accesses to several junctions in the built-up area of Clanfield. Previously 19 out of 35 have been completed and these will complete the previously identified dropped kerb access works.

4. Access improvements to the play area (LEAP) at the Clanfield Centre on Green Lane.

Members made comments on the proposals. County Councillor Mocatta offered to arrange a site meeting with Karen Wright. It was unclear whether Hampshire County Council or East Hants District Council (EHDC) holds the remainder of the funds to deliver these projects. The same resident asked when the verges would be cut in the village. County Cllr Mocatta advised EHDC deliver the County Council’s cutting contract. Verges are cut five times per year. It was noted that some verges had not been cut yet. Cllr Mocatta has requested EHDC to provide a schedule of when they are cut and by whom but does not seem to be possible.


The Chair reported that Cllr Jason Hunter had resigned from the Parish Council. The Council agreed his knowledge and expertise was valued. He had offered to provide advice when needed. The vacancy would be advertised. The Finance & General Purposes Committee will meet on 3rd October instead of 19th September.

District Councillor
Cllr Chris Tonge advised the District Council was in recess during August. Several issues had been raised at the Councillor surgeries that included speeding on Chalton Lane and the parking issues at school drop off and pick up times. The District Council’s green waste collection service which he advised had been resolved. It was noted the service had introduced a direct debit payment option to ensure renewals were not missed. Cllr Tonge had recently visited the new Cricket Pavilion in South Lane Meadow and was impressed, including the new car park.

County Councillor
County Councillor Mocatta’s report had been previously circulated. The challenge of more government money being allocated for pot holes was highlighted against less money for maintenance of the road network. The County Council’s deficit needs to be addressed and there are early discussions about how that might be achieved with possible cuts to non-statutory services.

In August the Leader of HCC Cllr Rob Humby met with the new CEO at Southern Water Laurence Gosden. The Chair raised Southern Waters unsatisfactory explanation why there is sewage overflow during heavy rainfall. County Councillor Mocatta drew attention to two planning reform consultations launched recently by the Government which could potentially have a far-reaching impact. Firstly, the Government is consulting on changes to plan-making. This will make the process quicker, and it will also require planning authorities to review plans every five years.

More about the consultation and how to respond is detailed at:
Secondly, the Government is consulting on changes to Permitted Development, including within protected landscapes. This consultation covers changes to certain permitted development rights that allow agricultural diversification and development on agricultural units. The South Downs and New Forest National Park Authorities are not very happy about this proposal. Parish Councils are being urged to respond to the consultation.


Cllr Clarke asked for clarification on the option to deliver information on the consultation to every household using the Blendworth Centre for delivery. She had sent details to the Clerk. The Chair advised that the Council’s advertisement in the local business directory was delivered to every household in the last week of August and had fulfilled that brief.
The Chair advised that about 80 responses had been received to date. The consultation runs until the end of September. The responses were 60/40% in favour of the Council decision to sell the Barn site.

a. Members approved the income and expenditure report as at 31 August 2023.
b. Members approved the bank reconciliation, bank statements and trial balance as at 31 August 2023.
c. Members received for note the list of payments made between 1 – 31 August 2023.
d. Members approved a list of payments totalling £102,782.49.
e. Members noted the renewal of the Council’s insurance policy on 13 September 2023 for Clanfield Parish Council & South Lane Meadow Trust with Hiscox Insurance Company Limited, through Gallagher, on a 3 year LTA.
f. Members received the external auditor report and certificate and noted there were no areas of concern or recommendations raised.
Cllr Paterson, Chair of the Property Management Committee highlighted that the number of Councillors on the Property Management Committee was low considering its significant areas of responsibility. It was RESOLVED that Cllrs Clarke and Watkins would join the Committee with immediate effect. The date of the next meeting was 27 September 2023.
a. Members received for noting the minutes of the extraordinary meeting of Property Management Committee held on 30 August 2023.
b. Members receive the Project Plan update for noting.
c. Members received an update on the transfer of the football pitches. It was noted the transfer had been signed by the Council and returned to its Solicitor to hold on file until the Council instructs them to complete. The outstanding matters to facilitate the legal transfer were with East Hants District Council to confirm the Breach of Condition Notice had been lifted and the sand specification for future maintenance requirements.
d. Members were advised that the pitches were being cut weekly during September by a local contractor. The number of cuts would be reviewed in October.
e. Members considered two quotations to construct a new pathway from the Down Farm Park car park extension to the new football pitches. Members approved a quotation of £2,079.17. The Clerk was asked to investigate whether any grants were available.

f. Members discussed the Council’s responsibilities in respect of the management of trees on its land. Council asked the Property Management Committee to develop a Tree Policy. It was proposed that a working group was formed to allow outside expertise to be involved.
g. Members considered two quotations for an independent health and safety inspection of two protected Oak trees on Green Lane. Contractor B was approved at £554.26.

Cllr Jane Woodroof Chair of the Community & Environment Committee reported on the meeting held on 4 September. The volunteer tree gang had no further plans for any more copse planting in 2023.The Committee proposed that two groups, Energise South Downs and PCAN are invited to a future meeting of the Parish Council to give a presentation. The website proposal was discussed. Cllr Clarke proposed a new project that the Community & Environment Committee are considering. The Parish Pollinator Project run by the County’s Countryside Service are asking local communities to pledge to help enhance their local environment for pollinators and raise awareness of how important they are.

Members received for noting the minutes of the Planning Committee held on 22 August 2023.

a. Members received for noting the minutes of the South Lane Meadow Trust held on 1 August 2023.
b. The following matters were discussed from the minutes.

I. The future of South Lane Meadow Trust. It was still a Council objective to incorporate the Trust under the umbrella of the Council.
II. The Trust’s finances and obligations. There were no plans to allocate the Trust funding through the budget and precept process. Requests for funding would be considered on a case by case basis.
III. Members RESOLVED to allocate up to £500 for timber decay testing at the
Meadow that RoSPA had recommended, the Trust’s Secretary was asked to obtain
a comparative quote.

c. Members received an update on the Car Park project. Cllr Foster reported the car park had been completed ahead of schedule and the feedback from users was positive. The bay markers need to be revisited as the plastic ‘dots’ were being covered by the stones. Signs to indicate the disabled and parent & child spaces were being ordered.
d. Members received an update on the Pavilion project. The Cricket Club had indicated they were continuing to raise funds. The Chair raised the possibility of the Parish Council contributing funds through the Council’s grant scheme.


a. Members RESOLVED to exclude the Public and Press, in the view that publicity would prejudice the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business or arising out of the business about to be transacted - Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.
b. Members considered a proposal from the Property Management Committee regarding the Clanfield Centre.

The next Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 10 October 2023 at 7.00 pm in the Blue Room, Clanfield Memorial Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm.

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