Financial Reports

The Parish Council aims to give excellent value for money as it raises and spends money for the benefit of the local community.

Thieves lane  

Local authority accounts

Summary of your rights

Corn field  

Parish Council Precept 2021/22

Budget figures for 2021/22 as agreed

South Downs Way Sign Clanfield Parish  

Parish Council Precept 2020/21

Budget figures for 2020/21 as agreed

Corn Field North of Clanfield Parish  

Parish Council Precept 2019/20

Budget figures for 2019/20 as agreed at the December 2018 meeting

Clanfield parish  

Audit 2017/18

Year end accounts

Bluebell Wood Gate  

Audit 2019/20

Audit for the year


Audit 2020/21

Audit for the year

Bus stop  

Audit 2021/22

Audit for the year


CIL Reports

Community Infrastructure Levy Reports