Meeting minutes

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  • Date: 18th July 2017
  • Duration: 19:00 - 20:47
  • Location: Clanfield Memorial Hall - Blue Room

Meeting minutes:


Apologies received from Cllr Crookshank


The Chairman and Cllr D’este Hoare declared an interest in item 17 on the agenda as they are South Lane Meadow Trustees; Cllr White declared an interest in the Memorial Hall and is Chairman of the Patient Participation Group; Cllr Bannell on Windmill View;


The minutes of the June meeting had been circulated and, following amendments which Cllr Foster requested and which were agreed to Minute 78/17, it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record. The Minutes of the extraordinary meeting held on 11th July had been circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record.


The meeting closed at 7. 05 p.m. to allow members of the public to raise issues with regards to agenda items –

Mr Trippick had submitted a written question prior to the meeting and he raised it at this point – concern with regards to the limited amount of car parking which is to be provided at St James Place next to the bowling green and sports pavilion. He asked if there was a commitment from the Parish Council to provide additional car parking before people joining the new bowls club would be asked to pay their subscriptions. Mr. Trippick stated that it did not seem fair to ask for subscriptions and be unable to offer parking. In response, Cllr Foster stated that no definitive answer could be given at this time for both land ownership and planning reasons. The size of the car park had been accepted by EHDC when the planning application for the St James Place development had been submitted and determined. However, the PC is investigating the possibility of extending the car park but, as things currently stand, the developer was not due to be transferring the land, on which additional parking could be located, to the PC until towards the end of 2018. If the developer should agree to bring forward the transfer date for the additional land, the PC had been given an indication that an extension to the car park using a terra matting surface might be considered to be permitted development but that had not yet been confirmed. Otherwise, a planning application would need to be prepared and submitted. For these reasons, the PC was unable to provide the assurance that Mr Trippick was seeking. It was however agreed that the interest in membership of the bowls club was very encouraging. At this point Mr Trippick left the meeting.

Mr Howes asked if he could address the Council under Item 17 on the agenda – agreed. Mr Costello reported that the speed bumps had no effect at all – traffic was going faster between Hazel Road and Chalton Lane – Cllr Foster and County Cllr Mocatta would meet to discuss traffic issues; Cllr Moon stated that the traffic calming had been installed following various public consultations.

The meeting reconvened at 7.22 p.m.


Cllr Moon reported that he had supported the PAT dogs – Pets as Therapy cause from his Councillors budget to the sum of £1,000. He reported that EHDC were the only Council to cut its Council Tax and they were on track to reduce again and by 2019/20 not be reliant on the Council Tax. The Wheels to Work scheme was supported to enable young people to get to work etc – they pay £17 a week to hire a scooter which includes insurance and maintenance the only extra is the fuel costs. This is a successful scheme and fully supported by EHDC. He called for volunteers to support the Friends of Petersfield Hospital. He reported that the 3 parishes Summer Fayre was a success and he is hoping that Cllr Schillemore will run it again next year he also reported that the Clanfield Celebrations Fayre was a success; EHDC Cabinet had supported local causes with grants of £82,928.00 – from £1,000 to £25,000 – the Memorial hall toilet refurbishment had been supported by grants from EHDC and the Parish Council. Butserfest were re-locating this year. He reported on the election votes – the highest turn out for 20 years.

County Councillor Mocatta reported that HCC are making financial cuts of £140 million and he would report back at the September meeting. Staunton Country park is undergoing a £3.5 million upgrade and the QECP have applied for a grant for an upgrade – the plans were not yet known; a concern was raised again regarding who is responsible for the verges and borders as the triangle section of verge at the bottom of Endal Way needed attention – Cllr Mocatta would find out who is responsible for this area; An issue was raised regarding the grass and weeds in the gutters throughout the village – if and when do these areas get treated? Cllr Mocatta suggested that these types of issues can be reported on the Hantsweb page and to report any problems with the site to him directly; there is a proposal to cut the verges less and less vigorously for rural areas.

Cllr Moon submitted Cllr Wrens apologies he was currently back in hospital – the Chairman asked him to send the Councils best wishes.


To update with regards to the progress on the Green Lane facilities – the Chairman reported that the Broadband was scheduled to be installed this week. The ducts have been covered over with tarmac – these have to be located – there is currently no duct into the building so a hole may have to be drilled in the wall. The CCTV was to go into the same ducting – hopefully these issues will be sorted out in the next few weeks. The last kitchen items had now been delivered and the installation work should shortly be completed

To update with regards to the allotments – Cllr Crookshank had submitted a report to members: Barratts have arranged for the soil they put at WV allotment site to be scraped off again. It is being "graded" which involves removing builders rubble, sawn off timber, large stones etc. The graded top soil will be approximately one foot deep. Barratts have confirmed that the 14 storage lockers in the communal building will be a metal mesh, not wooden trellis. Poles have been placed in the ground to advise Barratts the positions of the 6 water points. It was hoped they could be on pathways throughout the area but we requested they are spaced along the fence boundaries as the PC do not have the equipment for measuring such a large area. There will be one near the building so that plot holders can wash muddy tools and boots. Developer's contributions funding is confirmed for the cost of providing terramatting car parking.

99/17TO UPDATE ON THE DOWN FARM PARK (St James Place) COMMUNITY FACILITIES - Working Group Report inc lease and licenses. Question regarding lack of parking provision submitted by a member of the public

Cllr Foster reported that the Bowling Green surface has been laid, somewhat early, but does require some stretching and testing. There is currently no handover date. The CCTV will be installed asap – permission had been granted for the Working Group to visit the site. The car parking had already been raised. Cllr Bannell updated members on the progress of the legal work in preparation for the transfer of the land at St James Place from the developer to the PC in phases from August 2017 to December 2018. In response to a query that had been raised at the previous meeting, it had been established that the hedges around the site belong with the land and, therefore, they will become the responsibility of the PC once handover has taken place. With regard to the proposed lease between the PC and the new Bowls Club on the bowling green and the sports pavilion, Cllr Bannell had met with fellow Working Group members Ken Graham (bowls) and Shaun Dominy (football) when a number of points relating to the draft documentation had been discussed. The situation was now as follows:

  1. Draft Heads of Terms for the Lease (PC / Bowls Club) - No change from the version approved by the PC on 2nd May 2017 except for the commencement date which, it was thought, would now be in September.
  2. Draft Permitted Hiring Purposes - Members had before them a revised list which now excluded business offsite daytime meetings and wedding receptions but included bowls club members’ birthday parties and wakes. The PC indicated that it was content with the revised list.
  3. Draft Hiring Conditions - No change from the version approved by the PC on 6th June 2017. The maximum capacity for any event would be completed when it had been assessed.
  4. Draft Heads of Terms for the Football Club Licence (Bowls Club / Clanfield Football Club for use of parts of the sports pavilion by the football club) - Members had before them a slightly revised version which they approved. It was noted that this had been agreed by Ken Graham and Shaun Dominy, the latter subject to the approval of the Football Club’s Committee.

It was also noted that Ken Graham (on behalf of the proposed Bowls Club) had withdrawn the request for an age restriction to be imposed on the use of the changing rooms by the Football Club on the understanding that the separate Licence between the Parish Council and Clanfield Football Club for the use of the sports pitches will specify that the pitches may be used for junior football only. All duly agreed. The proposed Bowls Club will be taking steps to form its Committee and appoint Trustees (for the purpose of signing the Lease with the Parish Council) in the coming weeks. A concern was raised regarding the cladding of the pavilion – was it fire retardant?


Cllr Clarke reported that the process of transferring the 'Crimea' Barn site - Down Farm barn - from the developer to the Parish Council is progressing; Councillor Bannell is spending a great deal of time liaising with the developer and the Parish solicitors. It is possible that CPC may own the property within the next two months. The current indications are that the developer will fence the boundaries of the site on all four sides at no cost to the Parish Council. The long-awaited Phase 1 inspection for the bat survey has now taken place and a draft report produced. The report will not be finalised until the ecologist has been able to complete an evening emergence survey . The Crimea Barn group had displays at the recent Three Parishes Fayre and Clanfield Celebrations, showing the proposals for the barn. The project was extremely well-received and fifteen further residents signed up to join the 'friends' of the barn. Follow 'Please Save Crimea Barn' on Facebook. There would need to be discussion regarding exactly what the barn will be used for prior to submitting a planning application; Insurance cover was being arranged - to be put into place when the property is transferred to the PC; Cllr Beazley joined the Working Group prior to becoming a Council member but it was duly agreed that she would become a Council representative; it was probable that funding and the implementation of the restoration work would be phased; judging by the professional reports that the PC had received, it could be expected that the overall target would be in the region of £350,000 - £400,000. Once ownership was established this could open the door for funding. It was considered that a Project Manager would be required to control the project it was agreed that this could be pursued. A report / update would be sent to the Clanfield Post.


Nothing would be produced until there were firm dates for transfers / ownership etc.

102/17TO RECEIVE CORRESPONDENCE OF NOTE – Electoral Boundary Review

Issues raised regarding the fencing etc remaining after the Walburton Way junction work also the condition of one of the dropped kerbs
Correspondence regarding the bus stop area at the Wellhead
Response to enquiry regarding Councils response to planning application at 1 Drift Road - resolved
Docs regarding travellers at Whiteland Way
Various enquiries regarding usage of the new Community building
Recycling bin request for Peel Park – duly responded
Concern regarding: Risk of dogs biting People South Lane Meadow - responded
Electoral Review Of East Hampshire: WARDING ARRANGEMENTS – It was agreed that a submission should be made supporting EHDC in that the Finchdean part of the current ward should be included with Rowlands Castle not Clanfield
Rural Communities Fund – OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS
Public Consultation on draft Traveller Development Plan Document
EHDC – BRING SITE – suggestion of Peel Park – not favourable
Parish and Town Council Evening ~ Penns Place ~ 6:30pm Wednesday 16th August 2017
- East Hampshire Cycling and Walking Strategy
HCC Waste tracker survey
Hampshire Association of Local Council Awards 2017
Growing a Rural Community Survey for Hampshire
Infrastructure Projects SDNPA Area - request for details
Poetry Trail on the South Downs Survey
Notification of submission of the West Sussex Joint Minerals Local Plan


A Sunderton Lane resident previously approached the Council regarding speeding in the village it was suggested there could be more “build outs” in the village – the date for the public exhibition regarding village access etc was not yet known – funded with St James Place s.106 monies. Cllr Moon stated that the work done to reduce speeding in the old part of the village took 9 years. Any proposed gateways at the end of Sunderton Lane would not be supported as emergency vehicles access would be required. A question was raised regarding the speed limit reduction from the A3 /Chalton Lane Cllr Mocatta said the process is underway but he could not give a timeframe.


Cllr Thomas had requested that this item be included on the agenda – it was noted that the area around the Co-operative store was very untidy with litter and lack of attention to the weeds etc. It was duly RESOLVED that a letter be sent to the Co-operative asking them if they would arrange for the area to be cleaned and tidied on a regular basis


To receive financial statement The July financial statement was duly circulated showing the ¼ mark of the precept the balance to date of £410,709.16 it was RESOLVED that the statement be duly accepted

To receive list of payments Payments totalling £16,964.48 (June) £35,614.30 (July) had been issued since the last meeting. Payments presented at the meeting: £2,104.90 - it was RESOLVED that all payments would be duly paid / accepted. The list of payments attached to the minutes for members.


Members biographies were required which would be duly forwarded. The website had not yet gone live.


Adverts had been put on the Noticeboards; The Post; Clanfield Online and the HALC website – three enquiries had been received to date.


Play Equipment Regular reports being received – outstanding issues should be resolved by Mr Andrews

Pavilion The PAT test had been carried out and one item had failed – the extension lead – Clerk to purchase another one - it was considered that the hospitality area would benefit from painting

Application from Clanfield FC to use facilities for 2017/18 season The application to use Peel Park for the coming football season had been received and duly circulated – it was RESOLVED that permission be given for the forthcoming season

There was still a litter issue at the skate park – the new bin had been installed – there were currently five bins in the park - the clerk would enquire as to whether an extra litter pick could be scheduled for the summer period. The CCTV camera at the skate park was not working – clerk had arranged for an engineer to visit. There was an issue with the showers in the pavilion – to be addressed by Mr Andrews. The gates had been closed and a notice posted on them due to travellers in the area – now open.


STORRINGTON ROAD The fence had now been repaired.

SUNDERTON MEADOW Nothing to report

SOUTH LANE MEADOW Mr Howes spoke regarding the proposed surfacing for the footpath round the perimeter of the Meadow – as proposed by HCC – he had an example of a form of surfacing which could be used and was more aesthetically pleasing than tarmac – a form of plastic matting. The officer who was dealing with the scheme would be informed and the option could be discussed at a meeting with him.

POND It was reported that there were ducklings on the pond – a duck house had been installed.

At this point the open space at the top of Whiteland Way was discussed as there had been travellers on the site the Council needed to decide what form of protection they would put in place once they took ownership of the land. It was considered that bunds would be the cheaper option and could be used as part of the landscaping and was the best option in this rural area. The developer had previously offered to install bunds, but withdrew the offer before the Council had fully considered this option. It was agreed that the contractor who had submitted a costing previously be asked to visit the site again and discuss options. It was reported that the open space above the community building would have perimeter planting, by the developer, with hedges and trees which should deter unlawful access.


To receive planning committee minutes The planning committee minutes had been circulated and duly agreed – the next planning committee meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 8th August.

Bus Shelters – update - The issues with the bus shelters had now been addressed and the bills duly paid.

Any other reports Cllr White reported that the Cowplain surgery were trying to provide 7 day a week cover, currently in the pipeline, there was a question as to who would run the service although it was considered there should be a 7 day cover in place

Cllr Foster had attended the Clanfield FC presentation evening; he had attended the EHAPTC and Community forum meetings and circulated reports.


The meeting closed at 8.47 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 5th September, 2017


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