Heather Watkin


Heather's bio:

I initially moved to Clanfield in 1957 with my family and grew up in the village, attending Clanfield School. I only moved away when I married. My parents continued to live in Clanfield for the rest of their lives; my husband and I returned to live in the family home in 2020.

I was co-opted as a member of the Clanfield Parish council in May 2023. I retired in April 2016, spending my career in both the civil service and private defence research. I undertook management of people, projects and staff and worked in cohesive teams to deliver the customer requirement. I believe these skills stand me in good stead to assist in Parish Council matters. I have also recently completed a large building project and am now conversant with planning and building regulation procedures and processes.

I am keen to help Clanfield Parish be the best living environment it can be for residents of all ages. I also believe that enjoying the beautiful countryside we live in is of the utmost benefit and enjoy countryside walking and managing the garden. I also enjoy the community spirit in Clanfield and am a member of the gardening club and the women’s institute.
I am keen to enhance the community for its residents and to assist the council in any way I can.

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