What might a good CIL fund application look like?

Published: 14th November 2019
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Funding advice from the South Downs National Park Authority.

  • Are you actually asking for funds for infrastructure? This covers a broad range of
    projects. However historical and feasibility studies are not infrastructure and bids for
    these types of projects are unlikely to be successful.
  • Ensure you are realistic about the timing of the project. We understand that things
    change however delays of a few years can place into question the deliverability of other
    projects you may be promoting. Applications which say start date ‘unknown’ will not be
  • If it is a large project, consider breaking it down into phases. Funding may be easier
    to secure in ‘bite-sized’ chunks as our funds are not huge and it helps us to plan for the
    longer term.
  • You must let us know how much money you are looking for, a sensible estimate will
    do! Those left blank or unknown will not be prioritised.
  • Projects in locations receiving, or expecting to receive, new housing development will be
    more successful than those that are not.
  • Projects that deliver lots of benefits will be more successful than those that do not,
    especially when they are linked to the South Downs Partnership Management Plan.
  • If you are a Parish or Town Council make sure you are clear about whether there are any
    unspent S106 monies which could be used for your project.
  • Where possible, include evidence of existing demands on the piece of infrastructure you
    are looking to invest in.
  • Large schemes will be more successful if there are a number of parties involved and
    you are not asking the SDNPA to provide the bulk of the money required.
  • If your project needs planning permission, start progressing this before you apply for
    funding. Those with permission will be a much higher priority.
  • Inspire us with your enthusiasm for the project. We don’t need long prose, but
    ‘We seek money to repair a footpath’ is equally not very eye catching! Why that
    footpath? Does it link to others? What is its use like? What repairs are actually needed?
    Are there are opportunities to remove stiles or other obstructions. Would some signs

The next call for projects opens on the 14 November 2019 and closes on the 31 January 2020.

For help or assistance please contact us at cil@southdowns.gov.uk or phone us on 01739 819210

CIL Fund Application Advice - South Downs National Park Authority

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