Clanfield Awards Launched

Published: 26th August 2021
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Clanfield Parish Council is delighted to announce that it is launching the Clanfield Awards to recognise the talent and hard work of people within the village community.

Cllr Laurent Coffre, Chair of the Council’s Community Working Group which is organising and promoting the scheme, said:

“I look forward to thanking our local community at a special event at the end of the year for the great work it does, day in, day out. We are hoping this will become an annual event.”

Nominations are invited within three categories:

  • Exceptional service to the community: service rendered by an individual, or group of individuals, which has enhanced the life of Clanfield and Chalton residents over the past year.
  • Young person of the year: recognising the achievements of an individual or group of individuals (e.g. team, band, etc), under the age 25, in sports, arts, education, etc.
  • Charity of the year: recognising the work of a registered charity that provides vital support to the community of Clanfield and Chalton.

Any resident of the Parish may nominate any other person or group of people living in the Parish of Clanfield, although nominated charities need not be based in the Parish, as long as their activities benefit the residents of the Parish.

Nominations can be submitted to the Parish Council between 1st September and 30th October 2021.

Nomination Forms and further information can be obtained by contacting...

Clanfield Parish Council
Council Office
The Clanfield Centre
2 Endal Way
Clanfield, Waterlooville
Hampshire, PO8 0YF

Tel: 023 9257 1077

Clanfield awards terms of reference.

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