Our objectives

Community, Health and Wellbeing and Sport at the centre of our agenda

In 2019 Clanfield Parish Council adopted a strategy “……to put Community, Health and Wellbeing and Sport at the centre of our agenda…..”

In May 2021 The Parish Council adopted a Committee Structure to manage its assets, community facilities and open space.

The Parish Council meets each month on the second Tuesday at 7pm at Clanfield Memorial Hall.


The Property Management Committee

The Property meets a minimum of 6 times per year ensures that the Parish’s land and property is managed and used in accordance with all relevant legal requirements and agreed by Clanfield Parish Council.

The areas of land under the responsibility of the Property Management Committee are:

  • Peel Park Recreation Ground
  • Sunderton Meadow
  • South Lane Meadow (to the extent not covered by the South Lane Meadow Trustees).
    Down Farm Park including allotments sites, the car park and the children’s play area and in the future (when transferred) the junior football pitches.
  • Open space areas adjacent to the Clanfield Centre comprising the large field at Endal Way, the Tennis Courts (leased to the Clanfield Centre), the Storrington Road field, the MUGA and LEAP (but excluding the hard surfaces, the car park and access which are let with the Clanfield Centre)
  • Chalton Green
  • Bowling Green, Down Farm Park (7 Columbine Way, Clanfield PO8 0WJ) - let on Lease with the sports pavilion to
  • Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club.
  • Land at Duncton Road
  • Village Wellhead, South Lane
  • Village Pond, Chalton Lane


The Finance & General Purposes Committee

The Finance & General Purposes Committee meets 6 times per year and considers any finance related issues as well as developing the budget and precept for the coming year and other governance responsibilities.

The Staffing & Remuneration Sub-Committee

The Staffing & Remuneration Sub-Committee reports to the Finance & General Purposes Committee and manages all staffing matters. The meetings are not open to the public due to the confidential nature of the matters that are discussed.

The Community Working Group

The Community Working Group has three main workstream objectives:

Youth and Community, which includes the formation of a Youth Council, summer activities and the development of a Clanfield Award Scheme

Public Art - A three-phase project which was launched at a public meeting in January 2020.

Environment & Biodiversity comprising a wide range of initiatives (under the umbrella and mandate of the Climate Emergency declared by the Clanfield Parish Council on June 3rd, 2020).

The Community Working Group, within its mandate, makes recommendations to the Clanfield Parish Council but does not have authority to take decisions on behalf of the Parish Council.

Planning Committee

Clanfield Parish Council is a statutory consultee on all planning applications in the Parish. The purpose of the Planning Committee is to consider the planning applications and formulate and agree the comments of the Parish Council. The Clerk submits the agreed comments to the Planning Authority (East Hampshire District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority) within the consultation timeframes.