The skatepark and the MUGA are closed during the lockdown

Published: 6th November 2020
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Clanfield Parish Council has announced the closure of the skateboard park at Peel Park and the MUGA (multi-use games area) at Windmill View to comply with HM Government restrictions following Parliament’s approval of the four week lockdown from 5th November until 2nd December.

Notices have been tied to these two facilities which have also been taped off and the Council is asking all residents for their help in ensuring that the restrictions are observed.

“I know it is difficult when one facility which is open is next to another which is closed” said Parish Council Chairman, John Bannell “but the guidance issued by the Government, Skateboard England and Sport England is very clear. Whilst children’s play areas remain open, skateparks are closed and we have been advised that MUGA’s should also be closed as they are classed as outdoor basketball courts.

“In practice, we cannot do more than put up the notices and tape and issue this announcement requesting residents of all ages to comply so that we all help to suppress the spread of Covid-19, to save lives and to protect the NHS.”

The Parish Council has issued the following colour-coded checklist of those village facilities which are open and those which are closed:

  • Peel Park Play Area - Open.
  • Peel Park Skateboard Area - Closed.
  • Peel Park Basketball Area - Closed.
  • Peel Park Pavilion - Closed.
  • South Lane Meadow Play Area - Open.
  • Bowls Club, Columbine Way - Closed.
  • Tennis Courts, Endal Way - Closed.
  • Windmill View Play Area (next to Community and Sports Centre) - Open.
  • Windmill View MUGA (next to Community and Sports Centre) - Closed.
  • Community and Sports Centre - Closed.

The parks remain open for personal exercise, subject to compliance with Government guidelines and visitors to the play areas are asked to note the Conditions of Use which have been introduced since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and which are on display at each location.

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