Meeting minutes

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  • Date: 6th September 2016
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:05
  • Location: Clanfield Memorial Hall - Blue Room

Meeting minutes:


Apologies were received from Cllr Ahern; Cllr Lamacraft; Cllr Williams:

The vacancy still remained – notices still on the boards/website– there was one person showing an interest who was in attendance at the meeting


The Chairman, Cllr D’Este Hoare and Cllr Crookshank declared an interest in item 14 as they are South Lane Meadow Trustees, The Chairman - Memorial Hall. Cllr White Memorial Hall, Patients Participation Group


The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record. The minutes of the Confidential session had been circulated to members and it was RESOLVED that they be signed as a true record.


County and District Councillor Moon had submitted his apologies

District Councillor Wren reported that he had enquired with regards to two issues raised – one regarding weeds on the pavements/road edges – the weed spray had been carried out on the previous Wednesday; the cutting of Thieves Lane – the area remained very overgrown and because it was not flagged up by the PC it was not added to the HCC cutting list – Cllr Wren would ask the local farmer if he could cut this pathway. The clerk had received a report regarding the condition of the newly surfaced footpaths in South Lane – he would look into this matter.


  1. To update and agree the way forward regarding the allotments
    Cllr Crookshank updated the meeting with regards to the allotments – the architect was in the process of
    submitting a planning application – Cllr Crookshank had written a report to be included with the application, the developer had submitted a costing for the supply of two metal gates – cheaper ones had been sourced – it was suggested that if the developer would leave the appropriate opening the PC could then arrange for their own contractor to install or the PC provide the gates and the contractor fit them – Mr Snelgar would look into this. The allotment association / tenancy agreement/plot allocation would need to be agreed – this would need to be done fairly soon as the plot holders could lay the grass paths etc. it was agreed that allocation should be first come first served so the first 26 on the list would need to be contacted to ask if they still wanted a plot It was suggested that the allotment would need to be planned in three stages: get up and running; extending the area / fencing; gate installation. Funding was still being looked into for the sheds and bases.
  2. EHDC update there was no update from EHDC
  3. Update from the Clanfield Parish Institute on the way forward
    Cllr Moon had sent an update on the current situation – the CPI are continuing to work towards being in the position to commence implementation and commercial operation of the new Community Facility when construction is complete and EHDC assume ownership with subsequent transfer to the CPC. At a meeting on the 16th August, requested by the chairman of the CPC, it was agreed that the CPI would continue as planned and produce a detailed proposal for the “turnkey” provision of the kitchen. The Chairman had given Cllr Moon and Cllr Ahern an update following the meeting held with the ESPO representatives – it was hoped that the kitchen proposals would be presented to the Council by the CPI at the October PC meeting.
  4. Project management – to consider using ESPO to supply goods and services for the new Community and Sports Centre
    The Chairman suggested that the Council should keep the ESPO option of project management and sourcing equipment as Plan B. He considered that it was important to have someone in the background to look at other services etc. and the option should be to use ESPO if needed. Would the PC need to get three quotes from other companies? It was RESOLVED that the Council needed a Plan B and ESPO would be considered for other services. CPI need to take this forward and have the PC support. It was considered that equipping the building is a huge amount to take on.
  5. To consider forming a new working group for the purpose of facilitating the fitting out of the new Community and Sports Centre
    It was considered that a small working group be set up to assist the CPI with the work ahead. It was stated that there are a lot of working groups on the Council and only a small pool of volunteers available. It was considered that if the ESPO was used a project Manager could be employed which would take the stress away. Had the CPI given any indication that they needed support? There was concern that the Crimea barn group (consisting of two Councillors) had been asking for support for some time and the formation of another WG would detract from them. It was agreed that this be put on hold for the present time.
  6. Future Protection for the open space
    Costings had been received with options for future protection of the open space ranging from approximately £5,000 to £9,000. It was stated that this was the developer responsibility at the moment and the costings would have to be considered when setting the precept.


The item with reference to the Working Group would be deferred. Things are progressing with regard to the new pavilion – the architect is reviewing the specification – it was anticipated building may commence within the next 2 – 3 weeks. The facilities would again be handed over as one to EHDC then presumably to the PC.


Cllr Clarke had submitted a report / update regarding the barns a meeting had been held with the developers prior to them submitting the planning application for the re-siting of the bungalows to allow for the retention of the barns – application had now been submitted. Cllrs Clarks and D’este Hoare would be attending a Funders Den event to pitch for funding. Cllr Crookshank has offered to assist with this project but they still need further support - it was suggested that they approach the list of people who have volunteered to see if they would assist on the Working Group at this stage, they needed assistance with the procedures and technicalities. It was suggested that the volunteers be contacted and a list of their expertise be drawn up as to how they can be involved. Just Giving was being supported; the posters had been updated and there was a Facebook page all expanding the publicity. It was suggested that the PC need to know an exact timescale for the barn renovation – the developer had suggested 3 years. What did the group require now – more people involved from the PC – it was suggested that the Councillors don’t have the required skills. The next stage was for a full measured survey to be commissioned – the architect could arrange for this to be done – the cost would be £925.00 + VAT – it was agreed that the surplus from Cllr Moons Councillor grant would be put towards this (if permitted) and the shortfall would be met by the PC – Cllr Wren offered some assistance from his Councillors grant. It was RESOLVED that the survey be progressed. After the survey then realistic proposals would need to be considered and an Action Plan with priority listing produced. It was suggested talking to the Scouts as they had built their new building; the Weald and Downland Museum – do they have anyone who could offer advice. With regards to a WG it was suggested that three Council members be appointed plus three from the volunteer group – terms of reference would need to be agreed

OPEN FORUM 8.08.p.m.

Matters raised: An update was requested from a resident on the Green Lane traffic measures – reported to Cllr Moon and also the overgrowth at the Swale in Green Lane from the Windmill View site – reported but Mr Snelgar would look into the matter; the lack of safe pedestrian access from the St James place development had been raised and resolved by the developer; 30 mph speed limit when would this be implemented; when would the other county equipment be done on the Windmill View site – these would all be completed and handed over together



Thank you letter from Butser Ancient Farm
Issues raised regarding the traffic calming lack of permanent bollards – now resolved
Query regarding proposed dropped kerbs – Redwing Road area passed to HCC
Goring Avenue issues reported to EHDC
Query regarding the Sunderton Meadow maintenance
Summer Events – three events held in Peel Park
Issue regarding litter picking – resolved; Issues regarding bin emptying - resolved
Road safety – swale area Green lane – duly reported
Audit Commission Clanfield Parish Council : Outstanding Review Points - resolved
Police: A message from the Police District Commander; Crime prevention advice; Butser Sector Priorities
Denmead Youth FC - Pitch Enquiry
Invitation to the unveiling of the Clanfield Junior School Mosaic- response please
Co-operative Bank changes in interest to PC account
EHDC –Claire Hughes Communications between EHDC and Town and Parish Councils
- Communications regarding St James Place; Windmill View
- Devolution message from Cllr Ferris Cowper
- Citizenship notes- Clanfield Junior School
- EHDC forced to step up its fight against fly-tipping
- 15.09.16 - Meeting with Portfolio Holder for Welfare/Devolution Update from the Leader of EHDC invitation to Chair and Clerk
HCC – s.106 scheme for Clanfield notes from meeting
- Rights of Way problem – Thieves Lane - reported
- Copy pictures of grass in roads etc. sent to Cllr Moon
- Inclusive Transport conference
- Community Challenge Fund - CLOSING DATE APPROACHING
EHAP&TC - Agenda - Wednesday, 14th September, 7.30 p.m. at Hawkley Village Hall
Havant Borough Council Annual Report 2015-16
HALC - The Future of Local Government in Hampshire - September Workshops for Parish and Town Councils REMINDER
- Message from the Leader of Hampshire County Council - Serving Hampshire consultation
- Hampshire ALC Parish and Town Council Awards 2016
- Clerk of the Year
- Miracle Flower - From Flanders to the Tower and WW1 Presentations
- NEC meeting - Wednesday 10th August 2016
- NALC Community Led Housing Survey Updated Request To Relay Link To NALC Community Led Housing Survey [30/9 Response Deadline] To Member Councils In Your Areas Soonest, Pse.
- Councillor Age and Gender Profile Survey
- Trustee recruitment at the National Flood Forum
- URGENT - September & October Training Events
- Annual Review
Community First – Funders Den – Cllrs Clarke and D’este Hoare will attend with ref to Crimea Barn
South Downs National Park Authority - Town and Parish workshops AUTUMN 2016
Key highlights - June 2016


Cllr Foster reported that the date had been set for 9th December subject to Council agreement – accepted – the event had been precepted for to cover the costs of the printing / sound man etc. The police had been informed that the Council hoped to hold the event this year they could not, hover provide traffic cones, the Risk Assessment would be updated, the insurance company informed – it was duly RESOLVED that the event be held on 9th December.


  1. To receive August and September financial statements The financial statements for both August and September had been duly circulated to members showing a closing balance as of the end of August of £399,752.53. The financial statements were duly accepted
  2. To receive list of payments Payments issued since the last meeting £75,399.05 this included the payment for new skate ramps. Payments presented at the meeting: £56,450.00 – this included the invoice for the groundworks - it was RESOLVED that all payments would be duly paid /accepted. The list of payments attached to the minutes for members.


The Clerk and Cllr White had met with two local clerks to discuss how the role of their assistant clerks – the clerk had submitted a report to members – further exploration was required – due to the lack of an office the assistant would need to be home based initially – further update at the October meeting. At this point members discussed the communication / publicity role of the Council as it is not felt that the communication is sufficient – it was also suggested that the Council should again look to increase its members – there is currently a vacancy (since June) which no-one had applied for.


  1. Play Equipment The new basket swing has been purchased and installed; there has been damage to one of the stepping pods – this is due to be addressed by Guy Andrews – a new one (s) may have to be purchased
  2. Pavilion The doors now close properly as the tarmac issue has been addressed. The CCTV annual inspection was due – the company did not now have a cherry picker and proposed to charge and extra £325.00 for the hire of one. It was considered that this was a lot of money but the inspection had to be done – the clerk would arrange – the contract would be reviewed next year as this would, by then, possibly have to include the new facility.
  3. Skate Ramps/Bin The bin is on order and should arrive next week – Guy Andrews will install; the invoice for the ramps has been received and paid. The discrepancy with regards to the section of path leading to the car park had been resolved.
  4. Dog Issues Comments from all members had not been received regarding the content of the proposed letter to the offender, it was suggested an official warning be sent as taking the matter to court would cost the Council money – the Council will also need to inform the person who complained that this is the decision the Council has taken – it was RESOLVED that the proposed letter be sent accordingly.
  5. Fence replacement Three quotes had been received from the local contractor for the replacement of the fencing arounds the new basketball area, much of which was rotting the quotes were for various sizes of wood – it was RESOLVED that the post and rail be like for like at a cost of £1,755.00 + VAT. The order had already been placed for the replacement of the two wooden gates under maintenance.


Considered to be a successful event there will be a News Brief issued by EHDC which will include a statement on behalf of the PC (submitted by Cllr Crookshank). The event had been well organised and there had been very good attendance. The event may be repeated next year.


STORRINGTON ROAD There had been an issue with regards to the emptying of the bin – now resolved

SUNDERTON MEADOW Nothing to report other than the annual cut should be carried out this month

SOUTH LANE MEADOW There is a Car Boot Sale on 18th September; Clanfield Online will be planting some trees in the Meadow as a thank you to the Trustees for allowing them to use the Meadow for the Clanfield Challenge event held in May – they wished to repeat the event again in 2017. The Trustees met on 23rd August – minutes of the meeting had been circulated.

POND It was hoped that a pond clear up could be arranged for 30th October.


To receive planning committee minutes It was RESOLVED that the planning minutes be duly accepted – the next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 20th September

Bus Shelters – to update on the current situation/way forward. The checks had been carried out by the company who provide steel and timber shelters - the steel would be powder coated a shade of brown to blend in – the cost of the shelter would be covered by the Developers Contributions – it was RESOLVED that the order be placed.

Any other reports The architect had made contact with regards to the fence on the bank at the new community building – it was originally suggested that it be the same as the swale, but this would not be suitable therefore a 1.2 metre high close boarded fence had been proposed by the architect and agreed. There had been concern raised regarding the visibility from the toilet areas when the doors were open – the Chairman to raise at the next Catch up meeting.

Cllr White reported that the Care Quality Commission had inspected the surgery – a report would be submitted within 52 days. She reported that she was currently the Chairman of the PPG


The meeting closed at 9.05 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 4th October, 2016 and will commence at 7.00 p.m.


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