Update on Clanfield's Car Park Closures

Published: 17th September 2020
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The car parks at Clanfield’s Peel Park and South Lane Meadow currently remain closed due to vandalism and the continuing risk of unauthorised encampments.

The travellers who were occupying Peel Park left at the end of last week and the Park has been cleaned up but, last Saturday evening, the main gates to the car park were severely vandalised necessitating their scheduled replacement to be brought forward. Contractors have been instructed and it is hoped that new gates will be fitted before the weekend.

However, last night, the Parish Council received a report of another possible attempt to gain unauthorised access to Peel Park through the field gate and it is believed that South Lane Meadow may also have been considered by people seeking to set up an unauthorised encampment in the last few days.

Parish Clerk, Diane Duffy, said:

“We are sure that residents will understand the situation, which we are reviewing daily. We will re-open the car parks as soon as the repairs are completed at Peel Park and we feel that the risk of an unauthorised encampment has receded sufficiently. We are anxious to ensure that all the people who use these facilities properly and legitimately are not inconvenienced any more than is necessary.”

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