Meeting minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 22nd October 2016
  • Duration: 19:00 - 20:47
  • Location: Clanfield Memorial Hall - Blue Room

Meeting minutes:


Apologies were received from the Chairman - Cllr Collins; Cllr Lamacraft (late attendance) – In the Chairman's absence Cllr D’este Hoare chaired the meeting. The vacancy still remained – notices still on the boards/website – there was one resident showing an interest who was in attendance at the meeting.

Since the last meeting a further resignation had been received from Brian Ahern – EHDC had been informed and the statutory procedures followed.


Cllr D’Este Hoare and Cllr Crookshank declared an interest in item 13 as they are South Lane
Meadow Trustees, Cllr White Memorial Hall, Patients Participation Group


The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record.


County and District Councillor Moon had submitted his apologies

District Councillor Wren reported that he had made enquiries regarding the weeds growing through the re-tarmaced pathways – following the initial weed treatment there was not enough time to take effect – it is hoped that the treatment will be more successful next year; the proposed speed reduction for Chalton Lane from A3 – is in the process of planning; precept capping should not affect the southern Parishes – he would check this with Cllr Moon on his return - he suggested that when the precept was set it should be household specific.


  1. To update and agree the way forward regarding the allotments
    A report had been submitted by Cllr Crookshank the architect had now submitted the planning application for extending the area to includes 12 sheds and terramatting for vehicle access to outside of the site and the overflow car park – cost for application previously agreed. James Snelgar on behalf of the Developer has confirmed that it would not be possible for them to fit gates if they were supplied by the Council; a quote has been received from the local contractor for 1 1.2 m gate and a 2.4 m gate for £910.00 + VAT They state that the price may increase slightly due to the fluctuation in the price of metal. A third quote was received ro £1,050 for a 2.4 m gate. It was RESOLVED that the quotation for £910.00 be accepted and an application be made for developers contributions – the contractor to be asked to store the gates until they are needed – if possible. Cllr Crookhank has written some words to be sent to the first 26 names on the waiting list, which have been sent to Roger Winter for his input. Funding will be required for the following – sheds, bases, grass paths (approx 1000sqm,) terramatting (for vehicle access to site, overflow car parking and areas of heavy foot traffic such as entrance gate and area around the communal storage building,) compost bins, water butts and additional gate. Allotment association and tenancy agreements will need to be set up and agreed to run the site and set out rules. She reported that Sheet PC have unoccupied plots which could be offered to Clanfield residents – this would be included in the letter.
  2. EHDC update
    TV reported that the lawyers / property people are in discussion with regards to the tennis courts/football pitch so the matter is progressing. There is no timescale for the signing of the legal agreement – it is anticipated that
    the building will be completed by November with handover March /April 2017 – all of the facilities would be handed over as one. A question was asked regarding the St James Close pavilion materials was it wood or plastic – it would not be wood.
  3. Update from the Clanfield Parish Institute on the way forward with regards to the kitchen
    There was no-one in attendance at the meeting to answer questions regarding the kitchen etc. – it was suggested that if members had any questions they should send them to the Clerk by the end of the week and a meeting would be set up with the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the CPI which would be attended by the Chairman and Clerk at which point they would relay any questions raised. Cllr White suggested that a meeting should be called by the CPI and members of the PC be invited to attend so they could have a full discussion


There was a concern raised regarding the lack of acoustic insulation in the new proposed pavilion – the toilet facilities being in close proximity to the kitchen – the architect had queried this concern - Tracy Vear from EHDC would look into the matter. With regards to the formation of a working group – Cllr Foster was happy to be a member of a new WG along with the Chairman and possibly Cllr Crookshank with regards to the allotments – the terms of reference would ensure that it was a non-decision making group and would at all times report back for decision making to the full Council. The new pavilion would be a joint facility for both Bowls and Football


Cllr Clarke reported that the planning application for retention of the barn and relocation of dwellings is going through the planning process, the timescale for public comments had now closed. After the last PC meeting she and Cllr D’este Hoare met, with Cllr Wren a local builder who specialised in barn conversions. They learnt more about the barn and received further advice on renovation; the two members attended a Funders Den event, which included the Heritage Lottery Fund and received encouraging advice on grant application submission, they have been offered assistance from Community First, who can also liaise with the Heritage Lottery Team. The measured survey of the barn and site is being carried out, financed by Councillor Moon and the Parish Council and possibly DC Wren. This survey will prepare the ground for the architect to prepare a brief, sketch proposals, and then final sketch plans. A fee of £4100 has been quoted for this architectural work and it is requested that this be met from Parish Council funds. There was concern raised as to where this proposed sum would come from as it had not been budgeted for. It was considered that the next stage should be a structural engineer before plans are drawn up then a legal agreement will have to be approved etc. Cllr D’este Hoare said they had been advised that the buildings were sound – the roofs were the problem. It may be that funding could come from other sources. If the planning permission is granted the PC would have at least three years after signing the legal agreement, if the PC could not carry out the works within that time frame the buildings / land would be transferred back to the developer. The site would need to be tidy as it is on the edge of the development it was agreed that the decision regarding the right way forward be deferred until November as by then the outcome of the planning application should be known and then consider a structural engineers before the plans. It is proposed to produce a leaflet to deliver to all households in the village – there is funding within the publicity budget. A working group will be set up, comprising Parish Councillors and villagers.

OPEN FORUM 7.53 p.m.

Matters raised: Cutting the foliage round the swale in Green Lane – JS would look into this again; the bollard at the Green Lane / Endal Way junction has been knocked over several times ; will there be screening at the front of the new community facility; do the lights at the new facility need to be left on all night; hedging replaced; trees planted around the larger open space area – JS to look into these last matters raised; who will prepare the legal agreement for the Crimea Barns and how long would it take to prepare; Mr Trippick volunteered to assist with the bowls; Petersfield Road culvert – report to HCC; Council tax on the barns?


117/16TO RECEIVE CORRESPONDENCE LIST 2017/18 Local Government Finance Settlement Consultation

Brian Ahern – communications regarding the gas connection for the new facility
Clanfield junior School – copy email sent to HCC regarding traffic calming
Local resident who is keen to be involved with the Bowls Club; Internal Audit Service offer
EHDC – Devolution update
HCC – Small Grant scheme – countryside access; Central Heating Fund; Access Hampshire Newsletter No2; HCC Devolution Consultation
- Parish and Town Council Workshops - Locality Working Presentations
- Warning from Hampshire Trading Standards Service - Doorstep and telephone cold callers offering spray foam loft insulation
HALC – Precept consultation (important)
2017/18 Local Government Finance Settlement Consultation
- Community Challenge Fund; Hampshire Association of Local Councils 69th AGM - Saturday 22nd October 2016 - 10.00-13.30 - Victoria Hall, West Green Road, Hartley Wintney, Hook RG27 8RE
- Hampshire County Council 'Serving Hampshire' Consultation is closing
- Lantra Awards Basic Tree Survey & Inspection Course - November 2016September e.update; Minute Taking Course; Introduction to Appraisals - 11th October 2016 Free Social Media Seminar
SDNP - SDNP Parish Council Two Way Communication Survey
EHAPTC – meeting papers
Electoral Review of Hampshire: Final Recommendations
CPRE – Fieldwork; Countryside appeal for additional funding
Citizens Advice East Hampshire District Meeting and AGM 14th October
Forestry Commission Forest Plan Consultation


The date was set – 9th December – the various attendees had been contacted and Cllr Foster was progressing the other items for the event.


  1. To receive October financial statement The financial statements October showing the halfway mark of the precept had been duly circulated to members showing a closing balance of £388,693.20. The financial statements was duly accepted
  2. To receive list of payments Payments issued since the last meeting £565.50. Payments presented at the meeting: £4,734.46 - it was RESOLVED that all payments would be duly paid /accepted. The list of payments attached to the minutes for members.
  3. Grant application from Horndean Campus for the Xmas luncheon An application had been received for a grant for the annual Xmas Luncheon Club – the amount requested was £175.00 member agreed to grant the requested sum
  4. St Michaels and All Angels Chalton request for funding towards churchyard maintenance – as precepted A letter had been received asking the Council to support the maintenance of the churchyard for 2016 – as this was a precepted amount it was agreed that the Council would release the sum of £300 – at this point it was stated that the application had also been received from St James Church – members agreed that again, as it was precepted the sum of £300 for churchyard maintenance would be released.
  5. To receive the Audit report for completed 2015/16 accounts - Notices posted The statutory notices for completion of audit had been placed on the website and the noticeboards there was an issue to raise regarding the Councils assets as this should have been increased , but the Auditor was happy that this would be addressed within the 2017 Audit .
  6. To start to consider projects/expenditure for the 2017/18 precept Members were asked to start to consider expenditure for the 2017/18 precept – at this point it was stated that the Finance Working Group would need a new member – it was agreed that Cllr Foster would join the WG

120/16TO UPDATE ON THE PARISH ASSISTANT – work in progress

The Clerk has been working on some documents regarding a Parish Assistant – i.e. job description; possible advert; person specification etc. it was agreed that this matter would be considered by the FWG at their meeting in November and be brought to the full Council meeting in December


  1. Play Equipment Regular reports received and passed on accordingly – two replacement stepping pod tops have been ordered – these should be delivered by the end of October.
  2. Pavilion (CCTV) The inspection is scheduled for 12th October. The clerk has sourced a cherry picker at a reduced cost to the one quoted by the Contractor and will be delivered and collected on the day of the inspection
  3. Skate Ramps/Bin The bin has been delivered and should be installed this week. It was previously suggested that a user group be set up to look after the ramps etc. and it was agreed that Rebecca Probert take this forward on behalf of the PC – the group could then ask users to take their litter home/ use the bins etc.. A sign had been put on the equipment by the contractor the play inspector would be asked to check the sign as part of their routine
  4. Fence/gate replacement The order had been placed for both the gates and the fence around the basketball area it was anticipated that the works would be carried out in November.


STORRINGTON ROAD An application had been submitted by a local resident to use the open space area for a fete / event in 2017 it was agreed that this would be discussed at the November meeting

SUNDERTON MEADOW The Meadow should now have been cut

SOUTH LANE MEADOW The barrier to the car park had required some remedial works

POND The clear up was scheduled for 30th October from 9 a.m.


To receive planning committee minutes The minutes of the last meeting had been duly circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be accepted. The next meeting was scheduled for 11th October;

Bus Shelters – to update on the current situation; The company had asked the PC to check for utilities in the area of the shelters – this had been done and the order had now been placed – it was suggested that the bus stop outside of Peel Park may benefit from a shelter – this could be a suggestion for precepted expenditure.

Any other reports – possible increase in members a document had been received from EHDC regarding the procedure for increasing member Cllr Wren had been asked to look into his on behalf of the Council.
The Chairman Cllr White and Cllr Clarke had attended the Junior School mosaic event.
The matter of a possible Lengsthman was considered there is £1000 available from HCC it is possible to do as a joint venture with other Parishes the clerk would contact the Rowlands Castle Clerk as it is believed that they operate the scheme


The meeting closed at 8.47 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 1st November, 2016 and will commence at 7.00 p.m.


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