Meeting minutes

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  • Date: 6th June 2017
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:30
  • Location: Clanfield Memorial Hall - Blue Room

Meeting minutes:


Apologies were received from Cllr Crookshank; Cllr Thomas and Cllr D’este Hoare.

There was one application for the vacancy and after consideration it was RESOLVED that Rhian Beazley be duly co-opted on to the Council she had been sent the relevant documentation and had stated that she met the criteria for co-option. She duly took her seat on the Council and signed the required documents.


The Chairman declared an interest in item 16 as he is a South Lane Meadow Trustees; Cllr White declared an interest in the Memorial Hall and is Chairman of the Patient Participation Group; Cllr Bannell on Windmill View


The minutes of the May meeting - the AGM - had been circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record

75/17TO OPEN THE MEETING TO MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC TO ALLOW THEM TO ADDRESS QUESTIONS TO THE PARISH COUNCILLORS – The Period of time designated for Public Participation shall not Exceed 20 Minutes each member of the Public is allowed to speak once only in respect of business itemised on the agenda and shall not speak for more than 3 minutes. A question raised by a member of the public shall not require a response or debate at this meeting

It was stated that the minutes from the last meeting did not include concerns raised regarding the Open Forum changes stating that only agenda items could be referred to – minutes amended.

The changes to the Public Participation session were as per the Standing Orders, the Chairman also explained that the agendas were also becoming very long with a lot of discussion on matters by members; many of the issues raised could be reported to the Clerk between meetings; the new website will have a contact page available; It was felt that the wording of the above made villagers feel unwelcome; it was agreed that matters could be raised at the Chairmans discretion


Cllr Moon relayed Cllr Wrens sincere apologies unfortunately he has been diagnosed with leukaemia and is undergoing treatment – all of his emails will be forwarded to Cllr Moon at the present time – the members sent their best wishes to him. He had asked Cllr Moon to relay his explanation with regards to the question regarding the increase in car parking fees; maintenance; policing and the change required for the new £1 coins. Also small businesses conflict of interest; Options to use cheaper car parks. Cllr Moon had spoken to the Leader and Chair of Planning at EHDC regarding issues with the Windmill View site – levelling of pitches; trunking on site and lighting the matter is being looked into by the Leader; making sure the Parish is getting what is needed and expected to be delivered; the lighting currently being installed is lamp standards – this should be low level lighting ; also who would pay and control the dimming of the lights; these details need to be resolved as low level lights were what was expected; there has been concern as to what was expected on the St James place site with regard to the football pitches.

Cllr Mocatta had submitted a written report with regards to the following: Unemployment rate remains unchanged at 0.8% The total number of unemployment claimants (in March 2017) in East Hampshire was 445, out of 6,655 in Hampshire; HCC have a very good system for reporting problems on the road network : potholes, trees etc…

Cllr Mocatta reported that there is a meeting scheduled this week to discuss the car park/ bus turning area at Nickleby Road and the parking can be enforced if the area belongs to HCC. A question was raised regarding who is responsible for cutting the hedge in Chalton Lane/ Down Farm Park – roadside is HCC – CPC do not want the responsibility of cutting the hedges and responsibility needs to be established prior to take over; - Cllr Bannell would ask specifically as part of the transfer procedure. Cllr Clarke stated that Cllr D’este Hoare should be consulted with regards to the hedge cutting. The process is underway for the speed reduction from the A3 – Chalton Lane. Apr-17


a. To update with regards to the progress with CPI/CSL on the Green Lane facility
Cllr Moon stated that he was looking at a couple of business models; the kitchen was currently being installed the Parish Council need to cover the building under their insurance once the fitting of the white goods had been completed. A letter was required to the developer stating that the PC would accept liability for any damage during the kitchen installation. Cllr Moon said he felt it was the right decision to go with Acorn. The retaining walls were still being addressed; the building Manual and warranties had not yet been received; Cllr Bannell stated that the Council solicitors required the warranties before completion/transfer

b. To update with regards to the allotments - including final draft tenancy agreement
Cllr Crookshanks report had been submitted to members which included : Top soil has been laid at WV. No idea know where it came from or what it brings by way of weeds etc. Barratts has agreed not to use weed killer for now; still hoping for estimated delivery date for community facilities at WV w/c 24/07/17; The fence at WV is yet to be installed by Barratts. They have constructed a new building attached to the communal storage building (which now has the door on the correct side) for housing the services; after hand over CPC will need to arrange for measuring out of the plots, grass seed sowing for the paths, installation of the gates and laying of terramatting; a source of funding for the sheds still needed may have to look at developers contributions; The final draft of the proposed tenancy agreement has been circulated ; possible rental figures are being looked at, this will need to be agreed with finance working party. It is usual to charge per square metre, and take into consideration facilities provided. So SJP rental will be less than WV; WV site is now fully allocated. Some plots at SJP have also been allocated, and new enquiries are being received every week. There have been a number of people who have said they would be happy to help set up and run the allotment association; Delivery of SJP site is estimated to be December 2018; concerns regarding preparation of soil at SJP site were raised at May Green Lane catch up meeting. As were concerns regarding lighting arrangements inside the very dark communal storage building at WV, and provision of an escape door/ measure to prevent someone getting accidentally locked in the communal storage building;

c. To arrange a further meeting with EHDC to discuss the best way forward with regards to all of the 'Community Projects' due to be transferred to the PC.
The Chairman stated that there was a lot of issues regarding all of the community facilities which still needed to be addressed i.e. community building, football pitches sizes; Crimea barn etc and he asked for approval to arrange a further meeting with EHDC to discuss the way forward – this was duly agreed

d. To agree to holding a public meeting to update the residents on the current situation – possible date 26th June
It was RESOLVED that although, in principle, a public meeting should be held the date as suggested be postponed


Cllr Foster reported he had been allowed on site for the first time last week the 1st Fix is being progressed and the plumbers etc. should be going on site shortly.

With regard to the proposed Bowls Club lease, Cllr Bannell’s report is attached to the minutes. Following the previous meeting, the Council’s Solicitors had been instructed to prepare a draft lease document. The list of Permitted Hiring Purposes which had been submitted by the "Bowls Club" representatives on the Working Group was considered but a decision was deferred until the next Parish Council Meeting pending a full Fire Risk Assessment being carried out on the sports pavilion to ascertain its capacity. Cllr Moon could arrange for this to be done along with other public buildings in the village - this would determine maximum numbers of attendees permissible at any event. It was RESOLVED that this course of action would be duly arranged. The general feeling of members was also that, as far as possible, the list of Permitted Hiring Purposes for the sports pavilion should not conflict with other facilities in the village - e.g. weddings. On other matters concerning the proposed lease of the bowling green and the sports pavilion, members approved the Draft Hiring Conditions which the Bowls Club will need to include in any hiring agreement (with amendments which were put forward at the meeting) and the Draft Heads of Terms for a Licence between the Bowls Club and Clanfield Football Club to allow the Football Club use of the changing rooms, the kitchen and the store in the sports pavilion. Members were advised that another Licence would need to be prepared in due course - between the Parish Council and the Football Club for use of the football pitches - this would be dealt with in the next 6 months as the football pitches would not be ready until at least December 2018. Thanks were given to Cllr Bannell for the work carried out to date.

The issue of the incorrect size of the proposed pitches was relayed but the FC stated that they could work with what is being provided

With regards to the car park extension at DFP a planning application would be required – surface would be terra mating; protection of the open spaces would need to be considered the Chairman had met a Havant BC officer and he had suggested height barriers at the entrances and instead of dragons teeth bunds could be installed - cheaper and more aesthetically in keeping - this would all need to be considered. A query was raised regarding the WV swale and ownership; at this point the Chairman stated that the Council need to consider what signage they required for the WV site – i.e. directional signage etc as the developer would provide if CPC told them what was required. Cllr Beazley was tasked with visiting local sites and photographing what signage they had.


Cllr Clarke reported that the large storage building to the south of the Crimea Barn site had now been demolished and very importantly, the section of flint wall adjacent that building, which was of concern has been left intact. Thanks were given to Councillor Wren for his involvement with this (Cllr Clarke also noted that today is the anniversary of D Day ). There has still been no response to the proposals for acquisition of the property that were put to the developer at a meeting on 5 April and confirmed to them in writing on 11 April. Also still awaiting a response from the developers to requests for access to the property to undertake a bat survey which will be required to accompany a planning application. The project group is to have a display at the Three Parishes Summer Fayre on 24 June and hopefully at the Clanfield Celebrations on 8 July. The Justgiving online donations page set up by Danny Stallard has now expired, with thirty supporters contributing a total of £1,255, for which we – and Danny - are very grateful. This, together with the precept funding and other grants, provides vital funds for expenses at this stage. On behalf of the project group, Danny has set up a new donation page for those still wanting to contribute. The Rising Sun continue to host a collection box for the project. The developer is expected to leave site at the end of June – the building will need to be fenced off, but the agreement will need to be finalised.


Two estimates for printing had been received for producing the leaflet – the information to be circulated needs to be right and up to date – the Parish Council agreed to allocate up to £250 for the leaflet production.

81/17TO RECEIVE CORRESPONDENCE OF NOTE – village access – footpath in South Lane/ Sunderton Meadow

Clanfield Routes - The Meadows -Parish Council – initial concerns regarding the width of the proposed footpath in the Meadows
Community First Membership Event Invite
Traffic Calming in Chalton Lane Clanfield –issue raised passed on to Cllr Mocatta
Lith View Car Park – query raised from Horndean PC await a response
EHDC - Southern Parishes Summer Fayre and Barn Dance
- East Hampshire Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study Information Request
- Town & Parish Councils Rural-Housing Week
- East Hampshire Passenger Transport Forum
HCC Invitation - Annual County Service 2017
HALC - specialist VAT and finance advisory services
- June update
- Code of Conduct Conference - 14th June - 10.00-15.00 - St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton
Agenda for EHAP&TC Meeting - Wednesday, 7th June - Four Marks Village Hall
INVITE for Clanfield Parish Council to attend Guildford War Memorial Workshops - 16 May
Citizens Advice East Hampshire Update and Partner Survey


The matter of speeding in the village had been raised at the last meeting Cllr Mocatta stated that HCC consider all roads to be safe in Hampshire unless an accident occurs and to change the speed limits won’t happen. It was suggested that 20 mph in the village should be considered. HCC do encourage the use of the temporary speed signs which could be moved around the village it was agreed that as the Transport Representative for the Council Cllr Foster and Cllr Mocatta would meet to discuss possible options


To receive May financial statement The May financial statement was duly circulated showing a balance to date of £433,424.54 this included the VAT refund from 2016/17 it was RESOLVED that the statement be duly accepted

To receive list of payments Payments totalling £3,081.45 had been issued since the last meeting. Payments presented at the meeting: £6,907.18 - it was RESOLVED that all payments would be duly paid /accepted. The list of payments attached to the minutes for members. It was agreed that the change for internet banking to one signature for transfers be implemented and that any payments due could be made before the July meeting

To agree reasonable, and documented expenses required for various activities in connection with the new Community Facilities on Green Lane. The Chairman stated that there would be expenses and costs incurred with regards to the new community facilities in Green Lane i.e. licenses and leases; lawyers fees etc duly agreed that the necessary expenses would be covered as they roll over.


One half of the invoice paid – the other paid at this meeting. The clerk had met with the website representative and discussed the templates etc required for the documentation – the Councillors Bios would need to be produced he did suggest no less than 500 words; photographs of Councillors would be required . The old website would eventually be shut down when the relevant documents had been duly transferred to the new site. Mr Garrett had taken 300 photographs and some of these would be put on the website. Cllr Williams had to do some work for the councillor contact addresses etc.


In view of the pending holidays of both the Chairman and Clerk it was agreed that the advertisement commence the week beginning 3rd July with a view to interviewing during August and possible commencement date of Monday 4th September. Cllr Crookshank said she would be happy to help and suggested that we hire the blue and gold rooms of the Memorial Hall for interviews - she would be happy to meet and greet etc. Cllr Clarke had offered to help go through any applications. The advert would go in the Clanfield Post. Interview panel: Chairman, Clerk and Cllr White


Play Equipment The ROSPA reports had been received and a link sent to members – the reports were sent to Mr Andrews who was asked to address the issues raised and let the Clerk know if there were any he could not do. The grass cutters to be asked to take more care when they cut around the wooden posts.

Pavilion Annual security system checks carried out - PAT test would be arranged

Skate Park bin Delivery expected this week – would be installed asap and arrangements made for emptying


STORRINGTON ROAD The fence leading on to Green Lane had been damaged – order duly placed for the repairs which included a couple of the post at the surrounding wire fence.

SUNDERTON MEADOW Nothing to report

SOUTH LANE MEADOW Minutes of the meetings held in May duly circulated

POND Cllr Clarke reported that there had been ducks on the pond


To receive planning committee minutes; The minutes of the planning committee meeting had been circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be duly accepted. The next planning committee meeting was scheduled for 13th June

Bus Shelters – update – the outstanding works should be carried out week beginning 12th June

Any other reports Cllr White reported that the Clanfield Surgery had held an open morning as they are changing their appointment system – the event was well attended – residents could now register electronically by providing proof of ID and residency enabling easier access to the services provided. Under the new system appointments would be more readily available


The meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 18th JULY 2017


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