Parish Council in Discussions with Community First to Run the Centre

Published: 15th July 2020
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At the Clanfield Parish Council meeting last night, it was announced that Community First is likely to be the new operator of the Sports and Community Centre.

During a wide-ranging report on the present situation and the way forward, Parish Council Chairman, John Bannell, said:

“Community First are an experienced, well-established and respected charitable organisation. In principle, they are willing to take on the operation of the Centre. There is still a lot to be agreed but they have given permission for their name to be mentioned this evening so that our community knows that we are working on a potential solution which will enable the Centre to re-open as soon as it is possible.”

Councillors voted unanimously in favour of endeavouring to conclude negotiations with Community First.

Earlier in his report to the meeting, Councillor Bannell had outlined the procedures which have to be followed before the property will be handed back to the Parish Council - it is hoped by the end of July or soon afterwards - and the work that will then need to be done to get it ready for reopening, adding:

“Altogether, it must be expected that this will take about 2 to 3 months even if everything fits into place. It could take longer but, obviously, we will be doing all we can to get the Centre back up and in use for the benefit of the community as soon as we possibly can.”

In the meantime, the arrangements with Active Academy for the use of the tennis courts is expected to continue as normal.

In due course, it may be expected that the Centre will have a new media profile. Until then, all updates will be posted on the Parish Council’s website - - and, with their agreement, on Clanfield Online.

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