Meeting schedule 2022

Below is the full list of meetings scheduled for Clanfield Parish Council in 2022.

Full Council  Meetings

January - 11th
February - 8th
March - 8th
April - 12th
May - 10th
June - 14th

Council meetings are held in the Blue Room, at Clanfield Memorial Hall and commence at 7pm.

Finance & General Purposes Committee

January - 19th
March - 23rd

Property Management Committee

February - 16th
April - 13th

South Lane Meadow Trustees

February - 15th

All other meetings are held in the Council Office at The Clanfield Centre, 2 Endal Way, Clanfield PO8 0YF and commence at 6.30pm

All meetings are open to the public EXCEPT The Staffing & Remuneration Sub-Commitee