South Lane Meadow

South Lane Meadow is located on South Lane between Drift Road and Chalton Lane. Access to Sunderton Meadow can be found off of Sunderton Lane.

The park is used by locals for a range of leisure activities including cricket, dog walking and events.


Recreational facilities

  • Fenced in play area consisting of:
    • Toddler Area: spring motor cycle; swings;
    • Large play area: seesaw; swings; slide; wooden trail area: two spring rounds; swivel walk; chain walk; stepping posts; chain bridge; chain traverse; incline walk; level pole walk; decline walk.
  • Cycle trail : incline 1,2,3, earth mound, posts, seesaw
  • Barn currently used for storage and by the Cricket Club who have a cricket square and practice area (which may or may not be in use)
  • Perimeter seating and two picnic tables

South Lane Meadow

The South Lane Meadow is managed by a group of 8 trustees split evenly between Parish Councillors and Clanfield Residents (4 and 4).  Meetings are held approximately quarterly in the Peel Park Pavilion when members of the public can attend and have their say during Open Forum.  Details of the meetings are shown on the notice board situated in the entrance to the Meadow and agendas are published on this website at least 3 working days prior to the meeting.

The pedestrian entrance from Sword Close, allows pedestrians to enter the meadow without having to negotiate cars also entering the meadow.

The children’s play equipment is well used.

The meadow has picnic tables and seats along its perimeter.

The meadow has a barn which is predominately used for storage but also for the Clanfield Cricket Club who base the Meadow as their home and they maintain the cricket square independently from the Trustees.

The area is well used by dog walkers and has recently opened its own Facebook page ( by a regular user of the Meadow) dog walkers are urged to ensure that they pick up after their dogs and use the bins provided

If you have any comments on the meadow, either good or bad, then please come along and have your say in the Open Forum.  We will be delighted to see you. Alternately write to the secretary to the Trustees – Mrs E. Barritt, The Council Office, The Clanfield Centre, 2 Endal Way, Clanfield, PO8 0YF.

View Trustee meeting agendas


Sunderton Meadow

South Lane Meadow leads into Sunderton Meadow – this are is kept as an environmental area and is only cut once per year to encourage the growth of wildflowers etc. it is a peaceful area which also has seating and is used by dog walkers as a walking route – there is a bin provided in this area also by the single gated entrance from Sunderton Lane.


Public Consultation - Proposed Cricket Pavilion

Clanfield Parish Council, at the request of the South Lane Meadow Trust, instructed D.M. Nesbit & Company to prepare a Report relating to terms for an area of South Lane Meadow to be leased to Clanfield Cricket Club for a Cricket Pavilion.

This report is to comply with the requirements of Section 119, Charities Act 2011.

This Report has now been completed and is available, with the proposal for the Cricket Pavilion, at Clanfield Parish Office, The Clanfield Centre, 2 Endal Way.

Members of the Public are invited to view the Report and make comments regarding the proposed Cricket Pavilion. The deadline for your comments is Friday 13th September 2022.

Office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 0930 and 1130.