Christopher Paterson

Vice Chair of Council & Chair of Property Management Committee

Christopher Paterson's bio:

I moved with my wife to Clanfield in November 2020. Our house originally belonged to my wife’s late parents, who moved to Clanfield in 1957.

I was co-opted as a member of Clanfield Parish Council in September 2022.

I effectively retired in March 2022, although I continue to be employed as a consultant. I spent my career working as a lawyer specialising in the needs of older clients and their families. I believe my professional skills set will enable me to offer guidance to the council in its work.

My involvement with Clanfield Parish Council started with an invitation to join the Environment Working Group (part of the Community & Environment Committee) as a non-Councillor member of the “Tree Gang”, which plants and cares for tree saplings in this parish.

I am a great believer in the benefits of the “Great Outdoors”, being a regular gardener, walker and runner. I am a member of Clanfield Joggers.

Tackling the adverse effects of global warming is undoubtedly the greatest challenge we now face, and I am keen to play my part here in Clanfield.

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