Call for volunteers to help on Wildflower Meadow Project

Published: 23rd July 2021
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The first phase of Clanfield’s wildflower meadow project is definitely going ahead this year, weather permitting.

Final details were signed off by the Parish Council at its meeting on Tuesday 20th July. This is to establish a wildflower meadow on approximately 1.28 hectares (just over 3 acres) of the top field at Down Farm Park which was transferred to the Council from the developers of the St James Place estate in December 2020.

Stage one of the project - essential weed clearance - has already begun and further volunteer sessions are planned for next Tuesday and Wednesday, 27th and 28th July. Volunteers are asked to meet at the Parish Council’s car park in Columbine Way, next to the Bowls Club, at 10 am each morning and to bring a garden fork and stout gloves.

Further details concerning this project are on the Parish Council’s website at

The project forms part of a package of measures which the Parish Council’s Community Working Group is bringing forward in response to the Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency in June 2020. Bee hives have been established on Parish Council land this Summer and, on Tuesday, the Council also approved plans for the first phase of a tree planting programme.

All these projects are fully funded by grants which the Council has secured.

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