UPDATE Travellers at Peel Park

Published: 10th September 2020
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Statement from Clanfield Parish Council

The following is a further statement from John Bannell, Chairman of Clanfield Parish Council:

"I can confirm that the travellers left Peel Park late yesterday evening. The Park has been re-secured."

"However, there is quite a mess of fly-tipping and litter to clear up. We are contacting contractors to put this work in hand as quickly as possible but, until the clearance work is completed, we request that residents should stay away from the Petersfield Lane side of the Park between the play area and the skatepark, including the gaps and spaces within the bushes where human waste may be found. Unfortunately, also, the football pitch has been damaged."

"The Parish Council would like to thank residents for their support and understanding during the last ten days."

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