Vandalism and Anti-Social Behaviour in Clanfield

Published: 15th April 2021
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“Sadly, hardly a day has gone by without yet another report of vandalism” says Clanfield Parish Council Chairman, John Bannell, reflecting on the Council’s experiences over the past year.

“A small minority of youngsters are causing a shocking amount of damage. It is costing thousands of pounds to repair and we are also now receiving extremely worrying reports from residents of children being physically assaulted and adults being verbally abused.”

The Parish Council is working closely with the Police to try and combat this growing problem and urges residents to join them in reporting every incident on 101 online or, in the event of an emergency situation, on 999 and not on social media.

“There is a growing suspicion that the mention of an incident on social media is becoming a badge of notoriety for some of the perpetrators and their impressionable followers” added Councillor Bannell. “The Police should always be informed and people should not be put off by an initial response to a 101 report that no further action will be taken. Our experience is that it will, especially if further evidence, such as good CCTV images, can be provided.”

The Parish Council is keen to stress that, notwithstanding these setbacks, it is pressing ahead with its community programme which, as the year progresses and the lockdown eases, will include opportunities for young people and initiatives in support of the environment and biodiversity.

“It is vitally important that we continue with this work which I am sure that the majority of our young people, and indeed people of all ages, will wish to support” said Councillor Bannell. “We cannot allow a small and destructive minority to hold us back.”

Any act of vandalism or threatening behaviour should be reported immediately to the Police on 101 or in an emergency on 999.

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