Meeting minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 1st November 2016
  • Duration: 19:00 - 20:45
  • Location: Clanfield Memorial Hall - Blue Room

Meeting minutes:


Apologies were received from Cllrs Crookshank; Lamacraft and Clarke

125/16TO REPORT ON VACANCIES – possible co-option

The Council had been officially informed that there had been no call for a by election therefore they could co-opt. There were currently two vacancies following the resignation of Brian Ahern – who had been sent a letter of thanks – there were two prospective candidates in attendance and it was agreed that the Council would look to co-opt at the December meeting.


The Chairman and Cllr D’este Hoare declared an interest in item 16 as they are South Lane Meadow Trustees; Cllr White declared an interest in the memorial Hall and is on the patient Participation Group


An application had been received from Clanfield Online for financial assistance for the refurbishing of the village fingerposts which were in need of restoration – there were 7 metal signs in the Parish – including one in Chalton – and they all needed attention – HCC had agreed to commence work on 4 of the signs at their own cost which left three remaining – the cost of restoring each sign was £800.00 – Clanfield Online were asking the parish Council to assist with 50%funding therefore a request had been received for £1,200.00 after discussion it was RESOLVED that the Council would support the project and donate the requested sum.


The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record.


Apologies were received from District Councillor Wren

Councillor Moon stated that his HCC report would be submitted in due course – he introduced Cllr Schillemore to the members who is the Portfolio Holder for the southern Parishes who said that this was her first opportunity to visit and she would help where she can – Cllr Moon reported that as far as the District was concerned the only information was that the devolution issue was still continuing and would unfold in due course.

With regards to HCC he reported that he has decided to step down as County Councillor as he wished to concentrate his time on the new community facilities and rather than jeopardise them he had decided to step down. He stated that he was passionate about the new facilities and there was a lot to do to get them up and running. The Chairman thanked Cllr Moon for what he had done for the village as a County Councillor and said that it would be a great loss to HCC but it was stated that it was good for the village that he was to focus on the new facilities.


  1. To update and agree the way forward regarding the allotments
    Cllr Crookshank had submitted an update which had been duly circulated to members - the planning application is valid the consultation ends on 4th November. The application was disucssed at the planning committee meeting on 25th October - 8 objections were registered prior to the meeting. Objections relate to whole site, position, size, chemicals that might be used, inadequate car parking and height of fence. If current planning application is refused, there is still permission for the original site and s106 agreement. So the metal have been ordered from the local supplier, who will store them until they can be installed after hand over. rk to Sheet Parish Council have some very large allotment plots available and would be happy to rent them to Clanfield residents. This option will be added to the words to be sent to the first 26 names on the waiting list which will be done after the outcome of the current planning application is known. Funding will be required for the following – sheds, bases, grass paths (approx 1000sqm,) terramatting (for vehicle access to site, overflow car parking and areas of heavy foot traffic such as entrance gate and area around the communal storage building,) compost bins and water butts. Allotment association and tenacy agreements - need to be set up and agreed to run the site and set out rules. Following the planning meeting a revised layout had been submitted by the architect showing three extra parking spaces therefore making a total of 12.
  2. EHDC update
  3. Update on the way forward with regards to the kitchen
    The Chairman asked if the above items could be deferred as a late communication had been received from EHDC which members would be copied on and needed time to consider – therefore these items would be discussed at the December meeting.
  4. To agree Project Management
    The Chairman asked members to consider the appointment of Brian Ahern to act as Project Manager with regards to the next stages of the community facilities aided by himself. The Parish Council insurers would cover the position as if he was a Councillor. It was considered that with his engineering background and knowledge of the community building from the outset he would be the ideal candidate for project manager – it was RESOLVED that he be asked to carry out the role with the Chairman acting alongside him.


Cllr Foster reported that he had set up a Working Group – Cllr Foster; the Chairman and Cllr Crookshank as PC members and three Parishioners – Ken Graham, Michael Trippick and Tom Costello. The focus on their first meeting would be equipment for the bowls pavilion and looking into forming a bowls club. It was suggested that a FC representative should be invited to attend as the pavilion would be a shared facility. There was concern raised with regards to the materials for the exterior of the pavilion but it was stated that there had been no discussion with the PC and what was in the s.106 was what would be provided.


Cllr Clarke had submitted a report which had been duly circulated to members. The planning application which includes retention of the main part of Crimea Barn is nearing completion of the planning process and has the case officers support. The easternmost sections of the barn have now been removed to allow for the Radian section of the development, the flint having been retained for future use, with the intention of rebuilding the original courtyard wall. A working party, including several villagers, is in the process of being formed - first meeting to be held shortly to put together a plan of action for the next PC meeting - the Working Group normally consists of six people 3 Councillors and 3 volunteers – this would need clarification as there was potential for more. The measured survey financed by District Councillors has been completed and plans have been produced. It has been suggested that the next stage was to dig three holes to assess the foundations and the results of this, with photos, could then be presented to the architect before any plans were considered. A fee of £300 has been quoted for this work. A structural engineer would need to be involved in due course, whether holes were dug first needed to be decided – it was stated that the flint walls were bearing the loading of the roof but they needed to be able to take the weight if a new roof. An information leaflet to widen awareness of the project is in preparation, to be distributed to all village households.

OPEN FORUM 7.38 p.m.

Matters raised: What is the proposed usage of the barns: Parish Office/storage of records; museum; lettable office space – considered a good option; courtyard offering outdoor space/communal garden; options for the barns are still being explored as to usage and how they would be sub-divided; feasibility study carried out by Havant BC regarding enhancement/improvement of the shopping area in Drift Road/Green Lane; Clanfield Online would like to work with PC/DC/HCC to enhance the village- possible planting at the Memorial Hall – members invited to their meeting on 16th November; update on bus shelters – order placed looking early December installation; Cllr Foster said that the hedges need tidying on the north side of Chalton Lane and the south side of Drift Road ; Speed limit reduction to 30 mph – Chalton Lane part of the s278 – developers to supply an update as to what was required and when it would be implemented; when would the St James Place facilities be handed over? Not dependant on Windmill View – update required from developer; Cllr Schillemore asked the developer to remove some of the yellow directional signs to the W.mill View development that were in Catherington Lane and any other unnecessary signage;

MEETING RECONVENED 7.58 P.M. (Two Members of the Public Remained)

133/16TO RECEIVE CORRESPONDENCE LIST – Letter regarding Drilling at Forestside response

Thank you letters from Horndean Technology College and St James Church
Enquiries with regards to the new facilities i.e. opening; jobs etc. passed to CPI
Clanfield Online network meeting Wednesday 16 November 2016
Precept capping – precept figure should be set as per household there are an extra 500 houses in the village; if capping is done then every Parish could be affected – if over a 2% increase there could be a referendum
igas community funding
Proposed hydrocarbon exploratory borehole: Markwells wood W. Marden, Hants. – discussed and agreed no action to be taken as not enough information supplied – this issue was discussed at the last Community Forum meeting
Speedwatch – New Road results
EHDC – RAPP and Activ8 details
- Annual Report
- Guidance on Community Governance Review – to be on agenda at Januarys Community Forum meeting
- Community Infrastructure Levy Town and Parish Councillor Workshop for Chairman and Clerk
HCC – Small grants Scheme
Community Challenge Fund: flood alleviation - closing date approaching
HALC – NEC meeting details; Officers Update; Southern Water – Stakeholders Workshop invite
- Focus on Audit - Wednesday 2nd November - 10.00-12.30
- Rural Community Ownership Event, SPARSHOLT - SATURDAY 12th NOVEMBER
- Elections to NALC Larger Councils Committee 2017/2018 – Deadline For Receipt Of Nominations Extended; Social Media Training maybe an event scheduled at HALC
EHAP&TC meeting in conjunction with EHDC - Tuesday, 29th November from 7.00 p.m., Penns Place
NHT Public Representative Survey 2016 for Chairman and clerk
Notices regarding Winchester LPP2 and Traveller DPD
SDNPA – Town and Parish Council Workshops; Local List Review - invite to Parish Councils
Funders Den Event Feedback Form sent to Cllrs D’este Hoare and Clarke for completion


Cllr Foster reported that plans were well underway – the Salvation Army engaged; order of Carols agreed prior to printing; car parking at the farm to be resolved; he was to meet with a representative from the Infant school as they are considering sending a group of year 2 children to sing; volunteers required on the day/evening; there will be a police presence – Cllr Schillemore said that EHDC sponsor three PCSO’s and they may be available to assist.


  1. To receive November financial statement The November financial statement had been circulated to members showing a closing balance of £382,271.07. The financial statement was duly accepted
  2. To receive list of payments Payments issued since the last meeting £2,364.41 this included a payment to SSE – electricity for the new building – queried with EHDC and the developer as it was understood CPC would pay nothing until they took ownership of the facility. Payments presented at the meeting: £5,550.60 - it was RESOLVED that all payments would be duly paid /accepted. The list of payments attached to the minutes for members.
  3. To start to consider projects/expenditure for the 2017/18 precept – members were asked to submit their suggestions for consideration by mid November – the FWG would schedule a meeting in November to work out a provisional precept for 2017/18
  4. Possible Precept capping – raised under correspondence

136/16TO UPDATE ON THE PARISH ASSISTANT – work in progress

As previously stated the Clerk had put together some documents for consideration – these would be viewed, in the first instance, by the FWG at their scheduled meeting.


Documentation had been circulated following communication with Rowlands Castle PC who were the southern Parish co-ordinators. The first point would be to produce a list of what could be required – input from members requested – then Mr Andrews who does some works for the PC be asked if he was able to do the required tasks.


  1. Play Equipment Regular inspection sheets received and passed on to Mr Andrews – the replacement stepping pod tops had been delivered (today) and hopefully would be installed asap
  2. Pavilion (CCTV) The annual maintenance had been carried out – one camera could not be reached due to the obstruction of the tree next to the pavilion – the camera by the skate ramp required a replacement part and this had now been addressed and was up and running again.
  3. Skate Ramps/Bin The bin had been installed at the skate park – it may be that a further bin would be required – this would be monitored. There was a liaison meeting with the users this week and this would be raised. It may be that the bin needed to be emptied more frequently – there are other bins in the park. It was suggested that a tutorial could be held for younger users of the ramps – this would cause insurance implications – Cllr Schillemore reported that she had heard good things about the skate park and the Council should be pleased with what they had achieved. There had been a dog in the park again.
  4. Fence/gate replacement Orders placed for both and it was hoped that installation would be during November.


STORRINGTON ROAD possible village event 2017; An e.mail had been received regarding a proposed Fun Day for a date (tba) in July 2017 – the proposal was for a larger event than was held this year and it was suggested that it may be more appropriate to hold it in South Lane Meadow – the organiser to be contacted accordingly – they have to arrange for their own insurance

SUNDERTON MEADOW Should now have been cut

SOUTH LANE MEADOW The Trustees meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 22nd November

POND; The area around the pond had been cleaned up this past weekend – some trees needed attention; it was possible that the pond would need to be dredged at some point; the fence needed to be replaced as it was rotting – possible precept project; the grass area needed to be added to the cutting schedule as the volunteers who had been cutting the grass were no longer able to do so – a letter of thanks to be sent.


To receive planning committee minutes The minutes of the planning committee meetings had been circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be duly accepted. There was a planning application pending which had to be returned within three weeks – by the 17th November as the next scheduled meeting was not until Monday 21st members of the planning committee were asked to view the application and submit their comments to the Clerk.

Bus Shelters – to update on the current situation The order had been placed and it was anticipated that the shelters would be installed early in December.

Any other Reports Cllr White reported that the Surgery had not yet received the inspectors Report and they were getting concerned – she was due to attend the Care and Commission group

Following a letter being sent to the owner of Clanfield Farm regarding the condition of the entranceway a response had been received since the agenda had been sent out stating that she was willing to arrange and pay for works to be carried out to address the issue but by doing the work she is not assuming future responsibility for upkeep, maintenance or insurance. Although the land along the frontage was owned by the Parish Council the owner did have Right of Access to her property and the land is registered as such. The clerk would go back through the file and it was agreed that an acceptable response be made


The meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 6th December 2016 and will commence at 7.00 p.m.


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