Meeting minutes

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  • Date: 7th June 2016
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:25
  • Location: Clanfield Memorial Hall - Blue Room

Meeting minutes:


Apologies were received from Cllr L. Lamacraft and Cllr B. Foster.

Following the May meeting Todd LePage had submitted his resignation due to work commitments – the appropriate notification had been made to EHDC and after the statutory time no by election had been called therefore the Council could co-opt – notices put on web and noticeboard


The Chairman, Cllr D’este Hoare and Cllr Crookshank declared an interest in item 13 as they are South Lane Meadow Trustees, The Chairman and Cllr Ahern – Item 5, Community Facility Working Group. The Chairman and Cllr Ahern - Memorial Hall. Cllr White Memorial Hall, Patients Participation Group


The minutes of the Annual General meeting had been circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record.


Cllr Moon introduced Cllr Nigel Wren who was elected as District councillor at the May by election and stated that he would make reported from both EHDC and HCC.
He reported that the Memorial Hall had been successful in obtaining a cabinet grant towards the cost of the Memorial Hall toilets, thanks to Claire Hughes and Bob Coleman from EHDC, and it was hoped that they would receive funds to carry out works to the kitchen – the EHDC Leader was most complimentary in the way the bid was put together. He reported that County Council Highways was now the responsibility of EHDC; he reported that the installation of the South Lane / Chalton Lane traffic calming was well underway and there is a meeting on Thursday 9th to discuss the s106 funds for new road improvements in the village which it was hoped would include the widening of the Green Lane footway and other issues raised.

Cllr Moon apologised that his HCC was not yet ready for distribution but reported on the following: Parish Lengsthman Scheme – funding available; Traffic Management Schemes; Sustainable Travel; Child Safety On Line; Child safety: spotting signs of neglect Devolution.

Cllr White raised the issue of the extension of the 30mph speed limit in Chalton Lane beyond the new development and raised an issue with regards to a concern at the junction of Hambledon Road; - Cllr Moon responded by saying that the calming should make things safer at the junction and there was some discrepancy as to who was responsible for the speed limit reduction this would need clarification.


  1. To discuss and agree the way forward for the kitchen requirements/expenditure
    It was explained that the original proposals for the kitchen provision were minimal, but this would form the major part of the income and has to be built to a certain standard as a commercial kitchen and be fit for purpose from day 1. The costs for the kitchen need to be met very soon – EHDC does not have a contract with the developer to fit the kitchen – CH is looking into the process of payments – it was important not to hold up the build – there was a submitted costing from the developer to carry out the required gas fittings, ducts, etc. and after discussion it was agreed that the submitted costings of £7,362.48 be agreed and paid by the Parish Council – EHDC would have to pay and then submit an invoice to the PC – the architect had been consulted and considered the costings to be fair. As the PC does not have any interface with the developer it was proposed that the PC submit a letter of agreement to Claire Hughes at EHDC stating that the PC would be prepared to take on the extra costs as submitted for the kitchen requirements at this stage – this was duly RESOLVED.
  2. To discuss and agree the way forward regarding the allotments – Developers offer for the allotment extension
    Cllr Crookshank had submitted a report to the members and there was discussion as to the way forward with regards to the provision of the allotments the PC has the option to extend the area and provide more / smaller allotments - 12 sheds would be provided, clustered together, along with the communal storage building which had already been agreed – planning permission for the extension and sheds would need to be submitted - the developer had stated that it would cost £10,654 to prepare the extra area to include fencing + 3 water pipes. It was suggested that the architect be asked to draw up the plans for submission. Developer’s contributions could be available for this works. Cllr Clarke and Crookshank did declare an interest as they were on the allotment waiting list. Further discussion took place as to storage options. The Parish Council would be responsible for any future maintenance of the allotments. It was RESOLVED that a letter of acceptance be submitted to CH at EHDC in agreement to the acceptance of the developer offer to extend the site, provide extra fencing and the three water points – the proposal was seconded and RESOLVED. It was also RESOLVED that the Developers Contributions be applied for and the planning application be progressed. The St. James Place allotment proposal was for a smaller area with smaller plots this would be discussed as a separate issue at a later date.
  3. EHDC update
    Claire Hughes for EHDC reported that the procurement exercise was in the process for the provision of the tennis courts. There was no update on the bowls pavilion at the St James Place site –other than it may be possible to simplify the interior of the proposed pavilion to cater for both bowls and football. CH reported that the CIL / s106 was in order to retain the Crimea barns it was hoped that there would be minimal impact for the re-siting of the housing – a deed of variation would need to be submitted which should secure the barns and the financial side with regards to CIL/S106 be resolved. There was concern that there had been no consultation or communication with the Parish Council with regards to the St James Place provision and the PC were not involved with any legal agreements – if the sports facilities were removed from the site a deed of variation would be required – if left as open space then a public consultation would be required at a cost – CH would find out what this was likely to be – it was suggested that the conflict was around the pavilion not the sports facilities and the concern with regards to both clean and dirty sports as it was considered that they do not mix and that bowls was a quiet activity. The developer said that they would have a legal battle as they had sold properties with these facilities provided.
  4. Update from the Clanfield Parish Institute on the way forward
    Cllr Moon reported that he had visited the new facilities the day before along with Cllr Ahern and Cllr Collins all as Trustees of the Clanfield Parish Institute - he reported that the standard was excellent – the main reason for the visit was to view the kitchen which would need to be installed with the development for the future. He asked if the Council could add an exempt item on to the July agenda as there was a lot of comprehensive information / proposals to consider – this was agreed.


It was suggested at the May meeting that the Windmill View Community Facility Working Group had now completed its work – it was considered that a new working group should be formed for St James Place community Facilities. Cllr Ahern offered to write and thank the members of the CFWG for Windmill View and ask them if they would wish to consider being a member of the new Working Group – Cllr Ahern said that the members of the WG had worked hard and stuck to the task. Claire Hughes suggested that an EHDC representative be invited to sit on the WG and volunteered Rebecca Probert the new Community Development Worker. It was also considered that a Bowls enthusiast should be included on the Working Group. Item to be on July Agenda

70/16TO UPDATE WITH REGARDS TO THE DOWN FARM CRIMEA BARNS – Evidence of intended transfer of ownership of Crimea barn by CPC – letter requested

Cllr D’este Hoare reported that following site meetings with the Building Steps representative and the Conservation Architect who was engaged with funding from Cllr Moon – a very useful report was produced. On Monday the project team had met with Linda Brown, the architect for the Community Facility, to introduce her to the problems / conditions of the barns she was enthusiastic and would like to be involved. Potential users would need to be contacted in preparation for detailed proposals i.e. space requirements etc. It was stated that the barns were not to become a burden on the Parish Council and lettable office space should be made available. A meeting has been arranged with the local BAT group to see what can be done to retain the bats. Architect costs would need to be agreed by the full Council – she would be asked for a quotation as to the costs to commence the process. The next requirement to enable funding applications to be made is a letter of commitment from the Parish Council – stating that they are prepared to take on the barns and quoting the minute number of the agreement – this would be duly supplied. A question was asked regarding the economic contribution within the s106 agreement - CH would clarify she would also meet with the developer with regards to the CIL / s106 implications. A 3 year legal agreement is required as the developer has agreed to this timescale for the Council to bring the barns to an acceptable condition or they would revert back to the developer – the Parish Council need to be able to withdraw if they reach a certain point where completion is not achievable. Cllr Moon, the developer and Claire Hughes were thanked for their enormous efforts to date. It was suggested that the project group for the barns should have more members – members could come from the list of supporters provided the Council has control – they must be non-decision making and report to the full Council

OPEN FORUM 8.35 p.m.

Matters raised: Cllr Moon raised an issue regarding the open space at the London Road end of Windmill View stating that there was no protection from travellers etc. and something should be in place for when the Council take ownership of the land – bunds had been suggested by the developer bit this had not been pursued it was stated that the other larger area would also need something although tree planting was proposed for this area – although not the Parish Councils problem at present it was suggested that an item be added to the July agenda for consideration; traffic calming cushions ineffective – should be acceptable once all measure are in place;



Thank you Letter from Home Start Butser
Incidents regarding the new road layout/build outs
Clanfield Traffic Calming Improvements Chalton Lane and South Lane Hambledon Road, East Meon Road residents letter to HCC
Request for gate key or adjustment of Sunderton Meadow gateway
Incident at Peel Park, Clanfield. – Cover under Peel Park
CFC – Storage for goalposts – Grant Application pack sent
Neighbourhood Plan?
Letter from HARAH – Rural Housing Enabler – referring to EHDC call for sites which may be suitable for future development – letter refers to South Lane land
Local Government Boundary Commission – electoral Review of Hampshire – further Limited consultation for Havant and New Forest
EHAPTC - Agenda for 8 June & devolution note
Letter from John Coughlan, Chief Executive, Hampshire County Council
EHDC - Local Plan: Housing & Employment Allocations and Planning Contributions and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Supplementary Planning Document; Clanfield Transport S106 Meeting - 9th June 9.30am – Chairman and Clerk attending; Money pot grant available for supporting young people
Local Plan Part 3 Consultation – Reminder; Crime Prevention for Older or Vulnerable People - Presentation by Hampshire Constabulary Monday 23rd May attended by members; Details of Police Roadshow Events in East Hampshire; Community Resilience Event - Reminder
HALC - Advice on Future Changes to Data Protection; e. updates; Clerk's Stress Survey letter and analysis; Letter to Member councils on Hampshire Devolution Deal(s); Opportunity to Complete TFG (Task and Finish Group) Parishes 2025 Survey - By 17:00 on 27/5; Bulletin on national developments and meetings; Councillor Commission Brief; LGC/NALC supplement survey; CiLCA 2015 qualification; Continuation of help-desk service for planning queries; LCR Opinion Question; Conference on 9th March and workshop on Planning for Gypsy and Traveller site
HCC - News for Local Councils; Trading Standards warnings; Driver skills scheme 60+
CPRE - Defending the countryside for 90 years - inspiring talk by CPRE leader, Countryside Awards open for entries until 17th June, Stellar news
Electoral Review of Hampshire: Further Limited Consultation for Havant and New Forest
SDNP April key highlights


A letter had been received from HCC asking if the Parish Council would consider the possibility of taking over the occasional cleaning of the new gateways – after consideration it was agreed that the Parish council would do this


  1. To receive financial statement The financial statement had been duly circulated to members showing a closing balance of £435485.88 this included the VAT refund from 2015/16. The financial statement was duly accepted
  2. To receive list of payments No Payments had been issued since the last meeting – payments totalling £5887.05 were submitted for payment – it was RESOLVED that all payments would be duly paid /accepted. The list of payments attached to the minutes for members. It was agreed that as there is no meeting at the beginning of July or August payments due could be made.
  3. To agree the 2016 – 2018 National Salary Award – clerks pay increase Notification had been received that an agreement has been reached regarding the pay increase for 2016/2018 – the increase is .15p per hour for 2016/17 (backdated to 1st April 2016) and .16 p per hour for 2017/18. It was RESOLVED that the increase be duly accepted – to be implemented from the July salary


The Chairman stated that the Council needs to consider the possibility of an assistant to the Clerk – the numbers of residents had increased as had the work load and there was no cover for holidays, sickness etc. After discussion it was RESOLVED that the matter be looked into over the coming few months and a possible job description hours etc. be relayed back to the full Council.


  1. Play Equipment The RoSPA reports had just been received and the Skate park had been flagged up as needing immediate attention – it was stated that although the works to the ramps would commence the following Monday the contractor be asked if they could bring the fencing of the area date forward. Peel Park and South Lane Meadow – there were issues raised but none were considered to be urgent the clerk would copy the reports to Mr Andrews and ask if he could carry out the works required – if not then another contractor would be asked to do.
  2. Pavilion Nothing to report
  3. Skate Ramps The works would commence on Monday 13th a timetable had been submitted and copied to members – it was hoped that some form of opening event could be arranged
  4. Request from CFC – use of facilities 2016/17/notice/barriers An e.mail had been received from the FC inviting the Chairman to attend their presentation evening; asking if the barrier could remain – not this year as the contractors requested it be removed – the FC to be asked to ensure any holes are covered; permission to put up a notice measuring 3x1.5 foot - it was agreed that the Lottery cheque could be removed and this put up in its place; permission to use the facilities for the 2016/17 season – permission duly granted.
  5. Dog Issues An incident had occurred when a person was exercising their dog in Peel Park and became verbally abusive on approach – evidence was obtained and the clerk had been trying to ascertain the identity – the appropriate form was being sent by the DVLA so hopefully this enquiry could continue
  6. Update on the various works – the works to the petanque area; the apron around the pavilion and the path extension were to be carried out as per agreement by the skate ramp ground works contractors


STORRINGTON ROAD – Queens Birthday event /Insurance; The Insurance Policy had been received and duly copied to the Councils insurance company for information there had been no advertising of the event as the organisers wished to keep it local

SUNDERTON MEADOW; A request had been received for a gate key by a local person who has obtained an assistance dog and finds it difficult to gain access with both wheelchair and the dog. It was agreed that a key would be issued

SOUTH LANE MEADOW; The minutes of the AGM and following meeting had been duly circulated Cllr D’este Hoare was elected as Chairman of the Trustees for the coming year.

POND nothing reported


To receive planning committee minutes; It was RESOLVED that the planning minutes be duly accepted – the next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 21st June.

Update regarding Bus Shelters – discuss and agree the way forward; The clerk had received advice from the builder she had been waiting for and he stated that with just the upright and roof design for the cantilever shelter he was concerned that with the weight etc. the proposed bus shelter would not stand up. The clerk had information from another provider and further information with regards to costing etc. would be sought

Any Other Reports The Chairman reported that he had met a representative from the Butser Ancient Farm the previous week and they had outlined their future proposed works – they had applied for a grant application pack so that an application could be submitted.


The meeting closed at 9.25 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 19th JULY, 2016 and will commence at 7.00 p.m.


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