The Cost of Vandalism

Published: 3rd June 2019
Categories: News, Clanfield

The recent spate of vandalism to landscaping and community facilities on the two new estates at Windmill View and St James Place in Clanfield was the subject of discussion at the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 14th May 2019.

At the latest count, 24 young trees had been destroyed, hedge plants have been pulled out of the ground and one young person has even been seen on the lower roof of the Sports and Community Centre, resulting in cracked and broken roof tiles.

The newly appointed Parish Council Chairman, John Bannell, told members that, at a conservative estimate, the cost of replacing the damaged trees alone could be around £5,000. That would amount to 3.7% of the current precept which is the Parish Council’s annual income from Council Tax.

He said: “Whilst not all the damage is on Parish Council property, a lot of it is and I think that villagers need to know what the potential cost of this is for every Council Tax payer. Only a very small number of young people are involved but the damage they are doing is significant.

“We will continue to do all we can to help the Police to bring this to an end by reporting every inci-dent that occurs and with the use of CCTV where we have it installed. I would urge everyone to do the same so that we can draw a line under this and focus on all the wonderful opportunities which our facilities offer for people of all ages in our community.”

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