Crime Prevention Bulletin June 2022

Published: 28th June 2022
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Update from the Force Crime Prevention Team Edition 41, June 2022

Home security in the summer months

Whether you are at home, out for a day trip or enjoying a break away, take a moment to ensure your property is secure. 

  • Make your home look occupied by using  timer switches for lights 
  • Cancel or pause regular deliveries ∙ Avoid discussing holiday plans or posting  details on social media which could indicate your property is empty 
  • Make sure valuable items are not on view  from outside 
  • Before you go away ask a trusted neighbour, family member or friend to keep an eye on your property. Consider asking them to:
    • Park on your drive if you have one
    • Open and close curtains
    • Collect post
    • Water the garden

Remote Access Scams

Remote access scams can begin with a pop-up saying your computer is infected with a virus or from someone claiming to be from your bank. The fraudsters’ goal is to steal your money or access financial information by tricking you into allowing them to access your computer remotely.

A bank or tech company will never call you out of the blue requesting this type of access. It is okay to refuse, reject or ignore these requests. Only criminals will rush and panic you.

£57m was lost to remote access tool scams in 2021

For further information on this or to report a Remote Access Scam please go to the Action Fraud website:

Crimestoppers: How you stay anonymous

The independent charity Crimestoppers has launched a new video to show how your call or email is 100% anonymous. They offer a safe way to report something criminal you may have seen or heard but don’t know what to do or feel scared to give the information.

You can view the video on their website:

Call CrimeStoppers 100% anonymous 0800 555 111

Identity Fraud

Criminals can steal personal information in order to use your identity to do things such as open bank accounts, obtain credit cards and loans or order goods in your name. Protect yourself against identity fraud:

  • Shred documents and letters with addresses and financial information before throwing them away.
  • Check statements carefully and report any suspicious activity to your bank or financial service provider.
  • Use a credit report checking service to alert you to any key changes.

Call ActionFraud the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre 0300 123 2040

Further advice can be found on the Action Fraud website:

Tips for keeping your mobile apps secure

  • Only download apps from the official store for your device, read reviews and choose with care. Rogue apps can still find their way into an official store.
  • Consider the permissions you are granting for the app to access your location, photos, camera, contact or other functions of your mobile.
  • Always download app updates when prompted as they can contain security updates.
  • Read terms and conditions when downloading apps to understand data sharing and in-app purchases.

Visit Get Safe Online for additional advice on using apps safely.

New Counter Terrorism platform ProtectUK

ProtectUK is the new counter terrorism and security platform offering advice, guidance, forums, webinars and training to businesses and members of public. You can register on their website to become part of the community to enable you to be better informed and protected.

Have you been a victim of crime?

Victims’ Commissioner Dame Vera Baird is asking victims to share their experiences of the criminal justice system by taking part in a short survey:

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